Enter to win a Design Your EMC Filter Design Kit from Würth Elektronik!

In partnership with Würth Elektronik

EMC issues can be a major challenge in the design process, but EMI filters can provide a solution. That’s why Würth Elektronik is partnering with All About Circuits to give away one Design Your EMC Filter kit to help address your EMC challenges. 

The Design Your EMC filter series provides a fast and cost efficient opportunity to set up different filter designs. Afterwards, EMC testing can take place without having the unpleasant task of performing a redesign every time.

You can check out more of Würth Elektronik’s catalog of EMC components here. 

What’s in the Kit?

Common Mode Chokes


SMD Power Elements


Test PCBs

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  • R
    ralphjy October 16, 2022

    Nice selection of test PCBs to try the different filter configurations and component values.

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  • H
    hakanoztrk November 01, 2022

    A perfect solution to filter noises. These kits help me to see it properly.

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  • Aussie Amps November 01, 2022

    I use Wurth Components for a lot of my designs, It would be great to have this EMC filter kit.

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