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After working as a maintenance technician on F-15 fighter aircrafts, Dr. William Bahn received his undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from the Colorado School Mines, as well as his Masters of Engineering in Engineering Systems from the same institution. During this time, he worked in the Superconductor and Magnetic Measurements Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. After graduation, Dr. Bahn joined Black Forest Engineering, a small Colorado Springs company that designs full-custom application-specific integrated circuits. Leaving fourteen years later as the Senior Engineer, he became a Senior Research Scientist at the Academy Center for Cyberspace Research at the U.S. Air Force Academy where he and two colleagues developed Concurrent Coding Theory, which was the focus of his research for his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado and Colorado Springs. Currently, Dr. Bahn serves as an Instructor in the Computer Science department at UCCS, giving him time to also pursue other interests.

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