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Coilcraft C472-2 Designer’s Kit Giveaway

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The Coilcraft C472-2 Designer's Kit includes 20 samples each of 112 inductance values, including 0.1 nH increments from 2.8 nH to 10 nH.

Coilcraft 0402DC Series wirewound chip inductors offer the industry's highest Q factors in an 0402 (1005) size for super low loss in high-frequency circuits. And with 112 values from 0.8 to 120 nH, including 0.1 NH increments from 2.8 nH to 10 nH, it provides what's needed for any RF and Microwave applications.

The 0402DC also features wirewound construction for extremely high self-resonance - up to 28.8 GHz - and offers DCR as low as 25Ω, significantly lower than other inductors of similar size.

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    pa4ton April 14, 2021

    I want to experiment with the young researchers (DJO Groningen) with children.
    We have an electronics building department.

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  • S
    skajam66 April 14, 2021

    As an independent hardware designer, I focus on RF designs (mostly Bluetooth) and switch mode power supplies for audio devices.  Both areas where Coilcraft shines…

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    Torje April 14, 2021

    Exactly the kit that’s missing in my lab! I’ve got plenty of caps and resistors, but always out of inductors.

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