Infineon Giveaway: Win One of Three Boards, Presented by Mouser

In partnership with Mouser

Infineon Technologies 48VFLYBACKDEMBRD 48V Flyback Demoboard is a solution for an isolated power topology ideal in 48V mild-hybrid applications. This board has a functional input voltage range of 6-35V, and operates at 400kHz switching frequency in the 0-1A load range at 12V nominal output.

Design features:

  • Opto-less design (no opto-coupler)
  • Optimized for efficiency and EMC
  • Suitable for harsh powertrain applications

Infineon Technologies Power Stage of 48V BSG Inverter Reference Design (48VBSGINVERTERTOBO1) provides developer support for those interested in designing 48V inverter for Belt-driven Starter Generator (BSG) applications. 

Design features:

  • 24x IAUS240N08S5N019 TOLG MOSFETs with Al-IMS (Aluminum Insulated Metal Substrate) board
  • 12kW 500Arms (700A peak) Output
  • +105°C liquid cooling capability
  • Three phases output
  • Diameter: 140mm, Height: 35mm
  • Design for integration with Motor

Infineon DEMO_BATT_SW_V3 Smart Battery Switch Demonstrator is an electronic high current battery disconnect. The DEMO_BATT_SW_V3 Demonstrator features a low terminal to terminal resistor, minimum passive cooling via a terminal or cable, and a ready to use compact design, and combines ultra-low Ω TO-Leadless MOSFETs with an innovative Inlay PCB technology.

Design Features: 

  • Static current capability of 250A (36K∆T)
  • Supports starter peak currents up to 1800A
  • Very low ON resistor of typ. 0.112mΩ (terminal to terminal)
  • Features IPLU300N04S4-R8 in diffusioned soldered TOLL

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