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Board Giveaway: NXP i.MX RT1050 Evaluation Kit

In partnership with NXP

Giveaway Overview

NXP in partnership with All About Circuits is giving away an NXP i.MX RT1050 evaluation kit. To qualify for this offer, simply register below. The i.MX RT1050 EVK is an entry-level development platform powered by NXP’s i.MX RT1050 crossover MCU featuring its advanced implementation of the Arm® Cortex®-M7 core with speeds of up to 600 MHz. Key applications for NXP’s i.MX RT1050 EV kit include smart lighting, electric generation, home control panel, and motion control/robotics.


  • High CPU performance and real-time response
  • Supports FreeRTOS™ available within the MCUXpresso SDK
  • Supports Arm® Mbed™ OS and Zephyr™ OS for developing IoT applications

Key Features

  • Processor: MIMXRT1052DVL6A processor
  • Memory: 256 Mb SDRAM memory, 512 Mb Hyper Flash, 64 Mb QSPI Flash, Footprint for QSPI Flash, TF socket for SD card
  • Display and Audio: Parallel LCD connector, Camera connector, Audio codec, 4-pole audio headphone jack, External speaker connection, Microphone, S/PDIF connector
  • Micro USB host and OTG connectors, Ethernet (10/100T) connector, CAN transceivers, Arduino® interface

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  • S
    Sumithshetty December 05, 2020

    This is board seems quite capable of TinyML projects. Such as an on chip voice recognition. And automation.

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  • D
    dannyl_22 December 06, 2020

    I wish to create various terrariums, aquariums and vivariums emulating the climate, fauna and some of the wildlife of specific geographical regions (e.g. tropical ones such as the Amazonian Rainforest, Madagascar, Borneo) as well as arid climates (the Sonaran desert) and a temperate European one on top of a greenhouse and a small hydroponics set up. I’d like to use this platform to develop PID algorithms to keep the temperature and humidity optimum and develop an IoT application allowing for the collation of real time data from thermocouples, hygrometers, UV index , ORP sensors etc… and send instructions to actuators accordingly. Energy saving features such as grow light modulation with respect to sunlight intensity and incorporation of maneuverable mirrors and incorporation of solar panels and UPS. As a project of continual improvement hopefully camera can relay real-time imaging to remotely guide a robot assistant and use weather tracking to an insulation shields from a shutter when a cold snap is forecasted.

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  • ahmadradhy December 06, 2020

    Our innovation is a precise sensing and analytics solution integrating IoT with IOTA for dairy farm production and supply chain. It is aimed to measure CO2, air temperature, air humidity, liquid temperature, and the air pressure inside the containers of the milk storage, which ensure the freshness and quality of milk for expanding agricultural solutions to the cold chain, especially dairy farm. By using the latest technologies, the actual condition of the containers will be automated by adjusting the IoT systems, sensors, and clouds. It could be used for a long time in dairy farms to approach the supply chain. With real-time analytics, it is aimed to simplify the sampling process for quality control, maximize precision and efficiency, and provide the customers with the ability to monitor their products remotely. To achieve milk storage safety and eliminates milk waste, caused by non-efficient storage, is essential to monitor temperature-controlled rooms in order to ensure specified health and quality. The brand owner is confident that the product is transported and arrives at the right temperature.

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