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The GoodLock development platform allows designers to quickly develop and test hardware security solutions for their embedded designs. The GoodLock is based on Microchip’s SAML11 ARM Cortex-M23 microcontroller and includes the ATECC608A-TFLXTLS TrustFLEX CryptoAuthentication devices to configure and implement secure authentication. GoodLock is also equipped with robust analog hardware, an on-board debugger/programmer, and other advanced features made possible by Microchip’s extensive product portfolio. 

The companion “Trust Shield” PCB uses a Microchip SAMD21 MCU and comes pre-programmed with Microchip`s Secure Products Group (SPG) kit protocol to facilitate communication with the TrustFLEX CryptoAuthentication devices. The Trust Shield can be used with the Goodlock platform or in a standalone application.

Board Features

  • Complete development platform based on Microchip’s SAML11 ARM Cortex-M23, Industry’s Lowest Power 32-bit MCUs, with Chip-Level Security and Arm® TrustZone® Technology
  • The TrustZone technology is a System-on-Chip (SoC) and MCU system-wide approach to security that enables Secure and Non-Secure application code to run on a single MCU
  • Onboard programmer/debugger
  • MikroElektronika expansion header (Click Boards for numerous applications)
  • OLED Display
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 2 Keys with Secure Element ATECC608A with the following capabilities: ◦Cryptographic Co-Processor with Secure Hardware-Based Key Storage
  • Hardware Support for Asymmetric Sign, Verify, Key Agreement
  • Hardware Support for Symmetric Algorithms
  • Padlock out of the box demo ◦Hacker Demo (download available)
  • Secure Bootloader (download available)
  • Authentication Demo (loaded on board)

View the GoodLock webinar, available On-demand, for more information. 

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    gianV April 17, 2020

    look forward to experiment with your lock during lockdown

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    NunoF April 17, 2020

    Very interesting!

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    pantalone April 17, 2020

    Site won’t allow me to enter the giveaway. It says that I haven’t completed my AAC profile, when I clearly have done so.

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