NXP Controller Targets Battery Temperature, Safety

one day ago by Jake Hertz

NXP’s battery cell controller offers improved battery monitoring across a range of temperatures and voltages. This article examines why EV battery management is so difficult and details NXP’s battery cell controller.

LITTELFUSE Carling Technologies CHG USB CV-Chargers | Featured Product Spotlight

5 days ago by Mouser Electronics

The Carling Technologies CHG USB CV-Charger is a robust and versatile vehicle charger designed for electronic devices supporting USB 2.0 type A or USB 3.1 type C. Watch and learn all about their features, specs, applications, and more!


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Ingestible Sensor Completes First In-Human Trial to Monitor Vital Signs

3 days ago by Jake Hertz

MIT has reported the first-ever in-human trial of an ingestible vitals-monitoring pill.

The Homebrew Computer Club and the Dawn of the Personal Computer

4 days ago by Robert Keim

Major advances in personal computing can be traced back to a 1970s group of hobbyists and aficionados who shared knowledge, circuits, and good times in Menlo Park, California.

NXP Rolls Next-Gen UWB ICs to Enable Smarter Car Access and More

About 5 days ago by Aaron Carman

Packing a radar and UWB transceiver in one chip, NXP’s latest development, announced today, simplifies vehicle access.

A Raspberry Pi Pico Controlled Frequency Shift Audio Oscillator:  A Radio Shack Classics Circuit Remix

November 26, 2023 by Don Wilcher

A PIR sensor detects objects to allow a Raspberry Pi Pico running MicroPython code to adjust the frequency of a Science Fair electronic oscillator circuit with audio output.