Sneha H.L.

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Sneha H.L. holds an MTech in Electronics and Communication, a field in which she has 5+ years of experience. She has worked with both research-oriented organizations as well as corporate offices, which makes her an active electronic hobbyist with research-mentality. Sneha has hands-on experience on FPGAs and has skill in Matlab, Fortran, VHDL, Verilog, Xilinx ISE, Modelsim, Simulink, Sysgen, C, HTML and other languages. Her broad range of interests includes physics, astronomy, astrophysics, electronics, communication and electromagnetics including radars and antennas. She has interest in both analog as well as digital system design and has co-authored two SpringerBriefs, five international journal papers, four international conference papers, one national conference paper, and six technical reports.

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