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AAC, Digi-Key and Maxim Integrated, are partnering to give away 50 MAX32630FTHR boards in our first ever design contest. All entrants have until April 14, 2017 to submit a design idea to be selected to receive 1 of 50 free boards. These 50 will then have until June 13, 2017 to submit a project documenting all aspects of the design. Judges from AAC, Digi-Key, and Maxim will pick the 3 ultimate winners of the design contest to be announced June 27, 2017.

Take a look at the information below, get your creative juices flowing, and don't forget to enter the contest.

About the Board

The MAX32630FTHR board is a rapid development platform designed to help engineers quickly implement battery optimized solutions with the MAX32630 ARM® Cortex®-M4F microcontroller. With 2MB flash and 512KB low leakage SRAM, the MAX32630 has plenty of memory and horsepower to enable highly intelligent sensor and actuator nodes. The board also includes the MAX14690 wearable PMIC to provide optimal power conversion and battery management.

The form factor is a small 0.9in by 2.0in dual row header footprint compatible with breadboards and off-the-shelf peripheral expansion boards. On-board peripherals include a dual-mode Bluetooth® module, micro SD card connector, 6-axis accelerometer/-gyro, RGB indicator LED, and pushbutton. This power-optimized flexible platform provides quick proof-of-concepts and early software development to accelerate time to market. Download the code for the MAX32630FTHR on ARMmbed here.

More information on this board is included in the data sheet

To Enter You Must:

  1. Login or Register with AAC to agree to the terms & conditions.
  2. Submit Your Project Idea. In 150-200 words, describe how you would use the MAX32630FTHR Board, and enter it into the comment box below. The 50 best ideas will each receive a MAX32630FTHR Board, free of cost, to make their project idea a reality!
  3. Design and Build Your Project. Using your MAX32630FTHR Board, develop your project, making sure you adhere to the project requirements. You must use the Scheme-It online schematic and diagramming tool.
  4. Submit Your Completed Project. After you have completed your project, post a short video to YouTube, demonstrating your project in action and explaining how it uses the MAX32630FTHR Board. Submit your video link and your project files through your AAC Blog. Make sure to add the tag ##MakeWithMaxim to your post. Winners will be selected to win 1 of 3 Grand Prizes.
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127 Ideas

  • Greg Lemons 2017-02-07

    I would like to create a bicycle course/ride tracker with a companion web portal. The on-board gyro/accel would measure the quality of the ride while a gps tracker would chart/plot the path taken to the on-board sd card for upload to the community portal. (if they want to share)

  • sparkystud 2017-02-07

    indoor air quality monitoring and alerting

  • Christian Barran 2017-02-07

    In my second year at university we made a Health and monitoring system using a PIC18F46k80, to measure heart rate variability, pulse pressure, pulse rate and body temperature all using an infrared LED and receiver. This was also connected to other peripherals including a serial Flash ram, display, keypad to store results for future recording. Processing the data was slow and had a lot of measuring error as compared to other commercially available devices. Also due to the speed, a RTOS had to implemented which also came with issues. See  I would like to remake the project and connect it to my android phone for live monitoring and storage. Also as much processing to be done on the MAxim. Basically wearable health monitoring system. But also in the future to link it with other nodes to make a body area network. Probably monitor glucose etc.

  • Aunullah 2017-02-07

    A single copter that takes in voice commands and can be used for domestic purposes or as home assistance.

  • Chan Hao Jie 2017-02-07

    The board would be used to create a water quality monitoring system. The system will measure the water quality at a fixed interval, and then the GPS coordinate at that location, and then send the data to a server. User will be able to view the data through a webpage.

  • varoun11 2017-02-07

    I would like to create a smart interconnected laser tag system such that users can connect to other users dynamically. One user would setup and host while the other users connect to the host. Custom games can be created with a general framework for a game. This board will work great since it is 3.3v and would have easy compatibility with xbee for networking. Also the Bluetooth will allow for on the fly changing of settings by connecting to a smartphone. The 32bit micro processor would be good enough to run a small operating system to manage this system.

    Thank you.

  • mariusdima 2017-02-08

    I would like to use your board to create an automatic system that will control the steering based on some variables such as speed and other coordinates.

  • boppana113 2017-02-08

    I am a senior biomedical engineering student at Purdue University and I am very invested in wearable medical devices. For my senior design project, we created a modified knee compression sleeve that uses a PCB with an ATMega328p microcontroller to interface with two motion tracking accelerometers to monitor the knee biomechanics in all three dimensions that was sent wirelessly through a redbear BLE mini module to our custom mobile application. Ultimately, it was designed to aid rehabilitation patients by providing a convenient method of monitoring their therapy with time. The MAX32630FTHR board looks like a nice alternative to the 8-bit ATmega328p system and red bear Bluetooth module and has an imbedded accelerometer and Bluetooth system inside of it which not only miniaturize our current system, but also make it more versatile and convenient for our medical partners.

    • boppana113 2017-02-28

      Update on the project. My team has been invited to enter the Design of Medical Devices conference in Minnesota this April and we will have the opportunity to present our project!

  • Mong0Lloyd 2017-02-08

    Grey-water system that senses water quality of home sink/shower/dishwasher drainage to transfer cleaner water to a watering system and water below a certain threshold into the sewage line.  With modern processor speeds, continuous sensing(turbidity, EC, Ph, TDS, et al) and low power fast control valves, even very small amounts of purer water can be diverted away from the sewage.  For example:  The computer would sense the dirty soapy water from the dish or laundry wash cycle and direct it to the sewer.  It would sense the change of water properties and divert the rinse cycle to water the lawn or landscaping.  The faster the system can react, the smaller the slug of usable drainage can be diverted.  The real experiment would be about making a determination of what added efficiency would be gained as the system is enabled to control shorter and shorter slugs of usable water.  The purity of the rainwater that shares the same reservoir could be fed back for determining the purity threshold.  It could be very extensible.

  • Because of the excellent mobile phone camera , I think it can create the selfie device or the mini studio device that can control the mobile phone or camera to stable the device. So that such your camera phone can make the best mini video by use bluetooth to signal to the phone

  • Jagrut Dave 2017-02-09

    I want to make a RFID based Electric Vehicle unlocking and starting system. In this system MAX32630 ARM® Cortex®-M4F microcontroller. Will be the Master controller and It will be on the whole time. If someone want to harm the vehicle or unlock it without specific RFID then controller will generate an alarm. Controller will constantly operate on EV battery and it will remain on the whole time.
    In future scope I would like to connect this hardware to the WiFi or GSM network to stream the real-time data to the cloud.

  • wcostrino 2017-02-09

    I work in a software company that is developing the IoT sell line and one of our customers are planning to monitor all their machines, around 250, countrywide, using IoT, but we are looking for a good board for interface with internet, software protocols and sending a lot of messages.

  • Tuppe 2017-02-09

    My idea is to use MAX32630FTHR to track skateboard movements and record tricks. The gyroscope will measure the angles and forces and MAX32630 will do the processing to capture tricks and data. Bluetooth module will be used to get the data using smartphone and SD card can store the data when not connected.
    The device will be obviously battery powered, so MAX14690 provides charging circuitry. RGB-led can be used to signal battery state. This awesome board is perfect for this project!

  • ajoyraman 2017-02-09

    High reliability of Aerospace equipment is achieved by design, manufacturing processes and environmental-stress-screening. Transportation and handling monitoring of these equipment in special containers requires sensing and recording of vibration, shock and other environmental variables with complete time histories. The data covering the entire shipping period is evaluated before certification for fitment and use. The MAX32630FTHR board with its micro SD card, 6-axis accelerometer/-gyro and low power mode is ideally suited for this application. The module would be battery operated and communicate to mobile phones/ PC through Bluetooth. Additional sensors for temperature, pressure, humidity and a GPS sensor would make this task complete. As a retired Aerospace engineer and electronics hobbyist I wish to submit this design idea which would exercise all the hardware modules and features of the board.

  • king88ronie 2017-02-09

    I would like to make a wrist or shoulder strapped health monitor with heartbeat/pulse sensor that will count beats per minute, Blood pressure sensor and Temperature sensor to monitor body temperature for Old people and Pregnant women. The monitor system will also include a GPS and GSM/GPRS module. If there is any deviation of health standards from normal like High BP, Increased heart rate, sudden rise in body temperature etc. Then Instrument will gather the alert data and GPS coordinates and send SMS of health data and GPS coordinates to the family doctor and nearest of kin immediately so that the patient may be attended as soon as possible.

    • TrilliumIoT 2017-02-25

      Interesting.  I had the same idea with a few different purposes for the data.

  • I want to create a car vibration monitor that will use your product to measure the car vibration using 3-axis accelerometer. By using your product I can generate or produce vibration data analysis on site and will send the data to a server for plotting and further data analysis.

    I already have basic implementation using Arduino but having problems with data harvesting due to limited capacity of the arduino microcontroller

  • cybermah 2017-02-10

    I would like to create a sensor that will measure the what happens to an object when an impact occurs to it.  The MAX32630FTHR Board looks like it would be ideal because of the built in accelerometer/gyro to measure the impact force and rotation, sd card to log data, push button to cycle through different modes and led for visual indication of mode. The power optimisation is a plus for battery operation. And best of all its all on board so no extra hardware is required.  Which is ideal because it leaves all the extra I/O for future expansion.  I could see that the on board Bluetooth would be useful for multiple of these sensors to communicate and sync up together or to allow a mobile device to read the data.

    Thank you.

  • barryjh 2017-02-10

    I’ve been working on a NOT (Network Of Things) framework that I call the Avatar Framework that allows scalable control systems to be built upon it. One of the parts of the Framework is a networked Remote Avatar Module. As long as a device conforms to the Avatar Protocol it can be discovered as a sensor and can distribute its data into the Avatar Framework, or it can become an actuator and receive Avatar commands from an Avatar Control application. I would use the MAX32630FTHR Board to implement an Avatar Sensor which distributes raw voltage, frequency or digital state information, along with its ID and other status so the data is autonomous and can be decoded by consuming Avatar applications. I’ll use my base Avatar Demo application written in Java running on a PC, Tablet or Mobile phone to discover and display the data coming from the Avatar Sensor that I’ll interface to one of my expansion Temperature, Humidity, Light and Motion boards.

  • Larry Dumonchelle 2017-02-10

    I would like to build a poket size unit that will work with a controller that I built to monitor contamination in a space environment chamber
    The operation person will be able to keep track of contamination wherever he or she my be also
    Maybe other data like temp , vacuum

  • pcgayan 2017-02-10

    Will use to create a drone/ quard copter which can be controlled via RC and bluetooth. 4 motors controlled via the board using PID logic. The quadcopter orientation : Pitch, Roll, and Yaw these angles determine by the remote command. Would like to create this with additional sonar sensors to avoid collisions. This drone would be a self leveling, self object avoiding one.

  • Winston786 2017-02-10

    I will use this board with 2 motion detector sensor across a bike both on left and right side this bike will b for physically disabled people who don’t have legs to balance the bike . The sensor will detect which side the bike is going and according to that there will b a self centre of gravity device made up of motor connected to this board will adjust itself that I won’t allow to fall the bike
    Also a extra moter will be behind of vehicle rotating and displaying logo of handicap people so that they can understand . This display will be consisting of many LEDs on a single rod
    And a program to make led on and off and wen all things will rotate it will b full visible image for understanding of person behind vehicle

  • skorav 2017-02-10

    With the board I would like to build the tiny connected to the Web device, that will operate as a reminder and a messenger. It will work in a pair with an Internet portal, which will allow people to add different kinds of schedules/one-time events and messages. The device will have an eInk display, some notification LEDs and touch sensors. The display will show the message, which is currently in effect and a QR code with the link to the webpage. The leds will blink/change color according to the event type and the touch sensors will allow to mark an event as read/snooze it/etc. Also the schedules/messages will have an ability to be shared with another people and then the events/messages will be displayed on their devices too.

  • techdcs 2017-02-11

    Parent Monitoring system at home to know about my parents well being when i am away from home at work or elsewhere

  • vali andrei 2017-02-11

    For my diploma project I am seeking in building a drone from scratch. Currently I am testing with Arduino Uno but my final design will be with something more powerfull and efficient as I want to implement some algorithms that require more computing power. Also power is an important aspect to take into consideration for my design so an efficient power source must be chosen. MAX32630FTR Board seems an optimal chioce as a flight controller. The drone will feature a raspberry pi 3 with camera for collision avoidance algorithms and aerial photography.

  • febriwidhawanto 2017-02-11

    Universal Smart Devices
    A comprehensive device that records all sensors data to sdcard. Then when the job of device finished, we can send back from built-in sdcard to my android app via bluetooth by socket object. Or with android device that support otg, we can send it via serial comm. All data displayed with OpenGL SurfaceView or just traditional View Object.
    Of course, we use a lipo battery for the best durability and the cashing body of device we can design it with 123d Design from AutoDesk then print it.
    I need a device that more powerfull than my Arduino Nano + ESP12E to make my device slimmer. The sensors are Voltage sensor, Dallas Sensor, MFRC522 or anything possible. The actuator is just led. The main job of this device just, read sensors - save to sdcard - upload to android app via bt or otg - displaying record data on android device via app that have nice display.
    Im sorry my bad in english, i am an Indonesian.

  • almanar 2017-02-11

    My idea is to design a wearable device for elder people , which can be used to detect if they fail down, or if they are not in there usual daily activity, detection will be done through 6D accelerometer and will be sent to mobile phone through bluetooth .which by turn can sent alerts by SMS or other means of communication

  • rdpzycho 2017-02-11

    With a powerful processor using this board on making steady physical platforms with the use of the built-in accelerometer would be a lot easier than designing or putting together individual parts. The idea is to create a basic platform that can be scalable from small to large payloads. The application can range from using the steady platform for people who suffer from tremors like designing utensils that will be stabilized by the board. The board size and its PMIC will also be ideal for the smaller size payloads. Larger payloads may include use for serving trays, cameras and video recorders, or even warehouse robots that may be going up and down ramps.

  • Suraj09 2017-02-11

    Interconnected Intelligent Sensor Network Nodes to detect and provide real-time field data, performance report for critical application in Metal Industries. Thus, avoiding any hazard and enhancing the overall security and safety of people operating within close proximity of any critical application. Stand alone sensor node system powered by solar energy to facilitate long term performance and energy independence and operability without any need for any external power source. The data would be transmitted wirelessly within the network using MAC filtering to avail accessibility to registered devices.

  • maxmavin 2017-02-11

    I would like to design a motion controller device using the board which will track the movement of finger ( where the board will be mounted) or hand in 3d space and perform various control for a robot, or work as a 3D mouse, or recreate movement of hand to a body which will be servo motor controlled. There are many applications on this 3D space movement. It can also connect to smartphone/PDA/PC using bluetooth and act as a 3D mouse. The on board microSD card will record the pitch, roll and yaw value if any application requires it. It will be aided by on board 6 axis gyro. The 3D mouse will have a large use in engineering design field like for solidworks, Ansys, Autodesk Inventor etc. As the board can connect to internet via external WIFI UART module, so real time movement can also be monitored via internet. So the user have the flexibility to monitor the data real time or to read the recorded data from on board micro SD card.

  • cwinton 2017-02-11

    Automated Display Control

  • osposto 2017-02-11

    It will be interesting to develop a complete indoor/outdoor climatic variables check system, using wifi or LoRa connected sensors, that can modify indoor conditions, connecting to HVAC equipments, light controllers, some curtains or sunblinds, heating equipment like boilers or gas burners, with a report generation about the status of the system, The system will control dangerous variables, as gas leaks, shortciruits, by shutting down each provision (by zone or full house), while emitting an alarm to the owner, landlord, or security company, by mail, cell phone, and outside sonic alarms. Of course this will include the use of batteries and chargers.

  • Ed.flynn 2017-02-11

    Development of low power consumption sensor acquisition and data collection nodes for remote monitoring. A system that would not be electrically contented to existing monitoring systems, but would provide independent performance monitoring.

  • Realbill 2017-02-11

    I would like to create a gas / deadly oxide sensor. It could be powered by either USB and or a small button battery). While there are numerous sensors already on the market and in design. The sensor I want to create will allow a shutoff switch at the end, it will connect directly at the ax plug then to the wall. So that in the situation there is deadly gas and or oxides sensed in the vacinity it will cut off the power immediately. This would be great for electric welders, chop saws, anything electric (but mainly with high electric voltages and fusions in mind). The sensor would at the end of a flexible high heat rated cable and will have the ability to connect to the desired sensored area. With a little more programming it would be possible to tie this into Bluetooth monitoring and possibly smartphone and or full automation capabilities. My idea is for the home, hobbies, welders. While ideas of this such are in large factories and manufacturing environments. This small scale would be portable and meant for the person that is mobile or deals with oxides, gases ( wrlders, electrical plasma, ...) possibilities are endless.

  • steveth 2017-02-11

    As a Software developer and Airline Transport Pilot, I have been working on an in-home training program trying to fit this package to the Samsung VR glasses which has become very difficult due to the processor speed and video updating. This product would help in refresh rate and video clarity. This software will be used for those that want to learn the flying techniques for VFR and IFR once completed. This package can be sold to FBO’s and private individuals to help in learning and keeping current as specified by the FAA.

  • Mohit Agarwal 1 2017-02-11

    Making a complete home automation with all the power management system which will be controlled over bluetooth and even can be able to provide a prem supply to the LEDs or fan which not only reduce the energy consumption but also make the home smart and autonomous controlled over bluetooth as well as wifi.As the controller is best suited for power conversion optimal results output can be hain from the controller with minimum number of extra power component

  • Anupam Datta 2017-02-11

    I would like to use it to create a sports coaching wearable. In different sports it is important to correct stances and ways of playing for a new player who is learning. So according to the sports new firmware will be loaded using OTA and this board will be attached to different parts of body. It will record and process data to send to cloud. The movement analysis will tell how accurate the movements was and it will suggest how it should be. So that way it can help learners to do better results in this process.

  • davegsc 2017-02-11

    I built a garden protection system based on an Arduino Mega, with Arduino Mini Pro’s and Nano’s in remote locations. The plan was to scan the garden continuously for deer, and set off lights, noisemakers, and zip-line scare tactics. It grew from the original design to also monitor four freezers and two gates and take appropriate responses, plus I now want to add 5-frame-per second motion capture and data logging.

    After Phase 1 went live, it became obvious that the Arduino was became a bottleneck, so I’ve been looking for a bigger, better, faster solution. The MAX32630FTHR seems like the answer, so here I am <GRIN!>

    I hope to win the contest - I’m setting my sights on 1st Prize, but would be happy with 2nd and 3rd prize - valuable stuff there - but I see there are some fine ideas from talented people in here. I’ll definitely have to bring my best game!

    Either way, thanks for this opportunity. Thank you all Things Circuit, Digi-Key and Maxim Integrated
    Dave Davies

  • Di987 2017-02-11

    I would use a UV sensor and the on-board accelerate and convert the dev-board into a BLE enabled IOT device which gives alert to your smartphone if you’re sitting too much in the sun. The project will consist of a Android app that parses the accelerometer and UV data and cross-references that with the GPS location of the phone. The UV and other sensor data will be also saved on the SD card. basically a do-it-yourself FITBIT. MAX14690 looks like a cool chip.

  • andy wong 2017-02-11

    I would use MAX32630FTHR Board in controlling the motion platform (for flight simulator) that I am working on. I would take advantage of the on board PMIC to control and the charging of the high capacity lithium ion batteries that drives the motors of the motion platform. The MAX32630FTHR on board 6-axis gyro would be a good candidate for the motion and position feedback in the design. The UART would make the communicate between the PC and the MAX32630FTHR a breeze. I am confident that the ARM processor has ample computing power to support the flight simulator instrument panels. The on board ADCs and digital IOs would make the human interface; control knobs very easy to implement. I can’ wait to get my hand on it.

  • clovisf 2017-02-11

    In oder to use all power from the ARM Cortex-M4 within the MAX32630FTHR, I would like to implement a modern pedometer and hiking data logger. As a road runner, hiker and engineering student myself I would love to road run and log data, so that I can analyze and take actions based on my current runnig skills and pace. My plan is to use the on-board 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope to gather data from the steps I take and save it to an external SD card module; when I get home I could make a bluetooth connection (using MAX32630FTHR onboard bluetooth capabylities) to my cellphone or PC and upload my data to (e.g) a cloud server to after-the-fact analisys. In my opinion that would allow an excellet use case for this new Maxim chip.

  • arizonainnovations 2017-02-11

    I find myself wanting to try a design, It’s been waiting for just the right board. This design involves understanding the universal language between humans and animals.  There once was a universal language around the globe. This could be the opportunity to explore that concept.  This would be a great challenge but a doable one nonetheless. This design would have to utilize the MAX14690 wearable PMIC to provide optimal power conversion and battery management for portability. This design could utilize the MAX32630 ARM® Cortex®-M4F micro-controller. The fact that it has 0.9in by 2.0in dual row header footprint makes it look tempting to my design due to the additional memory and other additives the would be necessary to make this design a reality. The on-board dual-mode Bluetooth® module would be great for communication from animal head set to device to computer application recording the data as backup, micro SD card connector for the animal side would be good for storing the 6-axis accelerometer/ gyro information for response as well comparing data with said computer application as any verbal response to and or from the animal would be matched and also recorded RGB indicator LED, and push-button definitely would help this process.

  • AVD 2017-02-11

    I was in search for a controller board for my project: 3D map generation using an autonomous flying robot (quad-copter) and MAX32630FTHR is the best fit for the project. In this project, I am using a quad-copter which will navigate itself in a building or open space within given co-ordinates to create its 3D view/map. With MAX32630FTHR I only need two external peripherals (camera module and ultrasonic distance sensor) because all the other required peripherals (accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth module, Micro SD Card Connector, Battery Connector and charger, Micro USB Connector) are built-in in this board.  Also, its ARM Cortex-M4F processor will help in real-time image processing for autonomous navigation and localization for image capturing and position fixing.

  • glen19 2017-02-12

    Intelligent sensor board for white good and other household appliances that allows to operate that devices at times when electricity supply is plentyfull and electrical energy thus cheap and operate with reduced power when electrical energy is scare. The UI is realized by an Android/iOS App that allows various levels of user entries. Simple for the conventional end user; more sophisticated and interfacing with home automation for the nerd.

  • UV100 2017-02-12

    Main Power / Battery operated Aquarium Controller
    The Aquarium Controller will measure water PH , ORP , Air flow, Temperature ,water level and send all data to smartphone application via BLE for real time monitoring and sound an alarm when one or more parameter fail ,on power fail the controller switch to work on battery and start a battery operated air pump to keep fish alive ,send alert messages to smartphone and sound an alarm
    The unit may also connect to the cloud via Wifi AP and the internet so the aquarium parameter can monitored from long distance

  • I would like to explore the posibilitie to make this part of a home automation system. Were I would like to control my heat pumps and electric heaters, also using DS18B20 to check temp and maybe a relay for the garage door.

  • Harish Paul 2017-02-12

    Towards keen interest in teaching Robotics to Kids.I would like to develop a low cost Robotic Kit “MAXBOT” using MAX32630FTHR board as an alternate to costlier Kits like LEGO Mind storm NXT & EV3.
    “MAXBOT” will feature interfaces to DC motor,  Servo , Stepper , light sensors, Ultrasonic sensor , Bluetooth connectivity and additional ports that can be used to interface servo’s/Digital/Analog sensors as per user requirement.
    Integrated Peripherals of MAX32630FTHR board like Dual-Mode Bluetooth Module will be used to provide wireless connectivity to “MAXBOT”.
    6-Axis Accelerometer/Gyro available as part of the MAX32630FTHR board will be leveraged to develop self balancing bots.
    For programming Environment ,a user friendly library will be developed,which makes exploring
    ‘MAXBOT” fun and easier,without digging deep into the hardware and software involved behind.
    Possible Robots than can be developed “MAXBOT” are Light searching Robot ,Line following Robot,Obstacle avoiding Robot ,Maze Solving Robot,Self balancing Robot and much more to the list as per user creativity.

  • elp09bm 2017-02-12

    We had a massive flood here in Kashmir. I want to develop a system for early warning

  • danilborchevkin 2017-02-12

    One of my friends suffers from asthma. He doesn’t sleep well if the air is no moist enough. Not so long ago he bought a humidifier but it doesn’t fully solve his problem - humidifier doesn’t have any automatic feature - humidity level maintenance, work without interraction with it, work duting needed time (during night).

    So I think I can help him by reworking of the humidifier and add into it MAX32630FTHR board for automating some features and creating BLE interface which enables configuring and control humidifier by a smartphone.

    For done it I planning:
    1. Embed MAX32630FTHR into humidifier
    2. Adding automatic features according to problem interview of my friend
    3. Create simple Andriod App for change settings and contol of work the humidifier

  • mrstew 2017-02-12

    I’ve worked on a couple of interactive toys - matching PIR sensors, microphones and touch sensors up with an audio player to make a storytelling owl. The MAX32630FTHR would let me add bluetooth support for a richer control system and the extra memory would allow for more customization of the stories.

  • mayankbhatia 2017-02-12

    I want to make a cooking timer that tells exactly how to make something and then uses a attached screen to give on the fly directions and set automatic timers.

  • The forests in Indonesia were often exposed by fire and it has made a lot of damages to human, wildlife and also our economic and surrounding country, so our government announced a project to free our forest from wildfires. As a good citizen who has the ability to make electronic devices, I am going to contribute by making a device to observe the environment and climate using sensors and transmit the result wireless to our device and upload the results to our website and make predictions upon the risk. I am going to use sensors such as, wind speed, wind directions, sun radiation level, temperature and humidity for air and soil, and specially for soil for peatlands (gambut) forest, we will use metal tube rods and sink a temperature sensor inside the metal tube to determine the humidity and temperature at various levels underground (50cm, 1m, 2m, 3m).
    And lastly i will try to add thermal camera if possible.

  • deimosmuc 2017-02-13

    I would like to build an IOT device to detect if my washing machine has finished laundry or not (it stands in the basement of a multi-family house, not in my flat wink).
    This application would use the accelerometer/gyro as sensor. the PMIC to supply the device by battery and bluetooth as connection to mobile devices.

  • Mani Thundiyil 2017-02-13

    Smart Fitness stationary bike for exercise and power generation:

    My idea is to convert a standard physical exercise bike in to a smart fitness equipment that can monitor biomedical parameters of the exercising person like, heart rate, Blood Pressure, energy burned etc, and at the same time, the energy that is wasted as heat in the friction wheel of the conventional exercise bike will be converted to electricity that can power a TV or connected to the utility grid.
    A BLDC HUB motor replaces the friction wheel that when rotates produces electricity. The electrical energy output is used to charge a battery and that is in turn used to power a grid tie inverter.  Adjustment of pedalling resistance (load) can be automatically set as per requirement.
    Grid tie inverter will be designed using the resources available in the development board MAX32630FTHR. All sensors (ECG, Pulse oximeter, Body temperature sensor, Power and energy etc are monitored and data processing and logging will be done using the same development board. System monitoring and setting up are done using a smart phone interfaced to the development board using a BLE (Blue Tooth Low Energy) transceiver.

  • Supriyo123 2017-02-14

    A Portable Monitoring Solution

    I am thinking of a portable monitoring solution. Inside house, one can use it as a security system where it pairs up with spare phone (to keep cost low, I believe many users would like to make use of their old electronics). Spare phone provides peripheral for video and sound recording. All the signal processing happens inside ARM® Cortex®-M4F of MAX32630FTHR and the user is alerted of presence via Bluetooth® module. In absence of the user, data is stored in the Micro SD card for future reference.

    When one travels, it can be attached to the luggage and is paired with the user’s smartphone. It continuously shares accelerator and gyroscope data with the smartphone’s accelerator and gyroscope to understand when one is leaving the luggage behind or someone is trying to steal it away. In the dark places, LED indicator would make the luggage visible to user or this can also be used to indicate other system conditions. System would be running on low power as most of the processor functionality will be switched off by using MAX14690’s programmable power control feature and signal processing work would be left to the application installed in user’s smartphone.

  • Kur@ 2017-02-15

    I want to create bicycle mini computer, which will allow users to see information about passed way, calories wasted, wireless charging phone, playing music (via Bluetooth), broadcast Bluetooth info (like Tile®) for it could be found if stolen, ext… It have to be built on very battery friendly controller, that’s why I want to use MAX32630FTHR Board as the mainboard.

  • Whatresistor 2017-02-15

    Wearables have always fascinated me. I would like to try my hand at making one. A smart glass or a smart helmet that can display data, equipped with numerous functions such as emergency calling, gps etc.

  • GJL 2017-02-15

    I would develop a portable/wearable Surface Electromyogram (sEMG):

    It could be use to monitor patients remotely, or to measure the impact of exercise on athletes to prevent injuries or modify the training regime.

    The characteristics of the development board make it ideal to implement wearable medical prototypes. I’d design an analog front end (AFE) for the EMG signal, and use the built-in 10 bit ADC. The Cortex M4 DSP capabilities makes it a great choice to process the digital signal and the MAX14690 can be used to manage and charge a battery via USB. I’d also store the data in the SD card, or transmit it via Bluetooth to a phone or a computer for analysis.

    After testing this idea it could be expanded in different ways, be it with an ECG AFE to give a more thorough analysis of an athlete’s conditiong or to control a prosthesis with the EMG signals.

  • giasone 2017-02-15

    The idea is a well designed tool stand on your desk, and with one finger you can choose Who, What, Where and Send your “message” in a couple of seconds. You have 3 selector, one for each W, and the button to execute the action. You can configure it troughth a mobile app or a web interface to assign symbols to contacts, actions and comunication channel and you are ready to comunicate

  • mayank rob 2017-02-20

    I would like to make a home automation and theft prevention circuit. I plan to implement in network form in a society, where every board will be connected to every other board wirelessly, So in case of theft detection the neighborhood and security can be alarmed.

  • mbsimon 2017-02-21

    I plan to build a health monitoring for elderly. The main task is activity monitor for the patient and if the patient faints, it will call the emergency service. This can be achieved using the onboard 6-Axis Accelerometer/Gyro to detect activity and Bluetooth to connect the smart watch. If the main task achieved, the system can be improved adding other sensors for measuring the body temperature, heart beat. The data can be either transferred via Bluetooth or stored in an SD card depends on the patient’s situation. This data can be analysed by a medical practitioner to find a sign of any illnesses.

  • jebrad042 2017-02-21

      My project idea is to use the MAX32630FTHR board with the mbed online compiler to create an open source VR data glove with tactile feedback.  The on-board accelerometer/gyros can be combined with a magnetometer (ext kalman filter/gradient descent algorithm) for state estimation and orientation.  SMD power FETs can be used to drive micro pancake pager motors at various pulsed frequencies for simulated object tactile feedback.  Conductive ink based flex sensors can be used in simple voltage divider circuits with the on-board ADC for sensing finger positions.  The glove will be powered by an on board single cell LiPo battery and the glove data will be transmitted via the on-board bluetooth module.  The overall cost of the glove in parts should be less then $200.  My greatest challenge will be to incorporate the glove data to a software generated hand in a virtual environment as a reusable code module/library.  The external circuitry is minimal due to the highly integrated nature of the on-baord peripherals of the MAX3260 board.

  • smanzer 2017-02-21

    I would use the MAX32630FTHR board to control the timing of an arc welder.  The board would monitor limit switches to see when the welding tips were in contact with the metal, then using a user selected timing, it would wait till the zero crossing point and then turn on an SSR to energize the weld.  Once the pre-selected time expired, the board would denergize the SSR.  The gyro accelerometer could be used to confirm the welder has not tipped over.

  • ratkobera 2017-02-21

    Controller for air compressor and Dew point sensor to control work of machine and send warnings over web and make chart about energy usage and probably preventive service

  • Joshua Belcher 2017-02-21

    I would attach one or multiple boards to the body in various locations (e.g. arm, leg, chest). Using bluetooth connected to a smartphone or similar device, I would use the onboard IMU to capture position and rotation data, as well as acceleration during specific exercises and compare the capture data over time for repeatability, improvement, or other metrics. This could be used for running metrics as well as weight training or other fitness activities.
    This could be implemented by a personal trainer to help someone improve technique, or a fitness instructor to compare the movements of the class.  Specific movements could be “trained” and improvements could be programmed in for immediate feedback.
    I would gather the data and make it available in a web app or smartphone app.

    Additional pins could be used to attach peripherals such as heart rate monitor, microphone, buzzer and/or vibrator.

  • ferhat yılmaz 2017-02-22

    I will demonstrate the vehicle crash detection and reporting system using MAX32630FTHR and several sensors. I will use an accelerometer and a piezo electric crystal to detect the crash.After the detection , the system will send a message to an android smart mobile phone which is connected the bluetooth module.Then, mobile phone connects to an online service via an android app and after a crash is detected it launches a 45-second countdown on the phone which, if not canceled, then notifies your emergency contact with predefined informations and the location at which the crash was occurred.

  • Mike Richi 2017-02-22

    I want to create concept of IoT Robot with artificial intelligence which can be controlled by any man all over the world through the internet.

  • Sjoerdb 2017-02-22

    I would like to build a solar system that rotates the solar panel towards the sun based on it’s gps position and combine it with gathering weather informartion and send it to a website using LiraWAN technology

  • elmood 2017-02-22

    Hand-held Music Sequencer and Synthesizer with Inertial Control

    With the small size and the power of an ARM Cortex M4, this module is just begging for some DSP work to do! I’d like to make a really tiny hand-held music synthesizer with a built-in sequencer. The gyro could be used to sense shaking / tilting to add expression to the sound, and a combination of GPIO and ADC inputs could be used for a small but fun user interface with a few pots and switches. The Bluetooth module could be used to sync up the tempo with other units, or to stream audio to/from a phone or other device.

    The built-in battery management solution would make it a true mobile device. Just charge it up with a USB power supply and the grab it and go! Either headphones or a built-in speaker connected to the PWM pins or a simple SPI DAC would be enough to make good sound. With the built-in UARTs it could even send MIDI to other instruments making it a fun pocket music machine!

  • Adrienf 2017-02-22

    This is perfect for an augmented reality : 
    - a driver glove with the card fixed on it
    - a computer with track mania
    - a Google board
    A great immersive experiment of the driving.
    The game on the computer send the video to the smartphone in the Google board and the glove replace any other controller. It is quite simple to make an app formatting the video flow for the Google board. All the question is will the glove be a nice way to play

  • Семен Савр 2017-02-22

    The Near-Infrared Spectrally Scanning Breast Tumors Scanner «Scan-S»Development of a new advanced screening methods and instruments for early breast cancer
    detection, which should be:
    • Corresponds to the FDA regulations
    • Safe
    • Affordable
    • Available even on-site
    • Handheld
    • Able to detect breast abnormalities non-invasive

  • avitron 2017-02-22

    Developing countries, like the one I live in, face acute shortage of water, electricity and other resources which are crucial for agriculture. The unavailability of cheap technology to monitor infestation and other health parameters further worsen the problem.  Hydroponics – the science of growing plants without soil, in a carefully monitored environment - aims at solving these problems. I intend to use the MAX32630FTHR to create a comprehensive solution towards building an inexpensive, Hydroponics-based Smart Farm.  Energy Monitoring (Wind and Solar), pH and Water Purity Management, Growth Reports (with the help of an attached camera ), Artificial Light Control, Dissolved Oxygen Level checking – can all be built around the MAX32630 platform and implemented as two units - the Data Collection Unit (DCU) and the Plant Unit (PU). The gyro/accelerometer adds the capability of error checking and calibrating the camera movement along the rails (DCU) as well as facilitates monitoring of accidental disturbances in plant trays as well as sudden changes in nutrient solution levels.  The memory card is perfect for storing environment data through the day in the PU and serves as an aggregating buffer in the DCU, allowing the data to be readily available for uploading to the Cloud.

  • abecerra 2017-02-22

    Create an enviroment for production of fruits and vegetables that are not from that geographic zones. Like mini green house with all the environment controlled.

  • TezlaCoil 2017-02-22

    I would make a portable alarm clock with a “Chord EGG” alarm, “challenges” for stopping the alarm, battery with long-life (due to the MAX32630’s low power consumption), and ability to set the alarm via Bluetooth (e.g. MQTT). Other “kitchen-sink” features might be added over time, to fill out the capabilities of the device.


  • djdesigns 2017-02-22

    I would like to use the MAX32630FTHR board as the controller in a data acquisition and location system for an Estes Model Rocket.  I am thinking of implementing the following features:

    1. The onboard accelerometer can collect real-time motion information and log it to either a micro-SD card or XIP Flash.  Use the Bluetooth interface to offload data stored in this memory.  The accelerometer can also be used to detect when the rocket has landed.
    2. A fast acting thermister or other temperature monitoring device connected to I2C or an analog in to collect temperature.
    3. A light sensor for an additional rotation detection as well as an enable for a recovery beacon.
    4. An Adafruit GPS FeatherWing for location tracking if possible and for post-flight location.
    5. An Adafruit LoRa FeatherWing radio to transmit some telemetry during the flight and also as a post-landing beacon transmitting GPS information.
    6. PWM output to generate audio beacon after landing.
    7. GPIO output to flash HB LED as a visual beacon after landing (perhaps only if light levels are low enough).

  • fnusumeet 2017-02-22

    Continuous Heart rate EEG Monitor and health sensor, use this board with EEG Kit by Maxim to gather long haul eeg and transmit the data over bluetooth.

  • walersho 2017-02-22

    I would use the MAX32630FTHR Board to build a human trace recorder. I would use 6-axis accelerometer data write to SD card. Then trans the data to cell phone by by Bluetooth module. Use the data to calculate the man move in the in door.
    This system can help child/elder habit analysis, and wearable device utility rate.

  • engineerhan 2017-02-22

    Hi all, firstly thanks for this nice contest. To have even one of those 50 great boards would be a nice prize for me.
    In term of this context I have planned to redesign my elder wearable study since MAX32630FTHR Board’s great features. My idea is to develop wearable device for blind disabled people to help in daily life. I have called it as “Smart Rod”. When the disabled person weared it, it helps him to find his path. Also Smart Rod could have communication with a smart phone to get navigation data or inform blind person about the sets on the way etc. The key point here is device must be low power as much as possible. I already have working prototype that works with 2 1.5V batteries but not rechargeable. I think using MAX32630FTHR Board i can redesign it with less power consumption and more features such a bluetooth connection. I hope i will have chance to redesign it. I could also share some of files my old design. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything about project. Hope to hear good from you soon. Cheers..

  • halfmann 2017-02-22

    As an owner of a R/C model airplane I always wanted to get some data from the model acquiered during its flight.

    So my idea is to log flight data from that model airplane. The integrated 6-axis Accelerometer/Gyro, the large number of analogue ports and the possibility to store data on a Micro SD Card is ideal for this purpose. Due to the small size, the board fits very well inside the model. And finally, since my model uses a battery like all R/C equipment, the board seems to be ideal.

    Maybe it’s also possible to get the data out of the model wireless via the Bluetooth connection…

  • RJvanLierop 2017-02-23

    I will create an electric bicycle BMS (Battery Management System) which will charge a 2 to 13 cells in series. The cell voltages and total voltage will be measured. With a hall-sensor will I measure the total current drawn and any short-circuit will be cut.

    The Gyro will be used to measure acceleration of the electric bike. The data will be logged on the SD-card. Together with a Bluetooth application will this BMS relay information to mobile phones.

  • pengatom 2017-02-23

    I’m making 22+ DOF a humoanoid and I want to use the MAX32630FTHR Board as a sub controller in each foot. Analyzing data from several FSR sensors in addition to use the onboard gyro/accel detecting movement and status of the foot itself. The RGB led would be used for realtime status of the various sensors

  • VitorLima 2017-02-23

    There is a physiotherapy work line dedicated to help treatment of people with pelvic disturb, often caused by accidents and surgery. Specialists use analog equipments to measure the pressure patients are able to do using pelvic muscles. The device needs to read a pressure sensor, store data in memory log, communicate via wireless and USB as also charge a small battery. The MAX32630FTHR Board has basically it all, the SD card can store the patient exercises training at home to be analyzed by specialist later. The wireless communication will allow the specialist to record and read measures during the exam easily. The battery is also crucial as it must be very small and efficient.

  • VitorLima 2017-02-23

    There is a physiotherapy work line dedicated to help treatment of people with pelvic disturb, often caused by accidents and surgery. Specialists use analog equipments to measure the pressure patients are able to do using pelvic muscles. The device needs to read a pressure sensor, store data in memory log, communicate via wireless and USB as also charge a small battery. The MAX32630FTHR Board has basically it all, the SD card can store the patient exercises training at home to be analyzed by specialist later. The wireless communication will allow the specialist to record and read measures during the exam easily. The battery is also crucial as it must be very small and efficient.

  • DoctorC 2017-02-23

    My 13 y.o. son and I are designing a 3D printer scorpion robot. It will have 6 legs, 2 pincers and of course a tail with a laser instead of the stinger (my son request).
    We will implement inverse kinematics for a more natural movement and fill the robot with a camera, distance sensors, IMU and probably other sensors.
    I’m a programmer and I will use the robot to teach my son physics, algorithms and programming. We are going to use ROS or maybe build our own real time system if we may need something simpler and ad-hoc.

  • njsusb 2017-02-23

    My project proposal is to develop a functional Near IR Spectroscopy (fNIRS) system that is portable, energy efficient, and possibly solar powered. The system will consist of the fNIRS interface which is an array of NIR emitters and receivers on a flex PCB, as well as power supply, which will consist of a Li-ion cell with a charger and possibly a solar cell. By measuring blood flow near the brain, NIRS is a durable, non-invasive method of measuring brain activity over extended periods of time. The fNIRS system should ideally be low power enough to last long durations (in excess of 2 hours) without recharging and can be used for biometrics and cognitive activity tracking in applications like performance sports, education studies, lie detection, and basic health monitoring. The Maxim dev board is a good option for this project because of its small form factor, low power, memory sizing, integrated accelerometer, and Bluetooth capabilities. The primary challenge of the project will be building and testing the fNIRS interface in a manner that is energy efficient and compact while still getting reasonable signal quality.

  • Marek F. 2017-02-23

    I would like to do my own implementation of U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) two-factor authentication standard with taking advantage of DS28E15 AES-256 capabilities for creating private keys with HMAC. MAX32630FTHR Board is much suitable for this project among others because of USB (HID class) and peripherals such as pushbutton and LED indicator which are crucial in this particular case. I would like also try to use Bluetooth (with low RSSI) instead of USB.

  • vr2gb 2017-02-23

    In our place, every primary school kids are wearing heavy school bag to study everyday. Many of them are suffering from different degree of spine problems. As parents are not always stay with those kids all day long, a little device which could help to generate a friendly reminder to the kids might help them to correct their spine posture when necessary. Such little device might also capture the daily posture information offline and transmit those information back to their parent’s phone when the kids meet their parents. Such posture information could help their parents or physician to determine the progress of the posture correction and plan for the next remediation.

  • raffaele55 2017-02-24

    We are a health care company and we are working on pupillometry so we will use the MAX32630FTHR to control the red, blu and white led stimulator, timing and BT connection on our new device.

  • N^2 2017-02-24

    Canned Data Collector
    I am thinking of making a Data Collector, packed in a can. The one I am making is primarily for collecting data on pollution related. But this can be tinkered a little bit to make data collector for various other required topics like weather related data.
    The Data Collector will be inside a can so that the chips and components won’t be harmed.Since MAX32630FTHR board is a power-optimized, it is a pretty good choice for my idea. The data will be collected through various sensors to sense temperature, humidity, particle size etc. and sent to laptop through the Bluetooth module. I am thinking of using If the data is to be collected at places out of range of bluetooth, wifi module will be added. And if wifi module is out of question then writing the data to the micro SD card and collecting it later can be done.
    If the data is to be collected over a long period of time, a solar panel will be added to charge the rechargeable battery within the can.

  • tthden 2017-02-24

    I would use the board as a mobile device to control my home automation.
    It will become the main controller within the Zwave and RF networking environment. Also will be used to communicate with the wifi enabled cameras and become a mobile monitoring system.

  • bhu1 2017-02-25

    A Child And Parent Set

    I am thinking of making a device, actually a pair of devices, one for a child(possibly a toddler) and one for either one of the parents. These devices are connected to each other through bluetooth module. In this way, the parent can keep track of their child at all times, and protect them from any and all accidents(by not allowing them to travel too far away from them).
    But this is just the primary function of the device. The wearable one on child’s body will contain the MAX32630FTHR board. With this (adding temperature sensor for sensing child’s body temperature), one can keep track of the health of their child. Adding some extra sensors will give alert signal if the baby is under unhealthy conditions/environments. I am thinking of using AVR for the parent’s device since it just receives data and all the work is done by Our Board here and the safety of the child comes before their parents. This is more useful in my country since their are cases of child kidnapping. So I am thinking of adding GPS interfacing in child’s board which will be on if the boards are not connected through bluetooth.

  • bslow 2017-02-25

    with this board - i would create a low cost, smart, low maintanance garden watering system
    - basically the board will monitor soil moisture level using its on-board adc
      - sensing soil moisture will be done using copper rod with fixed spacing, forming a variable resistor that depend on soil moisture somewhat
      - only when moisture level dropped to fixed threshold the water sprinkler will get activated
      - multiple ‘sensors’ can be used to target certain area of the garden
      - data can be logged onto sd card for analysis
    - this board and the dc-water valve will be powered up by recharge-able battery, using as small solar panel as possible, using on board PMIC for charging control

    - as a bonus, this board will be attached a motion sensor (analog output is fine with this board, has it has adc), as often stray cat will drop by to poop at my garden, when activated, it will activate the sprinkler upon motion detection
      - smart phone will be used to communicate to this board through on-board bluetooth module, activating this cat charger option smile

  • luis0visa 2017-02-25

    A table tennis training robot control, using the 6 axis for control position (of the ball canon), and the BLE to interface a smartphone to control the needed rutine, using a proper app. For example, move the position of the ball, create rutines over time, cancel or pause exercises
    Another related idea, could be a kind of table tennis referee/sensor, using shock sensors to detect the ball hit, and using BLE to show and control the game results. The shock sensors could be used to improve the first idea, using the sensors to improve the control of the robot (position and timing)

  • TrilliumIoT 2017-02-25

    A wearable device to monitor vital signs of a patient.  It’ll stream [near] real-time data to a remote monitoring system that will process the data and watch for any risky anomalies.  In case of a potentially dangerous situation, the device would inform the user, provide information with what to do (such as sit down and wait until help arrives).  The data can also be used by doctors to record and analyse vital signs to help diagnose symptims that are hard to reproduce in a lab, hospital, etc.

    Positioning systems can be used to dispatch EMTs to the user’s location, and relay health data about the patient, such as medical history, allergies, medications, etc.

    • TrilliumIoT 2017-02-25

      For users that volunteered/consented the use of collected data (no personal details), would provide a wealth of information to a cloud system that would be coupled with AI for data analysis that can be used to research medical conditions and symptoms.

      For example, people with alzimers data could reveal early diagnosis of someone who would eventually have alzimers and thus begin treatment early.

  • rberna 2017-02-27

    My application is for an impact sensor for road barriers with aluminum boom. The sensor with MAX32630FTHR should measure the impact with a body (car or human, for example) and command the inversion of the movement as soon as possible, avoiding the transfer of too much kinetic energy to the body (there will be mandatory norms in the near future). Current sensors involve encoders and/or motor current measurement. I suppose that this inertial sensor will give a much faster response. Also, one axe of the gyro could give additional information regarding the boom speed, while the other two axes of the accel could help in recognize abnormal effects, i.e. wind, on the boom.

  • spidermanpc 2017-02-27

    I Will use this board to create an stabilizer platform for food or packages that are fragile

  • momososo 2017-02-28

    My idea for using MAX32630FTHR is to build a clothesline monitor help people can relax don’t worry about his/her cloth on the clothesline.
    The system include
    1.Temperature sensor and Humidity sensor to check if clothes already dry.
    2.Ambient Light sensor and pressure sensor to alarm rain avoid get wet
    3.Accelerometer sensor to alarm when clothes drop.
    4.MAX32630FTHR to monitor system power state, connecting system and user with BLE.
    5.Motor that can pull clothesline under eaves.

  • salbageanu.andrei 2017-02-28

    I would like to implement a cyber-physical system that whould monitor the temperature and humidity from a room using sensors send it to a smartphone for information , and start a room fan and cool the room if the temperature is above 23 degrees celsius and stop it when the air in the room is equal to 23 degrees celsius and on the phone warn if temperature is grather that 23 degrees but when the temperature is 23 degrees or below write on phone temperature is OK

  • Arun Magesh 2017-03-01

    I am planning to integrate it inside my AR headset which I have built. So planning to build a light weight AR headset which can send important notification from the mobile phone.

  • Supriyo123 2017-03-01

    A Map Maker

    I am thinking of a device which could enrich digital map (such as google map) by automatically collecting data from the user’s navigation. The device would be embedded in a cap or in clothes. It would constitute of a camera to collect image from the surrounding and GPS transceiver for location tracking. Other sensors onboard such as accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer would also be essential to correctly point out the location since user could be moving and changing direction continuously. Machine learning algorithm would identify the building type from the image, for example, whether it is a medical store or other type of establishment. User would have the choice to switch on the device whenever he/she wants to contribute. I believe the product would be very useful as places are renovated constantly and keeping google or other maps up to date burdensome. 

  • diamondjimkoehler 2017-03-01

    This board would make an excellent controller for a Proton Precession Magnetometer to be used in prospecting.  The large amount of RAM is a necessity as is a very low power consumption because the device will be battery operated.  PPM’s take a fair amount of energy to operate the sensor… 50 Joules per measurement is a nominal value so saving power in the instrumentation is important.  In most commercial PPM’s, the precession signal is clipped and then counted digitally.  My algorithm uses the analog precession signal via an ADC followed by some sophisticated DSP to give greater accuracy and much, much greater tolerance for interference from, for example, power lines.

  • alikhurram 2017-03-02

    I will use the giveaway microcontroller boards to build a roof top water reservoir controller. Due to water shortage in our country water from underground supply is pumped using an ac mains controlled water pump to a roof top water reservoir tank and used during day and night as required. This system will save time and energy resources.

    The system will consist of two units,
    1- The roof top unit:- This unit will check the level of water in the reservoir tank and send the data to the ground floor unit. The rooftop unit will be powered from a solar panel which will charge a small lead acid battery and also power the unit during day time and in the night it will run from the charged battery.

    2- The ground floor unit:- This unit will receive the data from the roof top unit using the wireless module and display the level of water using three leds for cost saving but another version can also use color LCD. A buzzer will be use for audio indication of level of water. On the basis of this indication the pump is started and closed as and when required.

  • Camilo Torres 2017-03-02

    I would like to create a system to control the velocity of a motor, using the adc included in the platform, and send that data to a raspberry pi through
    i2c or uart, and see the values on codesys. My native language is Spanish, I regret any error in the text, My native language is Spanish, and my level of English is intermediate, I regret any errors in the text.

  • bowenfeng 2017-03-03

    The small form factor of this board together with the rich on board peripherals make this board a perfect choice to create a VR/AR controller.  I’m looking to use this board together with Google Glass to enhance the interaction experience. I’m thinking of using it as the 3D gesture controller/navigator, so you can easily navigate through the content in front of your eyes like maps / SMS / contacts.  And possibly work with dedicate applications as AR controller to interact with the enhanced content showed in front of your eyes.

  • sranjan38 2017-03-03

    Sir, I am working on Light Fidelity(Li-Fi).In this project my main aim is to use Internet access through the LED bulbs. As we know the Wi-Fi we are using is based in radio wave which has many disadvantage as it can penetrate wall.But in LIFI I will be using Led bulbs as a transmitter and I will be getting it in my phone as receiver.The internet we are getting now a days is a 6Pin wired internet so I will convert it into 2 pin with the help of MAX32630FTHR board and then it will be transmitted though led .This project will not only enhance the speed of data transmitting at a time but also reduces the cost of Internet .

  • Tharindu Suraj 2017-03-04

    We are surrounded by huge buildings today. What if there’s a small crack or an over-inclined beam in your building. Earthquakes, Soil hardness, Tornados and many more things could be factors for internal cracks and the deviation of the structures or beams from the neutral position. It would risk hundreds of lives. “Sure Safe” is a portable device which can be mounted on a concrete beam, metal structure, slabs etc. This device measures the angle and analyses internal cracks where it’s mounted and send the data to the mobile app through Bluetooth.
    Inbuilt Bluetooth and Accelerometers of the MAX32630FTHR board is mainly used for this. To detect internal cracks, an ultrasonic sensor is connected to the board. The processing power and the memory capacity of this board help to digital signal processing which is needed to identify cracks from received ultrasonic. Further, all data can be saved in an SD card for further needs.

  • Meghana TJ 2017-03-06

    I would like to design a wearable,which will be useful for blinds. A wrist band like electronic device , which will display all the required information in braille . Since all the companies are manufacturing smart phones, it will be difficult for blind to understand the messages sent or to know who has called them.I would like to introduce a wearable , which can just fit into anybody’s hand , and the wearable will be connected to the phone through bluetooth. If there is a message , that will be displayed on the wearable in braille , and the user will be able to understand the message . Similarly when a phone rings , a person can come to know who has called them. I would like to add an additional feature : There will be a button on the wearable ,which when pressed, will send the GPS location of the user to emergency contacts , indicating that they are in some kind of danger.

  • andreideac 2017-03-06

    Pump-based sensors endoplasmic that you automatically enter the insulin in the body, is a concept for diabetes type 1 insulin dependent who need permanent insulin to live a normal life without worrying constantly that will keep your blood sugar high !

  • istihegyi 2017-03-07

    I would like to use this board to build a completely autonomous rooftop weather station. The PMIC battery charger functionality answers my thoughts about battery charging, and the controller itself is more than capable in handling the sensors I intend to use. I intend to build a station with an ultrasonic anemometer, a rain gauge, particle sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, and any other types of sensor that might prove useful in getting information about weather. The data collected can then be used in weather forecasts, gardening decisions, but would also serve as a general weather information center for personal use.

  • Nandra Mihnea 2017-03-13

    I intend to use this board for my home security. I have a reserve key at one of my neighbors but we are human beings and I do not trust anyone 100%.
    This board will help me design a cyber-physical system which will inform me via e-mail when my door is opened every time I’m not around.

  • Batton 2017-03-14

    Rocket science for kids.
    Use small rocket like Estes EGGSCALIBER with MAX32630FTHR Board for capture data while flying.
    Using tiny additional board with barometer or humidity sensor, GPS receiver and a radio module for send live telemetry data.
    Kids will understanding limits of wheight, free space, life time.
    Build own rocket with optimal equipment on a board.
    Design FW of board with mission critical mode.
    Analyze captured data after flying. Determine start event, stop jet event, highest altitude and path.

  • Mortdeus 2017-03-15

    Hmm something music related for sure. Some ideas would be neat include building a automated drummer robot that I could program and jam with live on an acoustic set.

    Also I’m really interested in guitar wiring mods at the moment and it would be kind of cool to have a onboard circuit emulator or something along those lines that allows me to virtualize the sound controls and wiring scheme.

    Hmmm. I’d also would really like to make a photoelectric pickup that works really well. IDK I’d figure out something to do with it. smile



  • amitchaurasia 2017-03-17

    I would like to make a device which is used to improve agriculture system. In my system it will monitor the whether, Humidity in soil, Different minerals presents in soil and according to that we will develop an application which give the suggestion of which type of crops can be cultivated in that field.
    Advantages of the device:
    1. Increase the fertility.
    2. It will monitor the whether.
    3. It will helps to damage to the corps by maintaining the soil moisture.

  • Kyle Prince 2017-03-18

    I plan on creating an American Sign Language interpreter that converts hand signs to a digital voice synthesizer that can aid mute individuals in communication with people who do not know American Sign Language as well as bridge the gap in communication with deaf and blind individuals. The project would consist of gloves mounted with sensors that would record data associated with one’s hand position which would then be processed by the MAX32630FTHR Board and then transmitted via Bluetooth to a companion smartphone application. In the smartphone application, the data received from the wearer’s sign will be crossed reference with a local database containing all available recognizable signs. When a match is made, the application will utilize a digital voice synthesizer to call the corresponding verbal phrase associated with the sign and play it through the phone’s speaker.

  • I would like to use it as the power supply for sensors, both temperature, and light conditions, to me and my fellow student’s spring semester project. Maybe also use it to implement the logic behind the automated sun collector. We already have the prototype to the sun collector.

  • GabrielNeves 2017-03-19

    As in many developing countries, here in Brazil we have serious problems with overcrowded hospitals. Developing tools that allow patients to be treated at home is fundamental to solve this problem. In many cases home care improves the recovery time and the patient wellness. With this idea in mind, I propose to develop a device to acquire the heart electrical activity (electrocardiograph). My project will combine the MAX32630FTHR dev board with the amazing MAX30003 analog front-end IC. This hardware will transfer the ECG data to an smartphone then can be shared with your doctor or stored for future needs. The device will be battery-powered so energy saving is crucial. The MAX30003 IC has heart rate (HR) detection internally, which eliminates the need to run HR algorithm on the microcontroller (uC). With this feature the uC can be set to stay in sleep mode, reducing power consumption. I hope my project could help to solve the overcrowd problem in hospitals.

  • karthick123 2017-03-20

    Gaming and Health care wearable strap:

    Video gaming is more attractive to kids by playing with a wearable device by connecting the master system wireless via Bluetooth due to their one-to-one pairing. On-board Gyro, Accelerometer enable to control the gaming to left, right, forward, reverse direction by replacing arrow button and joystick. Jumping, tilting, skating motion can also control with this sensors. I had designed video gaming program it can be played with any Bluetooth device with in-built Gyro and Accelerometer. Apart from this Health care wearable devices are becoming common now-a-days with on-board heart rate/pulse sensor, Accelerometer for walking distance, temperature sensor for skin temperature, magnetometer for stretch exercise, oximeter for oxygen level the data can be viewed or stored for future.
    MAX3260FTR has the maximum features to design a common device for kids gaming and health care wearable device. The on-board RGB LED can be used to indicate different color for different mode of operation, push button can change the mode for gaming or health care. This will be a good opportunity if given to design a common device with MAX3260FTR due to its on-board battery connectivity, Bluetooth protocol and embed drag and drop programing features. On my personal experience with wearable devices programing, this will be easy to program and implement.

  • ram1234 2017-03-21

    REMOTE CONTROL IOT WEARABLE BAND: Kids have fun playing with toys, in every home their are kids an age 3-10 years. They used to play with toy cars using remote control for fun and entertainment. This remote controllers have joystick, on/off switch,  direction arrows to control the toy. In stead of this control a new way of controlling a toy can be done using Gyro, magnetometer and Accelerometer replacing joystick and direction arrow buttons. MAX32630FTHR is a smart IoT wearable device has on-board Gyro, Accelerometer, RGB LED, push button, Bluetooth and battery connectivity.  Additional sensor like magnetometer make the device as a wearable remote controller for toys using Bluetooth for pairing unique device. This pairing make the kids to control their own in a group activity without any misleading in a competition. In my opinion this wearable device can be done with MAX32630FTHR.

  • victorfm 2017-03-21

    I would like to build a IoT quality-of-life-meter using multiple inputs such as air quality analyzer, temperature, air humidity and more. It would be a portable device capable to provide the user with analytical and statistical data about it surroundings. Moreover, it would gather data around the world and feed a server to show real time information about global quality of life.

  • My house is heated using electric baseboard heaters and the thermostats are the old mechanical type. I want to upgrade them so they can just be connected via BT and controlled using my phone rather than on the wall. I should be able to monitor all the thermostats in the house at any given time and be able to program custom schedules to change throughout the day in order to save energy. Using the SD card, the device could also store temperature curves throughout the day which could then be used to make efficient algorithms for each room depending on when the sun is shining, temperature outside etc… If I wanted to take it a stop further, I could add some sensors (either motion, audio, etc…) to detect when someone is in the room, and make additional adjustments. If there is more than one person in the house, it might also know who is in which room (by identifying their phone) and adjust the temperature to their specific preferences. So many possibilities!

  • Toscanaccio 2017-03-23

    I own an electric guitar and when I’m not at home with my amplifier I can’t play my guitar with some distortion effects.
    >> My idea is to build a digital guitar amp for headphone use, controlled by a smart phone. It will be little lipo battery powered device.
    o You plug your guitar and your headphones (or a speaker) and connect your phone to the device
    o The smart phone will provides a gui for interaction:

  • Ali Ozdagli 2017-03-26

    I want to use MAX32630 to capture acceleration from highway/railroad bridges. This unit provides on-board accelerometers and highpower cpu to enable me to record the daa and convert it to displacement data.