Renesas RX65N Target Board Giveaway for Evaluation and Prototyping


Giveaway Overview

Enter our partnered giveaway with Renesas Electronics for the chance to win a RX65N Target Board. The board provides an entry point to evaluation, prototyping and developing for the RX MCU family. This board also incorporates an emulator circuit, which you can utilize in your own applications designs. 


Board Features 

• On-board RX MCU.

• Offers basic evaluation and development of selected MCU.

• Provides full access to MCU pins by header through-hole connections.

• Includes on-chip debugging which can be used for development.

• USB connector to power and debug the MCU.


Board Benefits

• Allows easy prototyping with a breadboard.

• Reuse the same PCB for all board family variations.

• Common pin assignment concept, which allows convenient transition using the same package version.


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2 Ideas

  • gordonmx 2019-08-13

    I have no firm project for the RX62N at his time, but looking to familiarize myself with the MCU for future designs

  • lastcyrol 2019-08-13

    You should state that it is only for Canada, USA or Mexico residents only. And also stop bothering me, you know where I live.