Congratulations to our winners!
Grand Prize Winner - Matthew Shoemaker mBed Kit Winners - Chris Fish, Rob Schwartz, Kevin Fonda, and Mike Tripoli.


AAC is giving away 5 of Maxim Integrated’s ARM mBed development kits and motor driver shields to help with your next design. One grand prize winner will also win a Phantom 3 drone! Take a look at the information below and don't forget to enter the contest. 

The MAX32600MBED provides a convenient platform for evaluating the capabilities of the MAX32600 microcontroller. Maxim’s MAX32600 Cortex M3 microcontroller has a powerful and configurable analog front end (16-bit ADC, dual 12-bit DACs, and more) and lots of I/O options.  The MAX32600MBED board is an Arduino form factor platform board that lets to start prototyping your system in no time using the mbed tools. Visit the MAX32600MBED platform page to get started with development!

Stack our motor driver shield on top to jump into brushed DC motor applications!  The MAXREFDES89#  is an mbed®-compatible, Arduino® form factor shield for the rapid development of brushed DC motor applications. Check out the MAX14871 Shield Library for more detail of interfacing with the supporting hardware of the reference design.


To Enter You Must:

  1. Fill our the form and agree to the terms & conditions.
  2. You’re creative! Leave a comment below and tell us how you’re going to use these boards.
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205 Ideas

  • ka2tki 2016-09-08

    Learning high power systems for distribution and getting more knowledge on ac theory and digital circuits for advancing my amature radio license.

  • astoonblue 2016-09-09

    I have always love to play with all these things. They are sooo COOL and fun smile You get to play and learn from it.

  • raviurao 2016-09-09

    Will be used to develop a neighborhood security watch with a remote alarm system.

  • Pavan rochester 2016-09-10

    I am member of kryptos I made app development team.I use the board for the development of new apps

  • krpr 2016-09-10

    I have started building a 4wd smart robot car with Arduino. I’m still in a learning stage. But it would be helpful for me to explore further with this kind of things with more practical knowledge by debugging issues which adds to my learning experience.

  • idrmz 2016-09-11

    Learning high power systems for distribution and getting more knowledge on ac theory and digital circuits for advancing my amature radio license

  • Mpale 2016-09-11

    it will be used in a project to monitor attendance at the school auditorium.  since each student and lecturers have school id they can use them to register for attendance at the auditorium door using the barcode reader connected to the MAX32600MBED board and the camera will be used to capture the face of the attendant.

  • tarnalcock 2016-09-12

    To learn more about motor driven circuits and the like in the hopes of someday building my own quad. As well as various other motor driven appliances (3d printer, circuit etcher) etc.

  • glen19 2016-09-12

    the kit will be used for a new approach to balance

  • dslul 2016-09-13

    I want to try to use it to develop a small robot that works as personal assistant (using software like mycroft)

  • Shalvin Prakash 2016-09-13

    they are usefull in my project

  • free2liveb4u 2016-09-13

    Designing a school security surveillance system to prevent intruders from settling in Land belonging to the school community, so this board will be a huge breakthrough or will i say a gold mine because the whole project now becomes more of programming than circuitry

  • aze.Free 2016-09-13

    this Forum is teach how to develop the grand projects
    good and Nice Forum

  • suhas.rx100 2016-09-13

    It will surely increase my knowledge and experience is truly unique. I’m going to learn lot of new things with mBed and enjoy a lot with the drone for sure wink

  • firmware 2016-09-13

    Main hub (maybe worn on belt) for array of wearables sensors.

  • Lyndsey 2016-09-13

    I would use this to advance my personal knowledge of motor control, by working with it on several projects. I also plan to advocate its use to my competitive robotics team.

  • smmking1d 2016-09-14

    I want to use this o advance my knowledge in general. Need to keep learning more.

  • rohanv 2016-09-14

    started using arduinos couple of weeks ago, this will allow me to learn more about robots, and allow me to build my own.

  • clinton rixile 2016-09-14

    i would use them to advance my home built drone am busy working on

  • Jim Belesiu 2016-09-14

    Looking to build a custom flight controller for a long duration UAV.  The DC motor controller would be for controlling the variable swept wing and for the DC prop motor.  Other functions include solar cell management and servo control of the camera gimbals.

  • ted_rmsdt 2016-09-14

    Would love to use this platform in my graduate studies in control engineering and help some friends with farm land surveying!

  • Norbi72 2016-09-14

    I want to build a 4 axis robot to test my skills

  • szabraham 2016-09-14

    Will be used for my automated plant grow, care system, wich has pumps, dc motors and solenoids to control and needs 12-16 bit ADC for taking in soil moisture, temperature, humidity and other enviromental sensor data.

  • kimmoli 2016-09-14

    I have a project ongoing which i need to design my own CPU board and motor control for some linear actuators. I have never used a Maxim CPU before, but i would like to. I’m not fan of atmel due some “personal reasons”
    I need also few analog voltage outputs to control the drive motors, pulse inputs etc.

    and ofc the drone will be used for watching this bigger girl at work smile

    stage of project some time ago

  • halfmann 2016-09-15

    Here’s my project idea:

    I would like to automate my model railway with a stand-alone controller. Therefore no expensive PC with an everlasting boot-sequence would be necessary to automatically switch points and signals, to set routes, and to monitor the movements of trains.

    Nevertheless a connection to a PC would be possible via Ethernet or USB with that powerful ARM processor in the MAX32600MBED. The operator of the PC could observe all current and previous movements and give commands. The whole system would be very close to a real interlocking system.

    The MAXREFDES89 would be an ideal starting point to operate my somehow oldfashioned analogue trains wich are equipped with brushed DC motors.

  • WILLIAM MORLEY 2016-09-15


  • vinaysadhwani001 2016-09-15

    i am going to learn this and will try to create something new out of this
    which will be useful in my field .

  • zanderbz 2016-09-15

    I’m a 38 year old who decided to go back to school to get an Electrical Engineering degree.  I’m finally in my second to last semester and excited to learn even more.  I would use this drone to explore applications in Precison Agriculture to help farmers grow crops more efficiently!

  • umeshdeshmukh2024 2016-09-16

    ARM mcu + Motor driver board will be great for learning and implementing control system concepts learned in textbooks, with enough experimenting with these I will like to make inverted pedulum.

  • Roomman Israili 2016-09-16

    I will use it to make a 3d printer, not the actual one(of course), but a working model.

  • SiddharthSavant 2016-09-16

    with four motor driver maybe i will try building drone or IOT based transport system at warehouse.

  • Ed.flynn 2016-09-16

    Wonderful to explore the best in tech. My curiosity always leads me to understand the latest available electronics platforms.

  • smokeyjoe859 2016-09-16

    Design an az-el antenna rotator for amateur radio communication satellites.

  • ShortedFuse 2016-09-16

    Us it to start/stop time base motion detect for my Go-pro camera

  • nusquam 2016-09-16

    Use it to control a Gigapan-like camera mount

  • trimbitassorin 2016-09-16

    Garden automation is what i’ll use it for :D

  • jimoconnell 2016-09-16

    This package would be a wonderful addition to the Hacker/Maker Space I’m involved with!
    We have a small group of people, (age 9 to ~70,) working together to learn coding and interfacing with the real world in creative and innovative ways.

  • JimK 2016-09-16

    Not a clue but it will be great!

  • Elcio Navas 2016-09-16

    I will use as a tool to teach children principles of programming and operating drone

  • justin_c 2016-09-16

    I would like to see what I can do with it

  • machinejack 2016-09-16

    I’m a retired tool and die maker. One of my many hobbies is electronics though greatly different now than in my early ham radio days. I’m working with a Raspberry pi to interface my Lionel model train layout automating signals and switches. Not so much into robotics but I am eager to learn all I can about things.

  • techdcs 2016-09-17

    I intend to use this to develop an Automobile Aid for drivers.

  • karlharfouche1 2016-09-17

    i’m exited for the drone but before all I really need the mBed for developing my project smile

  • cycler 2016-09-17

    I am going to use them to have fun of course…
    Tinkering and experimenting is the best way to spend a weekend.

  • epajfl 2016-09-17

    the kit will allow me to be creative

  • cycler 2016-09-17

    I am going to use them to have fun of course…
    Tinkering and experimenting is the best way to spend a weekend.

  • dsyd14 2016-09-18

    Since being a DIY inspired and interested in Electronics, I’ll be going to use this to learn more and upgrade my Projects beyond Arduino. Since its damn too good and powerful than Arduino, than I don’t think I need to think in expanding my project scope.
    If i get it, then my Current project would be to add it in my Robot for Robowar and its Motor Shield will do wonders for me for brushed motors.

  • monkeysass_half 2016-09-18

    My colleague Pinchester (Pinky) and I intend to use this device to achieve world domination from the safety of my err… OUR basement laboratory. Hand it over now and you will be considered for leniency when the time of judgement is nigh!

  • pryan 2016-09-18

    I am a high school teacher at the Mercer County Career Center in Mercer Pa.  I have been teaching Electronics Technology for 32 years to 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. Using New technology and the ability to have fun learning electronics is what I try to do each day within my class. I would use the boards to introduce this type of technology to my students. Thank You for the chance to use your technology within my teaching and class.

    Paul F. Ryan
    Mercer County Career Center
    776 Mercer Greenville Rd
    Mercer, PA 16137
    (724) 662-3000

  • ventura 2016-09-19

    Hopefully the answer to a prototype 4-axis pick and place packaging robot, the interest is in the 25% ripple and how that affects the FWD and STOP constant dramatics.

  • Prateek18 2016-09-19

    I am currently an undergrad student in ECE and I have worked on many embedded systems projects, one of which I am currently working is a drone. So getting this drone or the Maxim embedded board can really help me to tinker with it.

  • vabbes 2016-09-19

    It will be used in my education of future air craft mechanics in the Royal Danish Air Force.

  • quadspeed 2016-09-19

    hi there this could be a solution to my 1:1 scale motor circuit for my astromech droid

  • I’ve been wanting to build a control system / robotic hand for ages and using this dev kit would make so many of the problems merely challenges.

  • Glenn Kessler 2016-09-20

    Hovering decorative lighting

  • LPT2 2016-09-20

    I can not bridge the psychological barrier and start to program real-time systems such as motor control and powerful converters. I hope that the system MAX32600MBED will be very helpful in this and not just be…

  • henrik 2016-09-21

    good opportunity to jump from the old 8051 world to a new.

  • NAND_Hate 2016-09-21

    I help run an electronics beginners class and one of these would make a super base board for a glass cleaning robot that uses suction to hold itself on vertical surfaces.
    I’m afraid I’m a non social media type; but if I start using it I’ll use the #MakeWithMaxim hashtag.
    Happy hacking to all, and good luck everybody!

  • Muzammal Baig 2016-09-22

    I don’t have a facebook account and I will not have one. Even at the cost of missing out the giveaway

  • jantoniraj 2016-09-22

    New to these boards. Will have to learn on how to use them

  • jantoniraj 2016-09-22

    I can not enter the Giveaway. It always says “Profile Information Required…
    It looks like you haven’t filled out your profile yet! We need you to fill out your AAC profile before you can enter this giveaway.” even though I have filled out the required profile information

  • Gbeck1982 2016-09-22

    I Have just started getting to robotics, my 14 year old daughter is in robotics at her middle school, she had a project to build a wind turbine. The project took three months to complete, but it was well worth it her club got first place locally and ranked 4th in the south eastern division. I really want to get some more projects for the kids and myself to bond over.

  • trimbitassorin 2016-09-23

    I would build an automated security platform :D

  • rayrv9a 2016-09-23

    The MAX32600MBED and MAXREFDES89# will be perfect for a robotic grocery cart project I am working on. I hope I am lucky enough to win the contest!

  • msousa 2016-09-23

    Work on stabilization of video from moving camera platform, possibly smoothing or maybe even removing frame motion. This would be helpful in real-time security, agricultural, search & rescue surveillance.

  • Andrew J Burke 2016-09-23

    Looking to prototype a new heart rate monitor, health tracker using the AFE, display and wireless peripherals. I’ve been wanting to try out the mbed platform, looks like a great dev kit.

  • JefferyS50 2016-09-23

    I want a drone to be honest smile

  • Mark Shearin 2016-09-23

    Would love to use these boards to control a BLDC motor to be used in an RC car - just for fun!

  • epictetus 2016-09-23

    Looking at autonomous drone experimentation.

  • KoolBreeze420 2016-09-23

    I am not sure what I would use it for just yet I have just signed up for an electronics course, I am a PC hardware Technician and I want to expand my knowledge and create a hobby. My wife passed away last Nov. and I am spreading my wings into hobbies and so I chose electronics please let me win.

  • Fishbone4u 2016-09-23

    I watch the Ben Heck Show religiously and am so jealous of his knowledge.  I want to get a better understanding of an Arduino and continue to create targets and devices for my remote control hobby but since I use a power wheelchair…create things for the disabled community as well.

  • dorbell_engineer 2016-09-24

    monitoring weather sistem in an IoT project. Learning end training how to use a drone!!

  • Xenophon 2016-09-25

    I was thinking next summer I might like to build a quadcopter and see what all features I could include.

  • JuanTelo 2016-09-25

    Want to study the possibilities of using the technology of drones in hospitals, such as using them as transportation or patient’s security.

  • Billwall 2016-09-25

    Learning / research about small autonomous aircraft

  • xndevil 2016-09-26

    Going to use it for my Final Year Project to develop some systems, not really sure what to do yet, but will learn more and try harder ~

  • I want to learn how to use it at first, then i will find an interesting project to work on…

  • SimonS 2016-09-26

    I would probably used it in my next drone build. But as an amateur nature photographer i would be totally excited in winning the DJI Phantom 3 drone, because that would open me whole new way of capturing our glorious nature from the sky. I have liked Maxim Integrated on Facebook and also followed on Twitter and also shared here: . Thanks for this great opportunity.

  • CommonFreak 2016-09-27

    I have an Arduino, so it would certainly be a great addition.
    Also, I would probably build a remote controlled car, since I have never done that before and expanding with my RGB LCD shield would make for a nice contraption.
    And last but not least, I always wanted to buy a drone, but I never got around to do so.

  • kjb 2016-09-27

    As a teacher of Robotics and Mechatronics and also supporting kids in the local Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Challenge competitions, I am interested in how they use Arduino in project design. I may not be the creative one, but my school kids are always keen to make something new.

  • kjb 2016-09-27

    As a teacher of Robotics and Mechatronics and also supporting kids in the local Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Challenge competitions, I am interested in how they use Arduino in project design. I may not be the creative one, but my school kids are always keen to make something new.

  • simlastik 2016-09-28

    I want to use it for my greenhouse IoT.

  • dheerajsinghal01 2016-09-28

    I am thinking of making a Ball balancing robot as the MAX32600 microcontroller has lot of IO pins and 16 Bit ADC and this board can be a ideal platform to build such robotic platform

  • schol 2016-09-28

    Whack a mole game for kid

  • klyde 2016-09-29

    Currently part of the school’s robotics team. This will definitely be used in one of out AUVs, UAVs or Rovers

  • AdityaD91 2016-09-29

    I would like to start learning about the amazing embedded and drone world with this embedded development kit. Looks fun and curious !!!  smile

  • RyanMichaud 2016-09-29


  • forrestlaw 2016-09-29

    I would definitely use it to create something new that i never have.Being an engineer its my passion as well as responsibilty.

  • CharlesKerr 2016-09-30

    I have been toying with the idea of building a ROV to measure the density of vegetation within a predefined area to calculate the available food for dairy cows. The MAX32600MBED combined with a MAXREFDES89# to drive the ROV and do back scatter measurements with a radar module should get me on my way. Thanks

  • JSDominique 2016-09-30

    Building autonomous drones for search and rescue purposes.

  • jsrossie 2016-09-30

    Use in my wife’s middle school robotics club

  • jsrossie 2016-09-30

    Use in my wife’s middle school robotics club

  • fftomcat 2016-09-30

    Dang, don’t get to enter.
    I absolutely will not do/join any type (well almost any) of social media (I have email, phone, writing utensils).
    I am an electrical engineer just not nerdy enough.
    I truly hate social media it keeps me from entering cool giveaways like this. Oh well, back to work.

    • grayed 2016-10-14

      What’s the issue with “Liking” the Maxim page?  Did I just do something dangerous?

  • Huskygummyworms 2016-09-30

    I’m going to make a remote weather station, that will be uploaded to my website(Along with a couple other tools).

  • mdmedlin 2016-09-30

    I would use this to develop robots that can assist others with limited mobility

  • Rex Harris 2016-09-30

    Have never used a Maxim ucontroller before, would like to test drive.  Motor control is is nice to know.  Thanks!!

  • Michael Sanders 2016-09-30

    I’m working on a prototype small package robot, that will crawl a culvert (long) and search for cracks, and other damage.  I need to be able to do linear independent movement, plus be able to move a camera arm in 3 directions. There may also be some additional sensors (temperature, pressure, altitude), so need some processing power.

  • kfonda 2016-09-30

    I’m interested in learning more about controlling DC motors and also would like to get more involved with ARM processors.

  • fernandobelissimo 2016-09-30

    I have some ideas about augmented reality and this kit came in handy!!!

  • Alexandre_avila 2016-09-30

    My interest is to define an architecture for developing embedded systems in mass transit vehicles automation segment as buses and trains. I am considering is board for this application.

  • Geekgrownup 2016-09-30

    Learn more about UAV

  • eleetraina 2016-10-01

    I want to learn how to use the boards in art projects.

  • JustSomeHuman 2016-10-01

    I am interested in all types of CNC control.

  • Asael7M 2016-10-02

    I would use this kit for monitoring hydroponics.

  • Avi14 2016-10-02

    Sun tracking system for solar panels - smart one smile -Avi

  • mkfloria 2016-10-02

    Is that a certainly interesting product that the shall want to testing.
    Ours first usage will absolutely find in robot following line, whose heart will Arduino.
    Want to try to organize race for children in our town.
    Offer them possibility construction such robot and sequent race.

  • Verki 2016-10-02

    I am very interested in these products.

  • mkfloria 2016-10-02

    Is that a certainly interesting product that the shall want to testing.
    Ours first usage will absolutely find in robot following line, whose heart will Arduino.
    Want to try to organize race for children in our town.
    Offer them possibility construction such robot and sequent race.

  • Avi14 2016-10-02

    Sun tracking for solar panels - smart one smile -Avi

  • Don Tran 2016-10-02

    Looking for a way to inspect windmills with drones and cameras. This kit seems to have what I need to get started.

  • Jchambers1191 2016-10-02

    Make an airborne/mobile gunshot identification/locator.

  • SoCentral2 2016-10-02

    Our Makerspace BuildBrighton in the UK loves kit like this. Our Electronics, 3D printing and FPGA groups would work together to build something awesome.

  • mkfloria 2016-10-02

    Is that a certainly interesting product that the shall want to testing.
    Ours first usage will absolutely find in robot following line, whose heart will Arduino.
    Want to try to organize race for children in our town.
    Offer them possibility construction such robot and sequent race.

  • sabba 2016-10-02

    If provided it will be used for academic teaching and research. I would use this to advance my research work on embedded sensor networks on several projects. I also plan to advocate its use to the modern IoT prototyping.

  • sabba 2016-10-02

    To be used for academic research. I would use this to advance my research work on embedded sensor networks, by working with it on several projects. I also plan to advocate its use to embedded IoT prototyping.

  • ZS1AGH 2016-10-02

    I am involved in teaching.  Our student are always keen to learn and use new technology.

  • vortel 2016-10-02

    To develop haptic interfaces.

  • Puchong Kijamnajsuk 2016-10-02

    I will use these for the agriculture application.

  • NickFedotov 2016-10-02

    Going to use this platform for new project – special automated drone for car accident assistance in highways (provides additional video channel directly from an incident scene to all emergency services are involved). Finally the system allows to send first shots and videos from various angles and as a result allows to correctly determine rescue/medical equipment is needed and to reduce road deaths.

  • giteshsk 2016-10-03

    Integrated AFE, Programmable Buffers for ADC and DACs, Operational Amplifiers, Comparators and Analog Switches make this a great device to explore analog world! Always wanted these features… TPU and DMA make this solution complete.

  • techdcs 2016-10-03

    A million possibilities with this .

  • Pep92 2016-10-03

    I’m interested in controlling drones for videomaking and monitoring crops in agricolture.

  • paul.dillon39 2016-10-03

    Supervising student projects always leads to burn outs at some stage! So always interested in seeing new devices for driving motors and making use of new features in the controllers.

  • OliverRehm 2016-10-03

    building prototypes with moveable optics

  • rockspecialist 2016-10-03

    I will utilize the MAX32600MBED mBed development kit to investigate the monitoring and notification of rockfall hazards in mountainous roadway areas.

  • cybermah 2016-10-03

    I would use this board as a leaning tool for controlling motors so I can teach my son how to build robots.

  • ATGM 2016-10-03

    Control self levelling platform and temperature.

  • jGorman 2016-10-03

    I plan to develop products to be used in the model train industry. My first product would be a model train scale speedometer which would work with all scales of today’s model trains. Other products would include hardware to animate scenery items such as a water tower spigot and building lighting, etc.

  • Chris2016 2016-10-04

    To finally get into ARM programming and together with the motor Control board it should be a lot of fun

  • gsidirop 2016-10-04

    I am developing an autonomous piloting system for avoiding obstacles that can be used with either wheeled robots or flying drones. In parallel I will be investigating how to minimise losses on electrical motors.

  • gsidirop 2016-10-04

    Developing code for avoiding obstacles either for wheeled vehicles or flying drones. It will be great fun to use maxim’s products in order to do so!!!

  • Joseph Ryan Samuya 2016-10-04

    Learned about this giveaway through Maxim’s EE-mail. If I receive this giveaway, I will be using this development kit to design small embedded systems, particularly in the renewable energy and home use applications. When I get more experienced, the motor driver shield will definitely help me step up my game!

  • Rob Farley 2016-10-04

    Will use this to do awesome stuff.

  • Berinde Adrian 2016-10-04

    New ee hobby task, play with this IOT MBED platform from Maxim. Thumbs up for Maxim!

  • gordonmx 2016-10-04

    Although it is not approved for competition, it looks like a good training tool for the local FIRST robotics team.

  • martin jentsch 1 2016-10-04

    we need a better solution for our 3d phantom motor control - this could be a good candidate

  • am developing a traffic system as to check car speeds and overload remotely to reduce accidents and drones could be vital for tracking and re-transmitting the signals.

  • James T. Gentry 2016-10-04

    Will use to build a simple robot first, and then get more detailed as I learn more

  • mitkot 2016-10-04

    Will be used for educational purposes in University course “Embedded electronics”

  • mitkot 2016-10-04

    Will be used for education of students in Plovdiv University - course of Embedded Electronics

  • Peter Baldwin 2016-10-05

    I want to develop a high speed multi turn servo

  • LogicWeavers 2016-10-05

    Working out the design details concerns an aqua-drone for marine research, inspection and repair - This looks like one good step in the right direction with solid and supported engineered product.

  • niyonkuru 2016-10-06

    very interested in the embedded system. I want to expand my knowledge and explore various things with Maxim Integrated’s ARM mBed development kits and motor driver shields if given a chance….I ‘ll also use and present the kits in the Open Day event which will be held at KIGALI INDEPENDENT UNIVERSITY ULK this coming month.

  • krenehan 2016-10-06

    I’d like to work more with the ARM architecture and develop a deeper understanding of Real Time Operating Systems. I’ve always wanted to build a drone, and getting my hands on the MAX32600MBED and motor driver shield would be a great starting point!

  • pavlovscat 2016-10-07

    I am interested in experimenting with sensory objects for people with learning disabilities (particularly those with reduced vision) exploring ways of combining audio with tactile feedback.

  • Vlad Petrescu 2016-10-07

    I’m so glad about this giveaway!
    About 2 weeks ago I started designing a self balancing robot that will act act as an alarm clock that runs around the house until you catch it and turn off the alarm; it will also have wifi & Bluetooth so it can be programmed using the phone or computer (and maybe also use wifi to display weather data for the day).
    While researching for the best components to use I’ve already decided to use MAX32600. The design currently makes use of stepper motors to control the robot, but for sure it will be fun using MAXREFDES89# with brushed DC motors.

    Another project that I would want to use MAX32600 would be in an automotive application - I want to connect it to my cars’ CANbus and display a comprehensive list of engine parameters and even to have the ability to modify ECU parameters.

  • ajm23686 2016-10-07

    I would love to use one of these in my projects in automation!

  • villu164 2016-10-07

    Planning to use this dev board with RF chips and an RC toy-car, to create a simple remote controlled car and later on planning to up the project to autonomous drive with sensors.

  • Bernard Bautista 2016-10-07

    I will be able to expand the capabilities and features of my command-based automatic home switches. With multiple GPIO pins I can add multiple sensors to improve environmental sensing. Lastly, security features were my later concern with my project,  with the mbed I can improve the end-to-end security with its trust protection unit.

  • Skip 2016-10-07

    Create an autonomous flight control system for my RC airplanes. I want it to save its takeoff position and direction. Climb to specified altitude preform specified aerobatics. Monitor battery and trigger a return and land at the saved take off position when battery is discharged.

  • rd1544 2016-10-07

    I am working on several projects right now in motion (stepper and brushed dc motors), and LiFi development.

  • zsolt 2016-10-07

    Home automation station - at least that’s what I’ve been experimenting with lately

  • kodiak0 2016-10-07

    I’ll use these boards to develop a handheld GPS device, for hiking or driving navigation.

  • 0novanta 2016-10-08

    I’m a computer engineering student, for sure this will help me study adn have fun.

  • xvmodvx 2016-10-08

    Make an application using PyQt to control sensors and motors and then explain, break down, and teach the code used. There is material on how to use Python instead of other languages but never how to then have GUI portion using using PyQt rather than Tkinter.

  • Vlad Petrescu 2016-10-08

    Great giveaway!
    I would use the boards to build a self balancing robot that I will use as an alarm clock that runs like crazy around the house until you catch it and turn off the alarm (no more hitting the snooze button for 2 hours :D). My design also includes Bluetooth and wifi so the alarm can be programmed using the phone or computer (the connectivity could also serve for getting weather info for the day displayed on the LCD). In the search for suitable components I already decided to give a try with MAX32600; although I was planning in using stepper motors to control the robot, it would be fun to use brushed DC motors controlled with MAXREFDES89.

    Another project for what I plan using the MAX32600 is my car; I want to tap into the CANbus and K-lines to get a comprehensive list of engine parameters and (maybe) even have the possibility to modify engine settings. For this project I plan using a touchscreen lcd.

  • lekallalek 2016-10-09

    want to learn about Maxim’s line of microcontrollers in order to apply it in remote monitoring and control

  • soderdaen 2016-10-09

    I think that would be a good start in doing some electronic experiences for myself.

  • Alex Chen 1 2016-10-10

    I am starting to learn robotics. This micro-controller will come in handy. I have some designs that I want to pursue.

  • Dennis de Waal 2016-10-10

    Im building a remote controlled boat for seajetty inspections from the water for the harbour industryand and could use this!

  • Tvb80281 2016-10-10

    I will use it for face tracking system.

  • radekhujer 2016-10-10

    I am going to use these boards in outer limits of my creativity.

  • Avinash 786 2016-10-11

    i will use it in my college to do many expeiments and spread the knowledge to my friends.As i am very much interested in drones and DSLR’s.wishing i could win it.

  • Alex Chen 1 2016-10-11

    I am currently studying robotics and artificial intelligence because I have a project I am thinking about. This micro controller will be useful.

  • Dennis de Waal 2016-10-11

    Im going to use the board to build a waterdrone/boat for seajetty inspections for the industry!

  • trey83 2016-10-11

    I like to keep abreast of new products!

  • ilkery 2016-10-12

    I will use it to carry my shopping basket full of beer.

  • Nazareno Delucca 2016-10-12

    Will be used to develop aereal scanning of crop fields and status report.

  • boyermike64 2016-10-12

    i am going to come up with projects in and with my electronics class,a bunch of broke down vets.

  • boyermike64 2016-10-12

    use at electronics class for disabled vets to get retrained and certified.come up with some projects with them.

  • rschwartz79 2016-10-13

    Electrical engineering student. I will use it to help a project with robotics and automation with a robotics club to further advance a project involving an interactive animatronic panther. Also use it to learn from and expand on knowledge in computer science and interactive hardware.

  • Kirk Smith 2016-10-13

    Every vehicle needs a drone dock on top where a small drone can land and ride around in a wind-sheltered cowling of sorts.  When the vehicle is started, the drone lifts off and rises about twenty feet or so, enough to get a clear view around the vehicle to check for kids, cats and clearances.  Then it settles back into its dock till it’s needed again.  In a traffic jam, the drone could be launched to look ahead and survey the situation and look around for possible exits.  And parking would be a snap if, through the drone, you had a clear 360 deg. view around the vehicle.  All this without upgrading to a $80K vehicle or waiting for mature autonomy.

  • Farhan Ahmed 2016-10-14

    It will be very helpful to learn as well as design advanced drone security system and help learning practical knowledge and manymore #makewithmaxim

  • 65sc02 2016-10-14

    Active camera stabilization on drones

  • Dekker500 2016-10-14

    As always, learning and tinkering for fun!

  • mtripoli3 2016-10-14

    I recently acquired a Lepton thermal imager and breakout board from FLIR. If I won the drone and mBed, I’d attach the thermal imager to the drone. All kinds of uses for a “sentinel” such as this; fire detection, lost people, etc.

  • mshoemaker 2016-10-14

    These boards would be great fun to use.  I think this would be an interesting choice for a controller for the mini train I am building to give my four daughters rides around our 10 acres.

  • Nortonian 2016-10-14

    Very excited to apply this new technology to my ongoing experimentation with RC multi-copters and digital photography. I am hoping to design a system that can be used for developing advanced cartography applications.

  • Ken Haggerty 2016-10-14

    I think I’ll try to build an outdoor surveillance system.

  • grayed 2016-10-14

    As an electronics hobbyist, I’ve used Maxim ICs for years in various projects—robotics, solar tracking, e-toys.  My son and I entered various BEAM robotics contests when he was a teen, before he took a degree in computer programming.  Now he’s teaching me the basics of microprocessors (I got my first arduino last month).  The MAX32600MBED sounds like it will be a “grad degree” for me, a great second step; combined with the MAX14871 motor driver, this will bring me full circle back to the fun of robotics.  Just in time to have some robotics fun with the grandkids!

  • arsviator 2016-10-14

    Thinking about building LoRA enabled smart power grid node.

  • You are cool guys and I hope to get a gift for my Student Design Bureau. We plan to fully automate the Drone for solutions of group management tasks the robots in the ground field.

  • thumper_ss 2016-10-16

    cant wait to try out one of these boards on one of my side projects

  • zimpmd 2016-10-16

    With these boards abilities the ideas I have for building a drone for maneuvers and racing are possible.

  • davegsc 2016-10-16

    I’ve built an Arduino-Duo (ARM)-based yard, garden and farm security system that keeps deer , dogs and other pests out of gardens, flowerbeds and yards using directed lasers, paintball guns and Nerfball guns.

    As an aside, it monitors door and window openings, temperatures in freezers, motion in selected areas…, alerting when appropriate. Now, if I win this challenge and get to use a drone to the system, I would like to take it to the next step of sending sensors aloft by automatically launching a drone to locate children missing from malls, schools, homes, etc., then putting it into production as a user-installed command an control centre.

    All the best to everyone who enters!

    Dave Davies

  • carvedflame 2016-10-16

    What I would do with the board is not as creative as a lot of the other people, however I would give it to my 13 year old nephew so that I could help to teach about electronics. He already has an interest and wants to start building his own robots. As far as the drone, that would make an awesome Christmas present for my dad, who’s been wanting to get one for some time and myself being a broke student cannot afford to get him one. Thanks you guys are awesome!

  • dhonors 2016-10-16

    Maybe try to automate a small scale aerogel drying process

  • sc8194 2016-10-17

    I plan on using the drone as a surveillance system to monitor our livestock.  I also plan to equip the drone with various sensors to study the health of crops on my farm.

  • Seograth 2016-10-18

    It would be helpfull with my thesis project for my degree plus, projects for robotic arms in industry.

  • Modibbo 2016-10-18

    im studying mechatronics and im new to arduino and microprocessor architecture and programming but I have a deep longing for inventing, as an aspiring inventor, a kit like this is a walk in the park.

  • Modibbo 2016-10-18

    im studying mechatronics engineering yr2 and im new to arduino and microprocessor architecture and programming.  my dream is to be an inventor with a kit like this I’d further realise that dream.

  • ve3mzo 2016-10-18


  • Samia Siddique 2016-10-19

    learning about circuits

  • i am a embedded engineer…i want to implement in my project .It will be used as a normal robot…to finish some particular tasks..

  • Kyoung Min Lee 2016-10-19

    I was used as fire watch and finding missing persons, I am going to try.

  • Emyrus 2016-10-19

    great pleasure to play with these smile

  • sapdo 2016-10-20

    In recent years in Indonesia, natural disaster such as volcanic eruptions, landslides, forest fires and others frequently happen. I have strong desire to create something useful that can use if that disaster comes again. Something like autonmous mobile robot for first evacuation action or autonomous drone for real time situation monitoring, so we can plan strategic step to handle this situation. I strongly believe that MAX32600MBED and MAXREFDES89 could be realy useful to help me to complete our project (actualy, me and my team already start to build mobile robot platform), plus with Phantom 3 drone for real time situation monitoring would be easy to realized. Here is my facebook profile and my twitter status, I posted something about this giveaway. I Hope to become a winner for this giveaway. cheers smile

  • Niño Uy 2016-10-20

    This will be a great platform in order for me to do hardware interfacing and to learn about DC motor control. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  • LVC 2016-10-21

    During my free time, I like try and program new board in Ada. I already start to program an arm microcontroller for the Make with Ada competition. You can follow my project on this page (the competition is ended but I continue to work on it). So, If I have one of the maxim card, I will try to program it in Ada!

  • Athul Deep 2016-10-22

    PWRCryptX: A Centralized controller for Home Automation. Integrates Power Line Communication as the main communication medium to controller the Slave devices. PWRCryptX runs a controller and an Encryption/Decryption Algorithm so that all its communication with other devices are secure. Platform: IoT. PWRCryptX can be used as a data server. The stored data can be later studied for better optimized power sharing, based on data analytics. 

  • Csm 2016-10-23

    To learn about the mbed system and development.

  • Bernard Bautista 2016-10-23

    That’s a feature-packed development kit. Looking forward to building a robotic rover capable of remote/wireless control with Maxim’s mBed microcontroller. Since the motors and actuators will be electronically-driven, MAXREFDES89# will do the job. With its Arduino-compatible form factor, integration and addition of sensors and peripherals would be easy.

  • i will use it to teach students in our orphanage school here in south Eastern nigeria

  • Vidyadhar Kulkarni 2018-06-04

    I am working engineer with municipal corporation in main sewer section 1.where our Manhole’s cover get burried offen.To find out such cover is great task for us. 2. Our sewer line get’s choked up many occasions we have to determine the cause of the choke and internal position of the sewer line.