Remembering Karl Alex Müller, the Swiss Superconductor Pioneer

one day ago by Biljana Ognenova

Swiss physicist Karl Alexander(Alex) Müller leaves his legacy as the discoverer of high-temperature superconductors, a feat that earned him a Nobel Prize in physics.

Infineon BTN9970LV MOTIX™ | Product Sociable

one day ago by Infineon Technologies

Part of the NovalithIC™ family, the BTN99x0LV motor driver IC provides a complete low-ohmic-protected half-bridge in a single package.


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Siemens Rolls Out IC Design Tool for Data-driven Verification

4 days ago by Jeff Child

Seeking to leverage today’s data-rich engineering world, Siemens has released Questa Verification IQ, a software platform enabling data-driven IC verification.

Researchers Tap Origami as Basis for Reconfigurable Antenna Design

February 01, 2023 by Darshil Patel

Aimed at improving sensing and imaging systems, Princeton University researchers have developed a reconfigurable antenna based on origami.

Compact and Efficient Automotive Radar Sensor Testing

February 01, 2023 by Rohde & Schwarz

Learn how everyone from a start-up radar developer to a well-established testing service provider can access the most advanced automotive radar testing solution on the market.

Poster: Spectrum Allocation

In Partnership with Rohde & Schwarz

The national and international spectrum usage has continued to undergo a constant cadence of change. These changes necessitate the need to continue to evolve your awareness of valuable spectrum allocation information. As evidenced recently in the U.S.: Analog TV has mostly gone quiet and replaced with Digital TV; the LORAN-C navigation system has been shut down; new GPS satellites and frequencies provide coverage to Smartphones; and the National Wireless Initiative is looking to actively refarm and commercialize over 500 MHz of spectrum for commercial high-speed wireless services.