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AAC is giving away 3 of Maxim Integrated’s Pocket IO™ PLC development kits to help with your next design. One grand prize winner will also win a brand new 128 GB iPad Pro! Take a look at the information below and don't forget to enter the contest. 

The Pocket IO PLC Development Platform provides a quick prototyping approach to realize a broad spectrum of Industrial Control Systems by harnessing the full power of Pocket IO’s capability as highlighted below:

  • Compact Design 
  • Ultra-small, compact footprint (< 10 cubic inches: 3.5" x 3.5" x 0.8")
  • Robust, Safe Technology 
  • Composed of advanced industrial products all rated to withstand -40°C to +125°C, which leverage our robust, safe, fast de-mag technology
  • High Efficiency 
  • Ensures a small energy signature to increase efficiency—no cooling fan is needed
  • Packs a Powerful Punch 
  • Offers a full suite of 30 IO's to control an entire manufacturing node or piece of equipment, including: 4 Analog Inputs, 1 Analog Output, 8 Digital Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs, 2 RS-485 (Profibus-capable field buses), 3 Encoder/Motor Control Ports, and 4 IO Link Masters
  • Longer Battery Life:  Pocket IO is the first, compact, portable PLC platform that can operate from "AA” / “AAA” batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • Programmable:  Programmable via Arduino Sketch IDE tool chain for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS
  • Ease of Use :  Arduino Sketches can be converted to an app and downloaded to an iPad® or iPhone® (which converts to an HMI panel for control of the Pocket IO)


Check out the flythrough video below, in addition to the Pocket IO YouTube Channel for more details on the platform.

To Enter You Must:

  1. If possible, be a friend! Like or follow us via the links below. Posting about this giveaway? Be sure to use the hashtag #MakeWithMaxim
  2. You’re creative! Leave a comment below and tell us how you’re going to use these boards.
  3. Submit Form & Wait. Click the button below and wait until January 6, 2017 for a winner to be chosen.

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  • rledyard 2016-11-10

    If I win this board, I’m going to learn more about modern PLC’s and how they work.

  • zanderbz 2016-11-10

    I’d like to have one of these boards for experimentation and adding new skills for my job search!

  • Wiky5 2016-11-11

    Hi! I’d use this board for motor control and power management on electric vehicle and renewabe energy applications

  • Ujwal Bhagat 2016-11-11

    If I get this board, firstly I’m gonna sell the iPad and buy a windows device and I’m gonna use the PLC board to monitor my red eared slider to understand more about their behavior.

  • AdityaD91 2016-11-11

    If I win the givaway. I am going to create cool embedded system projects and create a new IOT device.

  • CompSciDude 2016-11-11

    If I win, I will experiment with the PLC to learn about how PLCs work.

  • RCFoster 2016-11-11

    My recent background has been in the oil and gas industry and teaching.  If I had this board I could use it in place of more expensive PLCs for learning, experimentation and teaching.

  • evalex 2016-11-12

    I’d like to use this board and Ipad to develop automated technology for disabled people to complete physical tasks in everyday life such as operating a robotic vacuum cleaner, an electronic wheelchair, reordering groceries online automatically based on what is in the fridge, turning showers on and off and other tasks required to be able to live as independently as possible.

  • Asilk 2016-11-12

    This kit would be very beneficial in helping my team complete the capstone project in our electrical engineering course.

  • Soheil Mousavi 2016-11-13

    I’m just started learning to work with it and I’m really excited to make some of my ideas real

  • marquitos2016 2016-11-13

    if I win I would use the board for automating my home and the ipad pro as HMI to control it

  • marquitos2016 2016-11-13

    if I win, i would used the boar for automating my home and the ipad pro as hmi to controled

  • Emanuel Setio Dewo 2016-11-13

    I’d like to have one… If I win, I will design hardware for agricultural which is very promising in Indonesia.

  • Arne Brune Olsen 2016-11-13

    If I win this board, I will use it to remotely manage my off grid solar system.

  • coppus 2016-11-13

    Maxim Integrated’s Pocket IO™ PLC development kit would be great for our e-vehicle project.

  • Mohammad Al-Deeb 2016-11-13

    Winter is at the door, I’d like to use them in my Home Automation to control Heating and lighting.

  • mlehmitz 2016-11-14

    If I win, I would study the usage of the PLC in a scientific environment.

  • lcloh 2016-11-14

    I would use this PLC IOs to controls household appliances and use motor control port to change webcam monitor angle through a stepping motor.

  • Jim Wilson 1 2016-11-14

    If I win this board I would use it to control flow valves in a grain silo.

  • JLHammond 2016-11-14

    I would like to use Maxim’s PLC development kit for our Formula Student EV project.

  • kfonda 2016-11-14

    The more I learn, the smarter I’ll get. grin

  • chuliseshl 2016-11-14

    Hi!!!  I would use this platform kit for a wearable sensing application.

  • Lilli2002 2016-11-14

    If I win this ipad, I’m going to learn more about electronics and how it works

  • Erwin Commandeur 2016-11-14

    I can not wait to get my hands on this Pocket IO and get the MAX (word joke) out of it.
    Let’s put this thing through his paces!

  • juanruchesi 2016-11-14

    If I win this set, I will replace the actual PLC-based Station of automatic watering in the Institute of biotechnology at Resitencia, Argentina to have an app as user interface and an open-source hw/sw architecture.

    The center’s a leading edge cluster for research and development of genome based solutions for dangered species. Here its website (entlish Version in work):

  • Miguel Lourenco 2016-11-14

    Im a student of engineering interested in autoation and plc fautomplconunctionalities. This is a great opportunity to learn more about plc’s since these equipments are expensive for a student and we are limited to the college equipment

  • sirlancel 2016-11-14

    This board would be a good basis for an OBD (electrical part) automotive device development for certification testing. Maybe even for a master thesis.

  • rudivd 2016-11-14

    I will be controlling the algae reactor I am designing, loads of parameters to measure and control.

  • Pertsa 2016-11-14

    I would use this board for automating my home and IoT device

  • Karim Sultan 2016-11-14

    I will use this for further practical research into IoT security.

  • Tom Stettner 2016-11-14

    If we can test/win the Board we put our Eyes in the Medical Robot Direction.

  • jasoncwlee 2016-11-14

    I will teach more people how to use this product.

  • mliva 2016-11-14

    I teach electrical engineering and will use the PLC as part of a robot control system.

  • AriAAC 2016-11-14

    if i win the givaway i would make a portable climate mapping and data relaying applications.

  • Kyle Bostian 2016-11-14

    I’ll use it to expose kids to the technologies behind the IoT.

  • ATGM 2016-11-14

    I would use the board design as a reference and use the complete PLC to regulate and control upcoming process projects.

  • britesc 2016-11-14

    I will hopefully be able to use these boards to add to my homeautomation and quality of live, as I am disabled.

  • Bud Dude 2016-11-14

    I’m interested in low power PLC development for use on solar powered systems primarily in the offshore oil industry.

  • thoque 2016-11-14

    I’m going to revolutionize the world with this

  • ThucVu 2016-11-14

    We are using the Velocio Branch 221V10 and Control Technologies 2600 series for our industrial automation PLC testing and development. How would the Pocket IO be better than the Velocio or other PLC system?

  • dgrande 2016-11-14

    I had built a board 2 years ago similar to this. This has far better features and will work right out of the box.

  • Tom Jensen 2016-11-14

    working with large plc every day it could bee fun to try it out on my 17 feet fishingboat . too control headings and speed of the boat. and too run and control the two downrigger so they will be in the thermocline and exact dept. to catch salmon witch is an artform . and it might sell as a control board for small fishingboats.

  • downelectronics 2016-11-14

    Hi if I was to win this board I could use it to help me in electronic servicing.

  • WarCir 2016-11-14

    If I win I’m going to add some sensors, a camera, and run it in my shed to see what critters visit during the winter.

  • Mike Chastain 2016-11-14

    I would use this to convert an compressed-earth brick press for automated operation.

  • Joshua Belcher 2016-11-14

    I would like to build an automated chicken door/feeder.  The chickens put themselves in the coop sometime around sunset, so automatically closing the door based on the light levels would be possible.  In the morning, it could automatically open the door and trigger a feeder to spread feed every so often.
    Additional sensors could be used to monitor water levels, temperature, and perhaps even a chicken counter to track entry/exit.

  • 4Z4DR 2016-11-14

    It would be the centerpiece UI of my final project for my Electrical Engineering degree for next year!

  • 0782820339 2016-11-14

    I am a student next year I’ll be my design. If I win I will use the board for my design

  • danoushi 2016-11-14

    I would like to design a portable test set, with low level analog input, accurate 0V-1V DC output, variable sine/square wave output, TC with RTD in on platform

  • jtljohn 2016-11-14

    I will use the ipad to help my wife stay in regular contact with her family back in Europe, and use the package for myself to further my knowledge and skills of Maxim products.

  • Richard Hedrick 2016-11-14

    #MakeWithMaxim good times.. All I can say is Automatic Keggerator ...

  • Jacob Tan 2016-11-14

    I would use this board for my R&D product - VPHR (Hydrotest using PC)

  • timwebber 2016-11-14

    If I won this, I’d look into smart-grid applications for energy storage and off-grid systems

  • Zeenery 2016-11-14

    I would love to try a tiny plc. Have used Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Modicon, AD Productivity3000. As machines are getting smaller, I would like to make the control systems smaller.

  • Jacques du Toit 2016-11-14

    Measure vibration signals on the roller bearings of rotating equipment on overhead cranes in the steel processing industry. Use machine learning algorithms (neural networks) to process vibration signal features and predict equipment failure. In doing that one can increase the availability of equipment, reduce the maintenance cost and ensure safe operation

  • Jacques du Toit 2016-11-14

    With the Pocket IO board I will measure vibration on the roller bearings of rotating equipment on overhead cranes used in the steel processing industry. Then using the measured vibration features I will use machine learning algorithms (neural networks) to predict equipment failure . Doing this will increase the availability of the crane, reduce maintenance costs and ensure safe operation

  • Chris2016 2016-11-15

    It really sparks some ideas that would be nice to try at work given time…

  • Thomas Schlueschen 2016-11-15

    When I win, I will use the different inputs in the home automation. I am curious how the Borard can be programmed with the Arduino IDE.

  • techdcs 2016-11-15

    An Excellent Board for me to change from PC based PLC

  • vu2iti 2016-11-15

    I would like to receive the PLC development paltform for the use of my students.s

  • hamaskhan 2016-11-15

    I am going to use this board in a project related to car automation.

  • hamaskhan 2016-11-15

    If I win this board, I am going to build something related to car automation.

  • infrared72 2016-11-15

    Would love to use these PLC’s for learning!

  • AtHeaven 2016-11-15

    Hope to win to automate my home.

  • momososo 2016-11-15

    If I win I could like to build an auto-garbage can.

  • Sunnee Ng 2016-11-16

    If I win, I will develop a controller with display using iPad for room monitoring in hospitals critical rooms and laboratory. Design a full network and communicate back to BMS.

  • Anupam Datta 2016-11-16

    I would like to use this IoT enabled PLC. I will use this for open source device management secure firmware project and will publish for open source community. Also as I have started my MS degree in embedded system, I would like to integrate it in my conference paper and final year project as well. Hopefully I will get hands on it.

  • Zeenery 2016-11-16

    Would love to try a tiny plc. I have been using Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Modicon and Productivity3000. Machines are getting smaller and so too should the control systems.

  • 65sc02 2016-11-17

    I would use the PLC to develop a real time wireless controller for kitchen appliances, like a slow cooker or a stove. Temperature control via WiFi: Never be in the doubt again whether you turned off the stove or not—just turn it off from where ever you are!

  • jaswanthjashu 2016-11-17

    This is a great opportunity to develop my skills and experience my knowledge.
    I will use this boards for my electronic project.

  • solotrek 2016-11-17

    PLCs are pretty awesome,  Id love to see how I can utilise the robustness of these devices in more pedestrian applications.

  • sanus 2016-11-17

    I’d like to control production line controlled by iOS devices remotely.

  • sanus 2016-11-17

    I’d like to control production line controlled by iOS devices remotely.

  • Rahul Shah 2016-11-17

    I am working on connected Solar projects and textile machines for both of which I see a great use of this giveaway.

  • samlii 2016-11-18

    I think this board could make a great interface for entertainment software on the PC

  • rayrv9a 2016-11-18

    Avionex designs and manufactures electric powered paramotors. This PLC looks to be an excellent interface module between our wearable flight data system, the BLDC motor and motor controllers we use

  • Arthur Anderson 2016-11-18

    If I win, I will do some experiments with the PLC and learn how to use them to their fullest potential.

  • Arthur Anderson 2016-11-18

    If I win this board, I am going to expand my knowledge of PLC and their uses

  • toby123 2016-11-18

    I am going to use this for all my new skills and for getting a new job!

  • Ed.flynn 2016-11-18

    I would utilize the board to develop a parallel monitoring and data analysis sytem for verification of existing dedicated central monitoring systems without degrading the primary functions of that system.

  • Ed.flynn 2016-11-18

    I would utilize the board to develop a parallel monitoring and data analysis sytem for verification of existing dedicated central monitoring systems without degrading the primary functions of that system.

  • Michael Lulchak 2016-11-18

    I’m interested in adding this board to my home-converted Electric car, and to use an old Iphone 4 as the user interface.  Right now, I need to monitor battery voltage and temperature, controller temperature and currents, coolant flow and battery charging.  Future uses would be for remote lock/unlock of the doors, pre-heating or pre-cooling the cabin while connected to grid power, just before driving.  After I get that done, any spare digital inputs that are left unised would be tied into the high voltage circuit of the (Open Source) controller to verify contactors opening and closing, to prevent controller start without a proper pre-charge.  I need to figure out where I can get one of these boards in Canada

  • amatbrewer 2016-11-18

    I would love to get my hands on one of these to give to my kids high school robotics class.

  • Nils128 2016-11-18

    Work on automotive controller

  • guyfromwvhills 2016-11-18

    With this system I would look to develop a system to monitor and better understand bee-havior.  This through logging weight, weather conditions and internal hive conditions.

  • Rybcage 2016-11-18

    As a Rehab Engineer for a voc rehab agency I create & customize devices to make them accessible for people with disabilities to level the barriers to employability & independence. Sometimes solutions are basic low-tech but often it requires much more intervention. I have a bit to learn on how to design & apply PLC tech but having a flexible kit like this, with a range of possibilities just might be the best way to do it & result in a life changing effect for those I work with. Thanks!

  • terrace_dr 2016-11-18

    I did some ladder logic programing years ago and I think it would be fun to try it again using this board for some PLC programing..

  • Kur@ 2016-11-18

    I’ll start developing with Maxim, and even write some application notes.

  • Pep92 2016-11-19

    if i win, i’m going to use the board to improve my skills in my automation and electronic engineering thesis

  • heywoodgarth 2016-11-19

    I need to remotely control and modify the assembly line process by request from an offsite location.

  • Kristian Bicomong 2016-11-19

    I will be able to further my learning of the latest PLC software and I hope to create innovation. I have learned to appreciate the electronics that go into these PLCs and would like to expand my resource to excel in my program.

  • nachiket2498 2016-11-19

    if I win this PLC I will use it to learn more about programming and employ it as well

  • c4m4ch0 2016-11-19

    If I win this kit I will implement the automatic irrigation and water pump control of the fruit trees of my land.

  • Alfred Eenkhoorn 2016-11-20

    If I win one of these boards, I will use it to see in how far it can replace the Siemens PLC’s we’re currently using in our machines. Another to-do will be to connect it to an existing Siemens-powered machine for simulation purposes. Also, some home automation might be on my list.

  • abdul967 2016-11-20

    Nothing special or exceptional to to do like the other people in the comments, always wanted to try out embedded programming, build R2D2 from Star Wars like that one add, too poor to afford the hardware, would be cool if I won these, probably won’t, but worth a try.

  • thomas.sosavasquez 2016-11-20

    If I win this board, I would experiment with home automation projects.

  • mark sparks 2016-11-20

    Create a blog on how to use this and show the some experiments with this. Particularly on automation.

  • remmy2016 2016-11-21

    If i win these boards ill use them to work upon my school projects.

  • Tomas Faerman 2016-11-21

    If i were to win, i’ll probably blow my mind doing different kind of experiments with some friends

  • bobby500 2016-11-21

    This board would allow me to conquer the tri-state area.

  • 0x2000 2016-11-21

    Help teach embedded systems to aspiring engineers. Experiment with power isolated systems from the safety of an iPad.

  • Krishna Raj 2016-11-22

    If I win this board, I gonna help my dad. We don’t have enough money to buy a device to control automatically the irrigation motor. So as an Electrical Engineer I gonna develop a product with this board and will place in our form.

  • Aditya Kumar 2 2016-11-22

    Doing my major project on sliding mode control. Could enhance it by using modern PLCs like this one. Would absolutely want it.

  • Tomas Muehlhoff 2016-11-23

    For school education. eg IoT-Hackathons

  • TylerDH3 2016-11-23

    I’m interested in creating something that will make people’s lives better. I don’t know what that is, but I will do it. And this would help me a lot

  • riscy00 2016-11-24

    Once I have this kits, I hope to migrate and familarise PLC concept as well as to improves understanding how PLC solve industrial communication and devices compared to other solution.

  • raed_jan 2016-11-24

    I’ll use this board to automate the operation of my Solar panels I intend to use (trying to manage my home energy bill).

  • barriebarry 2016-11-24

    I would use this PLC device as a teaching tool with my 14 year old son to get him interested in Engineering just like his dad!  We will start with the basics of push buttons and lights and work our way on to other more interesting tasks such as temperature sensing data logging, to security and a image capture with a tethered camera.  Too late for this year, but we’ll strive to create a Christmas light show timed to music for 2017.

  • rep828 2016-11-25

    I’ll use the board in an environment where solar power charges its batteries.

  • steve weiser 2016-11-25

    Hello , my name is Steve W. and I am an electronic technician and design engineer by experience. I am retired and am working on several different projects for the consumer industry. One of my projects is designing a cheaper way to build an XRF analyzer. Having worked in the Metal recycling industry for 15 years and purchasing a few of these powerful, and very expensive handheld devices, it has been my dream to find a cheaper alternative to generating xrays for metal identification.Having a high efficiency prototyping PLC can increase the simultaneous testing that must be done on my way to that end.

  • shawtk 2016-11-27

    I have done work with plc’s during my time in undergrad and I would love to continue using PLC’s on a more regular basis with some of my projects at home.

  • tim097 2016-11-28

    Winning this board will enable me to learn more about current technologies and might be of good use in my upcoming bachelor’s thesis.

  • James Semaj 2016-11-28

    Using for studies in automatic building control system management

  • billskeen68 2016-11-28

    When I win, I’ll be able to complete the design on a mechatronic system I am building a lot quicker.

  • Adam Carlson 2016-11-28

    Looks like it could make a good portable dac.

  • firmware 2016-11-29

    I would make a solar-powered IoT dog kennel.

  • DiegoChajtur 2016-11-29

    if i win this board, i want to automating my house, and starting to learning HMI interfaces… of course i want to use this board in IoT embedded system and teach my skill with thist…

  • Vítor Barbosa 2016-11-30

    Shall I win, I’ll use these tools to learn and make smarter and more capable robots wink

  • Prateek18 2016-12-01

    I with some of my peers is working on underwater vehicles. And if we get this, it can be really helpful and useful in control system mechanism of our bot. Also as written, it has high efficiency and long lasting battery life which two factors are very important in the class of underwater vehicles. And the the possible integration of Arduino makes it really helpful in our bot.

  • Bendigo 2016-12-01

    This would be ideal for developing replacements for obsolete control systems

  • britesc 2016-12-02

    Going to generate an EMP so big it will take us back to the Stone Age. Always fancied running around in a smelly fur loin cloth dreaming of the days of Commodore 64s etc.

  • massimo.del.rosso 2016-12-02

    I’m looking for every day solutions for testing automation HW / SW in a R&D Electronics Lab, those ones will be a great boost!

  • barnikule 2016-12-02

    I am currently designing two axis solar tracker for my 2.5kW array and would love to make use of this board for the main controller.

  • Jchambers1191 2016-12-02

    I would help my father create an automated olive picking device.

  • gbsheble 2016-12-02

    Will use PLC to implement zone heating and cooling for home.  Main feature is to set temperature in each room to a desired level.

  • Akash Melethil 2016-12-02

    I’d like to use the PLC board to implement a control system for a greenhouse I am currently in the process of designing.

  • SXHXC 2016-12-02

    I would like to use Maxim’s PLC development kit for IoT applications and degree thesis

  • akabearisaac 2016-12-02

    The Pocket IO PLC looks fun to use. I like what it is capable of doing. I would love to use this for running a haunted house!

  • bradykna 2016-12-04

    If I do win, I’ll set this up with my partner’s iPhone so she can monitor/control her kombucha room we just set up.

  • psalmser 2016-12-04

    A new approach for PLC experimentation, prototyping, and design.

  • mmgrant73 2016-12-04

    I will use it with my fully automated self contained aquaponic system (combines raising fish with growing plants in an efficient matter, ) that I am designing to help poor communities grow food.

  • ted_rmsdt 2016-12-05

    Hope I win this so I can prototype some new nano brewery control systems!

  • mattweb 2016-12-05

    If I win, I will use this product to control and drive one of my drone with it.

  • ramman 2016-12-05

    If I win this board, I will use it in my embedded iot applications.

  • ramman 2016-12-05

    If I win this board, I will use it in my embedded iot applications.

  • KE4KTO 2016-12-05

    If I win this board, I am going to use it in a packet radio project I am working on.

  • MiguelF 2016-12-06

    I will use the features of this board to teste a Monitor Radiation which will be incorporated on ESA JUICE mission.
    It will be brought to its maximum capacity for sure!

  • dapperdiver 2016-12-06

    If I win this board, I plan to take my IoT projects to the next level.

  • Bogdan Chirita 2016-12-06

    Build an inovative wheelchair that can be used also for climbed the stairs with a less power then what we have on the market now.

  • kylewayman 2016-12-06

    When I win, I plan to create a home automation system around the PLC!

  • arsviator 2016-12-06

    If I won, I’ll built small factory simulator using lego and this PLC.

  • Hugo Antao 2016-12-06

    I would like to use Maxim’s PLC development kit for a Beekeeping project!

  • jkoiv 2016-12-06

    Pellet burner controller with smartphone connection would be my 1st application

  • Kiss Barna Albert 2016-12-07

    I want to compare with arduino-raspberrypi platforms, and develop for Ipad/Iphone too.

  • Kevin Mars 2016-12-07

    If I win this combo I will attempt to automate hydraulic circuit applications for industry, utilizing the PLC capabilities.

  • adnansh85 2016-12-07

    I am going to add this to our industrial computers to create a complete industrial solution which would include industrial computers and PLC in a box. Plus control it with an iPAD.

  • samuelzeng 2016-12-07

    If I win, I will develop an App for Android phones to control the board.

  • teamoon 2016-12-07

    if I win, then I will try to use this board in the developed industrial vehicle monitoring system

  • mariemation 2016-12-07

    when I win that board I will use it to make a small prototype of a self driving electrical car because realizing that project will help me get into a great university

  • CadenSorrells 2016-12-07

    I’d like to have one of these boards so that I can continue learning about industrial machinery and controls as the realm of electronic and PLC control continues to expand. I hope to earn a position in a company programming PLCs, and this would definitely give me a step forward as I would be able to use it as a learning platform for the future.

  • jgardner 2016-12-07

    If I win I will use this development kit to prototype some home automation projects I’ve been working in my spare time.

  • Joshualugu 2016-12-07

    If I win this board am going to use it for my final project.and also use it as an automation project

  • Blaznkid 2016-12-07

    I don’t know what I’d do if I win this board. I do know it’s gonna be fun learning about. Especially with the use of the iPad Pro which will be my number one resource.

  • sailorjoe 2016-12-07

    I mentor a high school robotics team.  I’d like to use this board to expand their understanding of microcontroller.

  • Adriel Omboy 2016-12-08

    If I win, I will try to learn about this PLC, on how to program it and more. This would be a great help for my future projects smile