Enter to Win a Torex XC9145 Series Evaluation Board

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Enter to Win an XC9145B33CER-G (3.3V), XC9145B36CER-G (3.6V) or XC9145B50CER-G (5.0V) Evaluation Board

Torex Semiconductor offers an evaluation board for their XC9145 series, a synchronous boost converter series with a 400nA ultra-low quiescent current. This product offers best-in-class power efficiency (particularly with light load conditions, like 10uA loads or less) and is suitable for battery-powered designs like medical wearables and connected sensors.  Sign up below for your chance to win one of 200 evaluation boards with an output voltage of 3.3V, 3.6V, or 5.0V for Torex Semiconductors' XC9145.

Please visit torexsemi.com for more information after filling out the form below.

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