Richardson RFPD Giveaway for a Wolfspeed Buck Boost Evaluation Kit


Wolfspeed ad evaluation kit.


Giveaway Overview

Take part in our giveaway with Richardson RFP by registering below and be entered to win a Wolfspeed CRD3DD12P Buck Boost Evaluation Kit. The kit is optimized to handle the high-speed switching capability of Wolfspeed 3rd generation (C3M) SiC MOSFETS. It also includes SMA connectors, which provide cleaner waveform than traditional probes and ground leads and monitor gate to source voltage. 


Prize Details: Wolfspeed CRD3DD12P Buck Boost Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kit Features

• Includes footprints for 3 and 4 lead TO247 packages for easy comparison 

• SMA connectors for capturing clean VGS waveforms 

• MOSFET and diode footprints included in both top and bottom positions

• No additional capacitors needed to run in boost or buck converter topologies

• Gate drive circuit allows the user to conveniently change TG, CGS, ferrite, etc

• PWM inputs feature standard BNC connectors


Evaluation Kit Supported Topologies 

• Synchronous boost converter

• Synchronous buck converter

• Non-synchronous boost converter

• Non-synchronous buck converter

• Half-bridge

• Full-bridge (requires 2 kits)


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