Magnetic Shield University Lab Kit with MuMETAL® Plus Technical Guide Giveaway



Giveaway Details 

Enter our partnered giveaway with Magnetic Shield for the chance to win a University Lab Kit (ULK), an educational technical resource that includes sample EMI shielding alloys for hands-on testing and prototyping. The study guide is used for university lab reference and classroom coursework, continuing education or self-study and is easily accessible online during class, lab experimentation, and anywhere you study or travel.

About the Kit

The NEW University Lab Kit (ULK) features a digital “Technical Guide to MuMETAL® and Magnetic Shielding” that offers comprehensive coursework from magnetic and shielding theory to applications, testing, and more. The ULK has one of the most popular alloy metals used in high tech shielding applications today, MuMETAL®, due to its high permeability properties. The lab kit materials coupled with the guide is a valuable learning resource with practical use in your continued studies.

Find more information about the contents of the ULK at the Magnetic Shield Store. You can contact a Magnetic Shield engineer should you have technical questions.


*After you try the kit, we would like to know how the lab kit works out for you. We may contact you to get your feedback and to learn more about your experience.

​* Giveaway is for one ULK. Entries accepted for USA shipping addresses only. Only one entry will be accepted per individual for the chance to receive one ULK lab kit per individual. Winners selected for any of our ULK giveaway promotions or complimentary ULK kits offered such as posted online, by emails, or through a company representative may receive a total of one ULK lab kit per individual and will not be considered for any future ULK promotions or entries. Enter now. Good luck!


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