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Daniel Robinson, Darrell Gloshen, Frederick Largilliere, Chris Sherwood, Stephen Salgaller.


As innovators, meet the technological expectations of our modern world through Maxim Integrated’s nanoPower solutions. Today’s devices are rapidly shrinking with an ever-increasing demand for greater functionality. Nanopower enables designers to extend a tiny device’s overall operation and shelf life through one of the best techniques available—lowering it’s quiescent current (IQ).

All About Circuits is teaming up with Maxim Integrated to giveaway a few such nanoPower-enabled products. A MAX17222 Evaluation Kit and a MAX32660 Evaluation Kit.

Giveaway Instructions

Enter the giveaway by registering below and commenting with a design idea. Five winners will be awarded one of each evaluation kits and one grand prize winner will receive the nanoPower products along with a Prusa 3D printer.


MAX17222 Evaluation Kit

  • 300nA Quiescent Supply Current into OUT
  • True Shutdown Mode
  • 400mV to 5.5V Input Range
  • 95% Peak Efficiency
  • 0.88V Minimum Startup Voltage
  • 1.8V to 5V Output Voltage Range
  • 225mA, 500mA, and 1A Peak Inductor Current Limit
  • 2mm x 2mm 6-Pin μDFN
  • 0.88mm x 1.4mm 6-Bump WLP (2 x 3, 0.4mm Pitch)

MAX32660 Evaluation Kit

  • Use as a High-Efficiency Microcontroller for Wearable Devices
  • Power Management Capacity Maximizes Uptime for Battery Applications
  • Optimal Peripheral Mix Provides Platform Scalability


MAX17222 Evaluation Kit

  • Battery-Powered Medical Equipment
  • Low-Power Wireless Communication Products
  • Optical Heart-Rate Monitoring (OHRM) LED Drivers
  • Primary-Cell Portable Systems
  • Secondary-Cell Portable Systems
  • Supercapacitor Backup for RTC/Alarm Buzzers
  • Tiny, Low-Power IoT Sensors
  • Wearable Devices

MAX32660 Evaluation Kit

  • Fitness Monitors
  • Industrial Sensors
  • IoT
  • Optical Modules: QSFP-DD, QSFP, 400G
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • Sports Watches
  • Wearable Medical Patches

To Enter You Must:

  1. Fill our the form and agree to the terms & conditions.
  2. You’re creative! Leave a comment below and tell us how you’re going to use these boards.
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284 Ideas

  • ZCochran98 2018-11-09

    Hopefully building a robot that will have minimal-power-usage peripherals to maximize power consumption in other areas, such as in the motors for terrain navigation. Also may have IoT applications such as data transfer/communication and external control

    • lehjr 2018-12-24

      Shouldn’t you be building g a warp engine?

      • Kidril 2018-12-26

        ^^^ I second this.

      • ZCochran98 2019-01-28

        Oh, probably. Gotta start small, though. I’m fresh out of antimatter, anyway.

  • ASAD ALI_1513399340 2018-11-09

    Being FPGA/DSP/ME/EE Engineer (self), these kits will be helpful for designing new equipment that i would like to use for safety during RF testing. 3D printer on the other hand is something i have been planning to purchase so that i can design custom parts for my Raspberry Pi based project. Hopefully one day, completion of this project will lead to a new device that can be used in automobiles(specially large Trucks) to provide drivers with important information about road/weather conditions, distances, sign post heights and so on.

  • raviurao 2018-11-10

    Remote Industrial data monitor / logger for a water treatment plant for rural applications with a sustainable alternate(solar) power source.

  • simzcool 2018-11-10

    multi-purpose application such as power glide application, water level monitor, turbine controls, substation remote applications

  • RAJESH JAT 2018-11-10

    I am going to build a project as heart attack monitor system that can be used by heart disease suffering person to get alert from heart attack as early as possible, so life risk can be reduce with your module as power supply and controller for wearable gadget. As power supply max ic consume less power and with efficient controller.

  • ben_whiteus 2018-11-11

    Need to develop a remote gas leakage sensor for a remote site. Intend to use solar power and rechargeable battery to power the circuitry, and LoRA for getting sensor update. These evaluation boards will come in handy for the project.

  • Samuelrobert 2018-11-11

    I think these would do very well increasing the flight time of drone and the performance of other mobile robots. It could increase a robots ability to interact with its surroundings with a greater number of or more sensitive sensors.

  • lilzo 2018-11-12

    3D printer would be very useful for my next projects for creating a prototype model for gravitational transportation system and remotely controlled those vehicles system.I really wish i could win this because with this I think i could get first prize in competition.

  • WaffleCat 2018-11-12

    Making flexible/movable enclosures for motion sensors for a full motion capture suit.

  • anthonyharing 2018-11-12

    I’d like to build a compact, portable medical suite to allow diagnosis and treatment in the field both during natural disasters and in remote locations where transport might not be readily available.

  • Jakub Misiorny 2018-11-13

    As Engineer I try to start my first project on Kickstarter. All i can tell that i need to design mixed signal PCB and very good enclosure for outdoor environment with air flow through it. That is why 3D printer whould help me a lot and PCB kits.

  • reguieg3100 2018-11-13

    I use it to increase the speed of robot work welding fine elements by means of phone boards and computer

  • dgloshen 2018-11-13

    Designing horticultural and aquaponic systems to propagate increased yield with a lower-to-no cost for self-sufficiency. Systems would provide data to automatically test and evaluate conditions and then using that information to adjust watering, lighting, and other environmental factors as necessary, all while being an environmentally friendly ecosystem.

  • egalasso 2018-11-13

    7” Laptop shell for a Odroid UX4.

  • martin1454 2018-11-14

    I would like to build an robot arm with a coupling to some wearable device that could control the arm.

  • Kaganti Ankith 2018-11-14

    It is useful for robotics

  • ggodden 2018-11-15

    Applying the MAX32660 and MAX17222 Evaluation Kits I would like to to create soft tissue architectures for reconstructive surgery for humans (a.k.a. body part printing), e.g. ears and noses.

  • Fenix100 2018-11-15

    As a member of a aeromedical team I am looking to design and develop wearable and remote located sensors within the aircraft to detect fatigue levels (stress, heat, vibration) of aircrew and survivors/patients to evaluate the effectiveness of physical (drug, mechanical, material) and psychological (SOP’s, education, training) mitigators that are now standard yet unproven in the industry (except by the lack of accident/incidents).

  • Shivansh Srivastava 2018-11-15

    Going to Do this for farmers:
    Including Iot for the help of farmers was my idea which i think is indeed good.We could make up auto sprinkle for pesticide and water also shade through servo motor.This all can be connected with a bbackend server on a web portal used by him.We are ready with the portal Blueprint and If we win This giveaway We can complete our Dream project for upcoming hackathon to present.
    We can Also present it to you after Completion.

  • teamoon 2018-11-16

    Buoy monitoring system. The kit will allow to extend the work of the equipment, and the printer - to make the case of devices

  • Norbi72 2018-11-16

    I want to make a battery operated “user” sensor - effectively sensing only his/her phone and shows calendar events, etc.

  • Korona Majer 2018-11-16

    Because today’s devices are rapidly shrinking with an ever-increasing demand for greater capability, examples of circuits and systems which enable designers to extend a tiny device’s overall operational time and flexibility are in demand.  The local College is investigating the design of trainers for students who will reap the benefits of currently available solutions. I seek to fill that gap with a trainer based on the MAX32660.

  • griffgj 2018-11-16

    I’d just like to learn more about the products and see where that leads me!

  • Thidwick 2018-11-16

    Start with mechanical cat toys and gradually work up to saving the world.

  • NavyVet2381 2018-11-16

    A voice recognition software installed on a raspberry pi powered pill dispenser and life saving box for elderly people that have memory and mobility challenges. It reminds them when it’s time to take their medication and dispenses it for them on a timer and alerts 911 incase of emergencies.

  • Mike53 2018-11-16

    I would utilize the kit in support of the creation of a very low power and light weight cell phone and 2 meter radio repeater that could be attached to a drone to support search and rescue backcountry missions and regional emergencies.

  • mrmonteith 2018-11-16

    With so many thefts each year, especially of cars, I wanted to design a GPS tracking device that can use cell phone electronics to transmit tracking information.  Since I’m a Ham Radio operator I want it to have the option to use an optional transmitter to transmit APRS location information.  An optional thought is to be able to send a code to the device to disable the motor.  That way if they end up in a high speed chase the car can be disabled remotely.

  • eileenong 2018-11-16

    I am hoping to integrate the Evaluation Kit with some sensors I have created using conductive fabric. The idea is to create blankets or wearables for monitoring vitals of sick newborns or especially premature babies. That way they can be placed in the incubator while constantly being monitored and without the discomfort of having multiple monitor patches attached. This can also be useful for further monitoring at home or during transport between hospitals.

  • SomeRandomElectron 2018-11-16

    Id use the Maxim evaluation boards for an emergency stand by robot prototype. The ability to have fine control over current is critical for a always on device, especially those that rely on batteries or super capacitors.

  • Daw9000 2018-11-16

    Pet dog health and fitness monitoring.

  • kc2cbd 2018-11-16

    Creating items for my Amateur Radio interests.

  • GabrielNeves 2018-11-16

    With the MAX32660 operating as the brain and the MAX17222 as the heart, I will build a biopotential monitoring device to track health data of old people. To complete the system, the MAX30003 will interact with the analog world and acquire the data with reliability.

  • noelrios999 2018-11-16

    These two ICs are a good choice for making a wireless mouse and keyboard with their low power consumption.  Another application is a wireless game controller.

  • vikram g n v r 2018-11-16

    Develop a 3D printer that prints from the waste plastic around my household and use the objects to educate the poor in my neighborhood.

  • Ebrahim1604 2018-11-17

    Traditional ECG machines for cardiac cycle monitoring have many problems associated with them such as high cost, less portability, Complicated set-up and wirings, requirement of presence of a skilled medical practinioner all the time etc. Considering these problems, I aim to develop a cardiac cycle monitoring tool using BCG which stands for ballistocardiography which uses the ballistic forces generated by heart rather than electric impulses in traditional ECG. I will be using accelerometer sensor along with these kits for the prototype.

  • vygor_finch 2018-11-17

    These tools will assist in the design and implementation of a low power local area tracking system for offroad users and SAR personnel. The core of the system will contain a low power/moderate range VHF transceiver on each node that will work in a mesh network configuration, possibly with a central repeater on site. The 3D printer will be useful in creating prototype enclosures for the individual modules, as well as supplementary brackets and guides. The Maxim modules will be a great tool to be able to maximize battery life and to potentially look at energy harvesting techniques to extend battery life.

  • carbonhalo 2018-11-17

    I would like to design a small spread spectrum camera feed suspended from a balloon inflated by a sparklet sized hydrogen bulb. Many of these would be inserted into a 155mm artillery shell and distributed by airburst over a target area. This would give multiple aerial views of a battlefield and hopefully save lives by giving speedy long distance intelligence information. I think the hardest part is to create these devices capable of surviving the initial massive acceleration.

  • Venturini 2018-11-18

    Application in the supervision of infrared monitoring in forest fire

  • Mbriggs 2018-11-18

    ble shoot emerg phone

  • Mbriggs 2018-11-18

    truoble shoot emergen phone for school in nation wide

  • srpsco 2018-11-18

    I would use this at the makerspace i run at my local library. We could print tools and custom enclosures to make our projects and builds more complete. For example, we could print custom enclosures for the temp, humidity and flood warning system we are deploying at the library.

  • soon1401 2018-11-19

    Connected wireless sensor built with nanoPower Tech can be operated at longer duration which will be a huge advantage in IoT deployment.

  • engineerhan 2018-11-19

    As we conducting PhD. study on EV(Electrical Vehicles) systems in Berlin Technical University with my professor so on that context we are planing to build a device that can understand driver characteristic that would be helpful for the future of the EV systems. We are planing to build a device as IoT device which has coin size and put on a steering wheel. Thanks to MEMS sensor device will be able to collect data that will help to understand driver behavior during drive. Since it will be battery backup device our IoT device supposed to as low power as possible also requires mcu that has powerful cpu and well peripheral units to able to get data and process faster. Thus we believe that max17222 and max32660 kits would be well fit to build our device’s skeleton. To sum up we would like to submit our idea for this idea contest and hope to be one of winners. Thanks AAC family and all sponsor. Cheers, MSc. Erhan YILMAZ.

  • metalica 2018-11-19

    Since working on prototypes of projects i have always struggled with custom designs, hopefully i’ll give my ideas life with this.

  • mrivai 2018-11-19

    I want to make a stereo system in my car using Arduino or Raspberry, I am a beginner. But I would like to change the cable system to wireless, so it is not complicated to install a chaotic cable, it looks like the MAX17222 Evaluation Kit is a module that can be used to support my project, the MAX32660 Evaluation Kit is very inspiring to use on my system to support driver control while driving.

  • MechaMatt 2018-11-19

    Designing wearable personal medical monitoring system that can alert people.

  • oldmate32 2018-11-19

    I would use the MAX17222 and MAX32660 evaluation kits to design a super efficient battery powered sensor that would monitor firefighters body temperature to prevent heat stroke.

  • vabbes 2018-11-19

    I teach flight mechanics in antennas and antenna designs, and need to design a box/holder/cabinet for them, so they can remove and install antenna elements, without soldering and therefor minimizing the risk of breaking the antenna elements.

  • virapong 2018-11-20

    my client requirement is to design Low-Power battery used IoT Sensors for Optical Heart-Rate Monitoring (OHRM), your
    MAX17222 would fit this our client requirements.

  • Nguyen Huy Tung 2018-11-20

    The idea is to make portable sensor-based station that can put anywhere in the farming house. This will help to keep track the environment condition at each special position in the farming house.

  • shiva kumar ammula 2018-11-21

    The 3d printer is very use ful to me in designing any parts i make a house appliances controlling system by connecting bluetooth with my phone.    Since I am a starter in electronics i feel very happy if I get that stuff

  • gilliland_jeff 2018-11-22

    Mainly to fix the little broken plastic parts from the cheap products the are all over this world.

    I hate the throw away America that came to be.

    I want to be the IRL Rodney Copperbottom

  • raphyy 2018-11-24

    I would like to have one of these kits to create a health, fitness and vital signs monitoring station for my track and field team. These items would be helpful to mesure accurately vital signs during a workout, which helps to maximise the benefits of the workout, and also track improvement and progression of athletes. Wearables and fitness monitors would collect data and send it to the monitoring station powered by a RPi, and the coaches will be able to maximise our trainings. 3D printer would also be amazing to print tiny enclosures that fits perfectly without compromising the aerodynamics on throwing equipment such as javelins or discus. 3d printing would give us the ability to attach motion sensors, accelerometers and other sensors on equipment that would collect and help improve athletes.

  • DaD637 2018-11-24

    not sure how i will use these boards, i am still new at this and have no idea what is available. seems like a lot to choose from and i think some may fit needs better than others. the learning curve is taking the most time.

  • ananthu_nalloor 2018-11-24

    I have an idea to create a device that goes around neck (like a chain something like that) of a blind person, which will use object detection and machine learning to detect objects in front of them and alert about the thing through small ear pods ,
    What do you guys think will a device like that work?.give suggestions below.

  • jjb_official 2018-11-25

    I would use the 3D printer to print the parts for a sign language translator.

  • davians 2018-11-26

    I would design a pencil that has the lead on the tip to spin, which would allow for less pressure being applied when writing for long periods of time.

  • jkbk1969 2018-11-27

    I work at a small Technical college, the first project would be stands to hold our HMI’s, and other object for our robots to transport for the workcell we are building.

  • mrmonteith 2018-11-28

    Many people suffer from various illnesses or even healthy people fall.  While things like Life Alert help, what if the person is unconscious?  A device that could detect changes in heart rate, pulse, and body position could detect if a person has fallen suddenly by a fast change in position.  Then the device could alert someone automatically if they are unable to notify anyone themselves.  At the same time it would allow monitoring patients movements in case it’s someone that needs assistance to move and didn’t call for help.

  • mrmonteith 2018-11-28

    My wife works at a nursing home and some patients aren’t supposed to be moving around without assistance.  A device could be use to monitor movements for all the patients and be able to quickly locate them if needed.  Also monitor them daily to ensure there aren’t any emergency issues.

  • scrapsparcs 2018-11-28

    A floating sea going mesh network with several distributed devices that can report back on weather, sea temperature and pollution issues like oil spills. The network will have enough solar power to navigate and send trend data. Could be dropped into various locations and create additional coverage by communicating with “Cells”.

  • scrapsparcs 2018-11-28

    Airplane deploy able climate monitors for glacial ice, icebergs and remote forests. Would activate on landing and deploy solar.

  • L. Johnson 2018-11-28

    Develop a “FitBody” IoT biometric sensor design that sends collected information to a ThingSpeak database with the help of an ESP8266 Wifi module. The evaluation kits have all the necessary low power, wearable, and backup power gadgets to keep a design as such running 24/7.

    I am an Electrical Engineering undergrad who just finished my EE Capstone which consisted of a RFID reader collecting and sending information to a ThingSpeak database with four different fields for the purpose of inventory tracking. Winning this prize will create more IoT projects for the world to see & recreate. Good luck to all!

  • rpayala 2018-11-28

    all of this are going to be part of a Rocket developed by me, powering and sensing all

  • VARAIN75 2018-11-29

    Hope design a home automation system for TV set to be person oriented by detecting presence of a person in the room.

  • onaval 2018-11-29

    Both the #MakeWithMaxim nanoPower Technology and 3D Printer will contribute to workshops and making with the kids, teens, adults @GizmoCats, “Gizmo Cats - Educating Innovators of the Future”. We can 3D print robots working with Raspberry Pi’s and now make IOT robots with nanoPower.

  • SCSIdevelopment 2018-11-29

    We have just completed the first stage of a 2,500 wifi/LTE connected IoT device real time location, status monitoring and alerting system but we have run into battery life problems.
    As this is now looking like going global and extending to 100K+ devices by Q2 next year, we are going to build our own bespoke platform which will need to extend the usable lifetime by a factor of at least two. Biggest issues are keeping connectivity to RECEIVE external events as well as generate local events is key so we need to steal as much power as we can from a VERY space limited wearable device.

  • pieterjvanzyl 2018-11-29

    *** Some heavy dramatic Rusian music.
    *** Heavy cigar smoke.

    Wife: Husband, **kogh, kogh**. What are we going to do if you win this contest?

    Husband: **Darth Vader Breathing stroking his pet mouse** The same thing we do every night, My dear Wife. Try to take over the world by 3d printing lots of mousies and giving the life with the electronics.

  • pieterjvanzyl 2018-11-30

    On a serious note. I work for a Chemical factory in South Africa. Would like to make a wearable device people can use when entering vessels for maintenance. This device must monitor the persons vitals. This will improve the working conditions.

  • PorraK 2018-11-30

    Remote monitoring animal/human vitals in remote areas or while being transferred from one area to another. adding a GPS locator to assist with locating, GSM module to communicate with human to assist. Lifeboat medical emergency equipment, aviation emergency equipment, deep sea emergency equipment (submarine).

  • Icodk 2018-11-30

    Going to use the MAX17222 with a battery powered door lock with a small motor and a bluetooth/wifi connection.

  • smasaoka 2018-11-30

    My students are developing a trash sorter for our high school. They want to automatically sort out recyclables from the rest of the trash.

  • Remarkable 2018-11-30

    Energy harvesting irrigation control where control is close to, or in the actuators. Ideally with remote control and sensing and sensor feedback. Low quiescent power critical, and occasional momentary high power demands for actuators, and periodic wireless communication and sensor reports to central monitoring station.

  • Swan74 2018-11-30

    in my actual project i try to use the mesh functionality of esp32.
    the esp send only 10 messages per day and will used in ulp if nothing is done.
    because some of my sensors are outside, temperatures in winter can reach -25°C a normal accu solution to power the sensors can not be done because of operating temperature.
    thatswhy a power harvesting solution with a solar cell and energy storage in supercap 300f will be tested.
    The max 32660 would be one of my evaluated ic’s

  • Maria Michaelidou 2018-12-01

    This would be amazing as a wearable for people to check when their blood pressure is low and give them a warning to take the necessary actions to fix the issue like take proper medicine or increase their salt intake etc

  • Rod Gill 2018-12-02

    To be used in Portable .1 - 28GHz Spectrum Analyzer / VNA.

  • Rod Gill 2018-12-02

    To be used in Portable .1 - 28GHz Spectrum Analyser / VNA.

  • Rod Gill 2018-12-02

    To be used in Portable .1 - 28GHz Spectrum Analyser / VNA.

  • Rod Gill 2018-12-02

    To be used in Portable .1 - 28GHz Spectrum Analyzer / VNA.

  • tailwheeldriver 2018-12-02

    I’d like some environmental sensors (like river flow rates, wildfire-smoke pollution pm2.5 counters) That could be places in more remote areas and communicate with something like LORA radios. Longer battery life on smaller solar panels would reduce the size and cost of deploying a lot of them to distant areas.

  • marsilio.3 2018-12-04

    I would design a IOT device that gives updates at the push of a button in a 3D printed container

  • SRRK 2018-12-04

    My idea is to automate the existing things which we are using already, may be it is home or industry. For example, if we have a electronic unit which doesn’t have intelligent to shutdown automatically. for this instead of buying a new unit with auto shutoff controlled, we can try to build a small unit which can take care of shutdown automatically. This will help wasting of the old unit, cost. This will improve creativity and using the old one with smart technology.

  • Beepboop 2018-12-05

    I’m a student, so not very experienced, and I work on a much smaller scale. I mostly work on my own sensors and automation. The 3D printer would help a lot with making custom enclosures for my projects.

  • bugdirneis 2018-12-06

    Autonomous Glider which operates on solar power. Path finding with weather maps and sensors to effectively use thermals. Path calculation either done on board or externally and transmitted. Gives feedback about position and battery status.

  • Joshua8974 2018-12-06

    Low-cost and scaleable portable heart rate monitor for areas with reduced medical facilities and in times of need where it may not be possible to procure many full-size machines.

  • mstoer 2018-12-07

    I’m interested in making a biometric sensor system for amateur sports (Japanese fencing in particular) that also tracks the arm and sword movement while monitoring the exertion level of the athlete.

  • CharlieO21 2018-12-07

    My idea is to make a traffic monitor with environment sensing to send the data of temperature, humidity and co2 and also the car flow count to the cloud to make a better traffic control.

  • x893 2018-12-08

    Standalone gateway for LORAWAN with extra low power consumption for long time monitoring wild animals.

  • mikper 2018-12-08

    I would make some nice 3d printed aero models surely making legendary spitfire plane and some jet proppeled planes F16, mig 22 f-22 and such. i would love to create maybe tanks or other objects like finally printing myself Curta calculator to show in my school as a project smile

  • jcggive 2018-12-08

    I would use them to design a robot for use inside the particles accelerator tunnel, for inspection purposes.

  • Nikhilb11 2018-12-08

    I would like to build a indicator system for dam overflow or discharge water during rainy season. System can be located in villages nearby river or in area where dam discharges causes issues..

  • mahmood.hassan 2018-12-08

    tinyMonster - SMART Lighting System
    The lightning system used in any normal/smart home or building is still working on century old principle of ON or OFF which need to be modernize to safe precious energy.
    During day time we can use natural light to brighten up our homes/buildings but in the early morning, evening or bad weather when less natural light is available we have to use artificial means of light. Using current lighting systems we simply turn it ON at full power instead of complementing natural light with artificial one. And this result in unnecessary waste of lot of energy.
    So in order to save energy I want to built a lightening system intelligent enough so it can complement the natural light when available, instead of simply turning on and consume maximum power.

  • Natephxaz12 2018-12-08

    I would like to create pollution sencing drones with large enough propellers to blow smog away whenever certain levels carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals are at unsafe levels and basically have some type of filtration device incorperated with them as well to clean up our air quality I live in AZ where we have high pollution advisories and are told to try stay inside I want to eliminate that altogether

  • WM1205 2018-12-10

    First plan is to use the printer to make patterns for metal casting as well as plastic injection die patterns in doing so significantly reducing operating expenses as well as raw materials, tooling, time, and energy costs.
    Second plan would be to use the printer for making replacement parts and assemblies related to my primary job to also effectively keep costs down.
    Third plan is I have a friend who is starting his own enterprise in his garage as I, and he would also benefit from the use of this printer.
    Overall I was planning on visiting the local scrap yards and cobbling a 3D printer together with the entrails of former assembly robots, but time is money and at this stage of the game I am struggling for both. Please consider my associate and I for this 3D printer as it will surely move us forward in a positive manner. Thank you. William M.

  • Frasics 2018-12-11

    I have recently built a radio telescope and would be able to up the incoming signal to something readable by an FPGA board but currently cannot due to the low signal supply.

  • karthick123 2018-12-11

    Agriculture monitoring IoT portable handheld device:
    Agriculture is the major method to produce food for all. Agriculture field surveyor if had a Smart measuring device of parameters like temperature, humidity, soil moisture, sunlight, pressure, wind speed they can give suggestions to farmers how to protect their crop from starving and for good yields. A smart agriculture monitoring portable handheld devices is to be designed with MAX32660 Evaluation Kit by interfacing the sensors like temperature for air temperature measurement, pressure for altitude from sea level to estimate the ground water, humidity for water content in air, hall sensor for wind speed, soil moisture for soil wetness, Light senor for available Sun light intensity, pH meter for soil and water pH value. The digital sensors are interfaced to the MAX32660 Evaluation Kit using I2C, SPI and the data can be visualized on the I2C based LCD display. ESP3266 WiFi module is also interfaced to connect for IoT cloud service for data storing and future analysis. As the device is having low power utility along with low power sensors, designed device need a power source to maintain it for long running. MAX17222 Evaluation Kit can be used to power the low power IoT handheld device due its flexible voltage rating and its silent features. At present there are handheld devices but their power ratings are not fit to the other modules, MAX evaluation kits power rating are flexible to design an advanced and Smart Agriculture monitoring IoT portable handheld device and the status can be recorded in cloud and display on the LCD screen. This device can be useful for horticultures, Aqua farms, Vertical Gardening, Parks, Birds Sanctuary, Zoological parks and meteorologist in their respective fields as a common device. In my opinion this evaluation kits are best choose of my project on monitoring the environmental conditions in real-time and remotely.

  • ram1234 2018-12-12

    An infant incubator is common equipment to pediatric hospitals, birthing centers and neonatal intensive care units. The death caused due to pre-matured births can be controlled by placing them in a proper incubator and the status should be monitored time-to-time. Air temperature, humidity, UV light, baby temperature, heart beat and oxygen flow rate are the measurement to be done to know the status of baby health conditions. At an emergency the newborn baby is to be carried to the nearby multi-specialty hospitals during their carry it is better to have portable incubator so that it is easy to carry and faster. The data can be useful to the doctors to take necessary action. To make all this we need special feature devices by controlling/monitoring remotely. The infant incubator can be monitor remotely once if we design the incubator with wireless device using MAX32660 Evaluation Kit, ESP8266 WiFi chip and necessary sensors. The Max development kit has GPIO pins to interface the MEMS digital sensors like Temp & Hum, Button, Buzzer, UV light, Heart Rate, Oximeter and LCD can be interfaced to MAX32660 Evaluation Kit via I2C, SPI protocol buses. The API design and connected to IoT cloud services can be useful to view the real-time data of baby in mobile app and can take necessary action. Infant incubator can be a portable device with the portable sensors, modules and battery management devices, MAX17222 Evaluation Kit can be used to power the device. MAX17222 Evaluation Kit has silent features to run the device at low power rating for long time run. The portable handheld devices need such type of evaluation kits to design the advanced low power devices. And also the designed incubator can be portable to carry the baby in our lap and hands. In my opinion this device can serve the people at an emergency and can help in saving baby life. In my earlier app which I was created with cayenne, Blynk for temperature measurement of room with Arduino UNO is working successfully which made me more anxious to work for care taking devices which can save life. I can work for this project because I have Hands-on experience with the app designing and programming the MCUs for IoT Smart homes, Medical wearable device and Industrial environment wireless monitoring.

  • istvanbor 2018-12-12

    I would use the board for a home-made medical center. Checks the pulse, the reaction time, the blood-sugar level and other easy-to-check aspects of a person.

  • Vgmcn3 2018-12-12

    I would use this low power microcontroller to design a very low power IOT device such as an environment data collection system. With this power savings capability, you could run these on batteries for long periods of time, which is really desirable to alot of people.

  • David Ward 2018-12-12

    I would use these devices to process bodily function information via optical, chemical and temeprature sensors to record and analyse various bio markers in an effort to help control diabetes for sufferers. Sensors would detect heart rate, blood pressure, sweat and breath chemistry to ascertain blood sugar levels and the rate of change and compare it with current exertion and stress hormone markers to allow patients to understand the impact of their daily routines in the control of their diabetes.

  • hybrian 2018-12-13

    This is best used for remotely deployed sensor node in conjunction with a RF freq. Energy harvester or Tiny solar panel. Having a power consumption that low the sensor node can last forever..

  • ChrisDaley2009 2018-12-13

    With the evaluation kit and 3D printer I will be developing a wearable health monitor for mHealth applications in 3rd world countries.

    With access to a smart phone (which many currently have) more people could have access to more affordable and reliable healthcare.

    Thank you.

  • lahcen005 2018-12-13

    the project for which I want to use the h Maxim Integrated’s nanoPower solutions is making a portable lighting measurments systeem in the train.

  • georgimarian 2018-12-13

    Building an application that monitors body response during fitness activities and gives feedback to enhance the activities and offer the user the best out of the training

  • qukeh1 2018-12-13

    Wearable health fitness monitor. User sets target heart rate range and device will buzz if heart rate goes above or below target values.

  • Snoo 2018-12-13

    I’d like to make a series of products that check on the well-being of seniors living alone.  Motion sensors, hazard sensors, climate monitoring and control, location awareness, communication.

  • Lumbee 2018-12-13

    Device to monitor drivers eyes and sound alarm eyelids remain shut longer than a blink cycle, while vehicle is in motion, intended for CMV (commercial motor vehicle) applocations.

  • Gavkm 2018-12-13

    Light weight parts to reduce drag on motors

  • grifforhys 2018-12-14

    With regards to the printer, my utmost enthusiasm has had it lying in an idea to which I have tried to explain to many… I call this idea the self-analysing, self-producing machine. Hypothetically talking, or even realistically in a year (or a few) my scope would be to print an object using a 3D printer, using algorithms in another 3D printer to analyse the previous printers finished product and determine weak-points of the product whilst then instructing the next printer how to replicate the product with potential weak-points resolved. This process then repeats itself repetitively down the line of printers, although you may ask how long for, surely connecting a minimum of 2-3 printers in a closed-loop arrangement would give a so called ‘infinite’ loop. How far does the analysing and self-production occur before something is produced never seen before? As for the evaluation boards, I enjoy using them to learn from myself and trying to get other students interested in electronics.

  • snuy 2018-12-14

    I would like to use these as a prototype for an input device that can be paired with personal computing or mobile device. It can be inserted into gloves where gestures can be used to manipulate an augmented reality environment for a design workshop or scientific lab. This can facilitate a more intuitive input that can enable easier work environment for various fields. Such a device can easily be scaled for embedded system, mobile devices, and workstations. This application can offer improved productivity tools and collaboration across different industries like engineering, construction, and product development.

  • JosueCom 2018-12-14

    A design that I want to bring into fruition is a group of micro robots that can understand their position relative to other micro robots and the ground. They then can use this information using a neural network update their location to form the pattern of a specified object or shape. I have develop and test some of the ideas of it will work but to test it, I need to be able to print the part and obtain the material needed to build it. As a college student, I don’t have the resources need to build my idea. If given the chance to my hand on some of those materials, it would be a great help. I appreciate your consideration.

  • Fred59 2018-12-14

    I will use these boards to develop a wearable system monitoring the condition of epileptic patients but also other conditions such as diabetes, hypoglycemia or just sleep monitoring.

  • tburde 2018-12-14

    Really useful low cost IoT devices or wearables, where they can be placed and forgotten about for long periods of times. Perhaps medical monitoring devices integrated into watch straps or into prosthetics. Things like automatic hob devices to prevent fires or tank level monitors with water quality reporting.

  • currywurst 2018-12-14

    My goal is to extend the capabilities of 3D printers into the realm of producing programmable, networked devices, including automated electrical assembly from prefabricated components, all within the 3D printer. Researchers have already made the first steps, printing temperature sensors and WiFi-enabled flowmeters, and I successfully printed one of the open-source printable DC motor designs. Thanks to technologies like solar picocells, supercapacitors and conductive filament, it would be possible to go a step further and create small modules with programmable microcontrollers powered by a lifetime battery, connected to input and output modules placed on small PCBs and fed into the printer on tapes or trays, just like it is done in SMT electronic assembly. Creating a universal 3D printer toolhead that includes a solder paste dispenser and a vacuum gripper for components is actually pretty easy. With MAX32660 and MAX17222 serving as the heart and brain of the programmable modules, one could easily use a coin cell, a tiny Li-Po cell or one of those cutting-edge lithium-ceramic ultra-thin batteries. With very low power consumption of the Maxim modules, that battery would not have to be replaced or charged during the devices’ lifetime.

  • nika5 2018-12-14

    I want to develop a low-power dog collar with a GSM and GPS connection, but very low power consumption. I want to achieve this by keeping the collar’s electronics idle during everyday operation, simply counting time. If the dog’s owner presses a button/touches an NFC tag to the collar, the counting is restarted, as we know the animal is at home and tracking is not required. Only after an abnormally high time out of touch with its humans, would the dog’s collar go on alert and start transmitting its GPS position via GSM to a web service. Using the components from the giveaway would make it possible to run on a small Lithium ion battery in the idle state for a very long time, with conveniently few recharges. It would also be a voice in the debate on gadgets and privacy, as the connectivity features would only be used in emergency, and never in regular operation, with no risk of tracking the user’s behavior patterns or similar.

  • tmos540 2018-12-19

    I had a design that I roughed out in school that basically was a 3D printed pallette with magnets embedded right under the shell, and with velcro straps that attach to your thigh or offhand, with these little pieces that zip tied onto the end of your drafting tools. Cuz I kept losing my 0.03 pencil every time I went for my eraser.

  • daveincarthage 2018-12-19

    That 3D printer would be just what I need for making drone parts.

  • john mc donnell 2018-12-19

    3D printers are a neat way of making a proto type part , fixture or fitting.
    It can be a pre life to revolutionary products.

  • Jmon2 2018-12-19

    Building a 5 axis combination mill lathe to be able to do both applications in making parts or creating a better solution to parts issues that arrise in the everyday application of medical, aerospace, and automotive industries.

  • jknuckles316 2018-12-19

    as a gamer i would work on development of the next generation of gaming and portability. simple and sweet!

  • Tatkativy 2018-12-19

    I would create a yarn bowl for my mom that could tally her length of yarn used and perhaps a develop a stitch counter with it for her as well. This small idea would mean the world to her.

  • kkopren 2018-12-19

    Have a couple ideas for medical calibration equipment as well as Robotics and drone related equipment prototypes. Drone related equipment would be for Search and Rescue applications.  Hope I win. grin

  • Bikerles 2018-12-19

    I would like to design some adds for my older father to manage around the house like handles to fit him and hand grips in place so as he has a disease that he is loosing his leg muscles so he don’t fall the store bought ones are to hard for him to use and so many other ideas because with these products it is almost limitless of what I could do for others in what they need to help them live a easier life.

  • Sohodt 2018-12-20

    I would create a temperature control system for small greenhouses for tropical plants to keep them at an optimal temperature.

  • Sohodt 2018-12-20

    I would create a temperature control system for small greenhouses or either an LED lighting system for a seven foot beer stein for my new reality game show, Pub Knights. A drinking game for dart players.

  • Slickryk 2018-12-20

    To be completely honest I don’t know what you’re really looking for here in terms of an answer. I’m currently a student studying technology and art and would love to get my hands on something like this to bring to my professor and learn how I could incorporate the equipment into my studies.

  • Tweetyangel46953 2018-12-20

    I do lots of crafts. I would love to make a special design cup of shirt.

  • LWarner 2018-12-20

    Not certain this qualifies, but I’d like to set up temperature and humidity monitors for greenhouses tomeasure inside and outside conditions and changes ventilation panels accordingly.

  • Michaelcombs 2018-12-20

    Gonna sound silly but want to build items from science fiction

  • massimo.del.rosso 2018-12-20

    Hello to all, I would like to use this 3D printer environment to create supports for innovative RF and/or sensors coils and antennas with non-mouldable geometries, with movable assemblies inside ...

  • txalan 2018-12-20

    Designing personal assistance devices.

  • GilDev 2018-12-20

    I’d really like to build a wristband (or another wearable accessory) which reacts to other ones. That means at school, my wristband would light up and pulse one specific color when a friend comes close to me, and his one would light up too in the same color. As we get closer, the pulse would get faster and faster, like an increasing heartbeat when you get close to your friends and family. Like that, each friend would trigger a different color.

  • refamat 2018-12-20

    Great stuff you have here btw. Would be great used for intelligent solar powered solar tracking devices at remote locations to maximize passive solar water collection.

  • Rild99 2018-12-20

    Looking to automate steampunk creations

  • frieza619 2018-12-20

    I Like To Create Robots So A 3D Printer Would Be Awesome To Create Awesome Designs Into Robots With RasberryPie To Control It

  • Sherm444 2018-12-20

    Want a printer to print custom headstock covers to protect and decorate guitars.

  • Sherm444 2018-12-20

    Want a printer to print custom headstock covers to protect and decorate guitars.

  • donwilde1 2018-12-20

    Audio gadget that gives kids questions to think about and leads them towards answers that evoke a creation of Self that is unique. IoT-connected and global.

  • Helen Trinh 2018-12-20

    I will use them for study and personal project. I can learn new thing by using them,

  • KATCO 2018-12-20

    I have some child safety ideas I would like to print and see how well they hold up

  • dethodeth 2018-12-20

    I’d like to design and build a DIY security system. smile

  • keavenbrown123 2018-12-20

    i would like to make chess peices ty

  • JediRebel 2018-12-20

    I would love to develop a wearable/ portable device that could provide visual indication of safety for wilderness resources like water/ food. The 3D printer would help in rapid prototyping the design

  • Tomcs21 2018-12-20

    As a high school teacher these kits would be ideal for inspiring the future engineers of tomorrow!

  • vengateshd 2018-12-20

    As a Electronics Engineeer based on this board i will be building small tiny efficient flybots which is fitted with small quad rotor and other sensors (like gas sensor,gyro,etc..) to monitor hazardous chemical substances and other parameters. As this product proves to be fit for my project because of small dimension and low (300nA Quiescent Supply Current ) which substantially reduces power consumption due to its high efficiency (95% Peak Efficiency).And the size lithium ion battery which i am planning to use will have small size which finally makes it ideal for flying application.

    Thank You

  • vengateshd 2018-12-20

    As a electronics engineer i will build a small efficient flybot that can fit into our palm and it will be used to
    monitor the hazardous chemical substance.It is fitted with small quad rotor and other sensors(like gas sensor,gyro,etc)
    As this module has very small dimension and less power consumption(300nA Quiescent Supply Current) This product will ideally fit
    for me and everyone who are trying to build smiliar kind of this.With high efficiency (95% Peak Efficiency) and wide voltgae range selection of dc-dc converter
    makes the idea substantially a great one.Due to less in weight ans small in dimension this makes the product really small and
    easier to fly!!!

  • Edward Barchard 2018-12-21

    I would make various devices from toys for my nephew and puzzles for adults to casing for electronics , prosthetic parts, replacement parts, and robotics.

  • thejoshed 2018-12-21

    Create a wearable to automatically carry out take based upon proximity.

  • Edward Barchard 2018-12-21

    I would make various devices from toys for my nephew and puzzles for adults to casing for electronics , prosthetic parts, replacement parts, and robotics.

  • Edward Barchard 2018-12-21

    I would make various devices from toys for my nephew and puzzles for adults to casing for electronics , prosthetic parts, replacement parts, and robotics.

  • KimGaard 2018-12-21

    I’m thinking about creating some kind of heart rate monitor for infants so it would possible to detect if their heart rate is dropping doing sleep. They can role over in bed and suffocate. I know you can buy bed sheets with this kind of tech, but I found them very unreliable so I have a different kind of setup in mind

  • Lyntonc 2018-12-21

    Wearable vital signs monitor built into military combat wear to aid treatment of injuries by non medics or that would transmit this information to remite medical post so instructions could be given. Sensors for physiological parameters could be implanted subcutaneously and the soldier needs only to plug himself into his combat wear. The whole external unit could be protected by 3D printable protective case made of highly resistant lightweight material. Running repairs of damaged equipment could be accomplished by installing 3D printer at bases in the field.

  • Emehgee 2018-12-21

    Would love to build a low powered remote wildlife/security camera, incorporating solar like others have mentioned would be a great idea.

  • Maycon 2018-12-21

    I’m finishing my electrical mechanical course so this board would help me to build my project and also use as my personal 3d printer

  • unstable_bunny 2018-12-21

    Turn my home water heater wireless along with building an app to control it from my mobile as well as setting timers so I won’t worry about forgetting to turn it off.

  • Piperfms 2018-12-21

    I would start off making things for my grandkids. Just to learn. I would be new to this. So was I get the hang of it I am sure ideas would be endless! Very exciting technology!

  • SDumler 2018-12-21

    Capacitor base battery systems, and LIDAR system type bots that predict winds in front of turbine generators, so they are facing the wind before it gets there, not having to wait and turn to it after it arrives, also these bots can recharge on wind power too. If I take a Prusa printer home I’ll make a block that fits into your tow hitch receiver, use the local school mascot “Cardinals” sell them and donate to sports program for new uniforms

  • cjkid1964 2018-12-21

    working with staubli robots in automotive automation has its challenges with cable management. I would use the printer to develop customized protypes for cable management in our production workstations.

  • Coffinguy 2018-12-21

    Making findings for my jewelry box business.

  • nwglaser2 2018-12-21

    I am developing a Roomba based security drone with video, sound and environmental sensors

  • tyler72us 2018-12-21

    Creat a 3d printer from 3d printed parts.  That ways excluding electronics it can self replicate and you will always have spare parts ready.

  • DrMarioKart 2018-12-21

    I think I’d play around with home security gizmos to start.  involving motion sensing or trip wires.

  • Planecrazy361 2018-12-21

    I am working on a combination remote control lawn mower and snowblower, and also looking at the idea of wearables that would help predict when somebody is overstressing themselves while shoveling snow.  Hope to win! wink

  • csraxll 2018-12-21

    I want to prototype a device capable of sense the ambient conditions in greenhouses and communicate this information to a server where all this data will be collected and processed giving it back instructions to modify certain actuators to match the ideal growing conditions for the plants in it.

  • emeraldmaz 2018-12-21

    Not totally sure currently.  If I win I will plan something outstanding.

  • mrbusby 2018-12-21

    I have friends with rheumatoid arthritis. I’d like to design a personal droid which would be environment aware, e.g. sense walls) and be bluetooth connected to the person. The droid would help carry books, groceries; sort of like an intelligent wagon, which would follow the person at distance and carry their stuff.

  • Morten Kjeldbjerg 2018-12-21

    Build a digital photo frame for family pictures

  • Echotwozero 2018-12-21

    I am deeply passionate about the field of IoT. I would like to build wearable device for health monitoring. Also would like to investigate to use the features of the eval kit for topics involving neural networks

  • jbuchanan1970 2018-12-21

    Design a personalized sonogram

  • Holly748 2018-12-21

    I want to build items to help go off grid more, for example a turbine control.  If I win the 3D printer the possibilities are endless.

  • Holly748 2018-12-21

    If I win I want to use it to help us go off grid more,  being in rural area for example a wind turbine control.  If I win the grand prize 3D printer what wouldn’t I make? The possibilities would be endless.

  • FrugalGuy 2018-12-21

    I’d evaluate these for increasing the logging time for sensors used in our state parks, recording usage of trails.

  • DiamondDuane 2018-12-21

    I plan on incorporating this into our creators space.  We run a gamers space, hobby shop and makers space.  We have nerds & other creative types who could make fabulous use of this technology.

  • Babygurl 2018-12-21

    I need it to finish building a patch that not only monitors blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, carb level, blood sugar, but sends an alert to your phone if these numbers go above/below custom set ranges inside an app.

  • Cbydesign 2018-12-21

    I would make a baby monitor for when my son is sleeping. No more worrying if he is breathing!

  • Senomar 2018-12-21

    I am currently building a 1/12 scale Proof-of-concept High altitude High speed Air vehicle.
    The aircraft incorporates 4 PDE (Pulse Detonation Engine) engines of two different designs. A “Pulsejet” engine that can take the aircraft to designated speeds from a standing start and Next Is a “Ramjet” Ramjet Engines do not work at all from a dead stop and they don’t start breathing until 1000 MPH, The fuselage and powerplant have been designed for each other so that the Ramjet will start to work as low as 350 MPH.
    I have ducts opening and closing, I have cameras servos for flight controls, fuel delivery, Charging systems, throttle, etc. I am Hopeful that I can control all of these with the Nanopowered –enabled boards.
    Component mounts, actuators, radios, power supplies, etc. The Prusa 3D printer would be a god send! Everything above can be covered. The amount of parts that can be produced is only hindered by the imagination. Plugs for molds can be produced.  Aerodynamic models for air flow testing and wing design testing!
    There is so much can be accomplished and quickly if I were to obtain one of the closely contested Winner’s slots.

  • 2018-12-22

    I want to make a wireless total swimming pool controller that can talk to and be controlled from a smart phone.

  • Mack Peyatt Jr 2018-12-22

    I’m building a zero-field generator, without so many details, it creates unlimited energy, that of which will used to power a “propulsion engine” and a 3d printer will make making duplicate parts soooo much easier. Anything that will this poor mad scientist to bring his inventions into this world would be fantastic.

    • Mack Peyatt Jr 2018-12-22

      Heck, just an evaluation kit would be wonderful, seeing as my devices will have a ot of internal electronics that will need constant testing.

  • druve 2018-12-22

    3d printed robot leg for humans. which will reduced the cost of manufacturing.
    The chip max17222 I will use in my new project wearable hologram watch which will useful for long battery life. 

  • kavish laxkar 2018-12-22

    With the help of kits and sensors i am going to built a helping device for visual disabled people such the while doing their daily routine work that will help them to detect the object/ obsticle between them and will alert them via audio or vibration alarmwith complete automationa and security. Similarly for the people who cannot listen (deaf) will make a device which will help them via vibration or sensation technique for the ease in life as same as normal person and will introduce all the feature in one complete device with the help of arduino ,IOT and sensors to make them perfect and in this way they can feel as they are offcourse equivalent to normal one. Such devices are just one step away to be built, over to god! Hoping for best.

  • Snowmanii 2018-12-22

    A wireless thermometer transceiver that can regulate temperature by sending a signal to heading and cooling source

  • Sworddude 2018-12-22

    The packs will go to my son who is in robotic classes in jr high.

    The 3rd printer will be for me designing and printing models kits for those cool cartoon, tv and movie vehicles from childhood on up…

  • artis 2018-12-22

    Collecting of data set from gas sensors an camera for machine learning for odor recognition

  • Royce817 2018-12-22

    It would nice to be able to automate the removal of object once the 3d print is finished, since the bed is already heated. That way you can have it automatically start a new print.

  • thor403 2018-12-22

    I am considering specialized parts (mold masters) and low power applications for small electro- mechanical items.

  • Sorka 2018-12-22

    I do knitting so perhaps some kind of automatic knitting machine would be interesting!

  • Dandesc 2018-12-22

    Build industrial alternative alongside leaky-feeder rf comm in mining plant; helmet monitoring every worker trough low energy & low cost zigbee mesh-like multipoint communication for maximum security, routed with strategically placed comm pods linked to existing leaky-feeder to provide vital sign & position to the surface. Powered by the lighting battery.
    Helmet attachment and case 3d printed.

  • Aydelott 2018-12-22

    I teach principles of manufacturing machineing 1-2 I would use this for all kind of different things. But first I would make a device to load programs into our older cnc useing a flash drive and get rid of the rs232 cable. We could also really use the printer additive manufacturing is part of are state standards. Unfortunately my class doesn’t have a printer that works so I have to bring in my personal one when we

  • amhaney 2018-12-22

    I would love to challenge my students to design wearables that might tackle health issues such as low blood sugar, seizure detection, movement tracker, or high blood pressure. I think that there is value in encouraging young minds to think. With the correct tools and a 3D printer, their world along with my guidance could be changed forever, all while they change others lives forever!

  • Trushant Adeshara 2018-12-22

    Recently I am working on project to convert my whole apartment into smart home using arduino, rasberry pi,alexa, google home mini and other IoT add ons. These is going to be one of the most challenging and fun project to me. And I think this kit could help me get most of my device control.

  • Leszek 70 2018-12-22

    designing a mini bluetooth transmitter with the possibility of contactless charging. the device will, depending on the configuration, collect and / or send to the phone / cloud the data from the sensors do not exclude modular construction depending on the needs of connecting and disconnecting the components of the set

  • Ronbaer 2018-12-22

    Using this to recreate automotive clips on antique cars that are no longer available and to start looking into wearables

  • N5KS 2018-12-22

    Since my recent retirement, I am finding time to build upon my knowledge of electronics.  My 48+ years as a ham radio operator was an easy step into the current world of the maker.  Any of the giveaways would easily help me in my endeavor of advancing my knowledge.

  • Devigned 2018-12-22

    Make a test instrument for technicians to use

  • Printing parts for my cnc project

  • Sirenaria 2018-12-22

    As an aspiring designer of neural prosthetics, my hope is to use a 3D printer to fabricate and implement my designs for lighter weight, reproducible prosthetic limbs. My goal is to lower the consumer cost of custom fit prosthetics, which are inaccessible to many around the world.

  • tyreynolds0123 2018-12-22

    I’m still learning the techniques and technology myself. I am interested in being able to automate so common household furniture and create IoT for handicapped people. Also to create a small weather station for local farmers that can be used via mobile app.

  • tettrateryon 2018-12-22

    autonomous robot for waste disposal

  • pkuprian 2018-12-22

    Coin cell battery as power source (1.5V Silver Oxide) thus need advantage of the low Iq/power loss/efficient computation.
    Circuit is a GPS only locator (areas w/o cellular coverage).  Applications include hikers/skiers/adventurers that are in the “wilderness”.  This will allow them to know where they are.  Additional apps include monitoring sea currents (free floating buoy), wind currents (weather ballons), iceberg movement, etc.

  • Bpeterson76 2018-12-22

    I have an idea for a training device for hockey and other ball sports using sensors and LEDs plus some programming to build a device that can improve accuracy, reflexes, and decision making

  • indeterminate 2018-12-22

    Probably something involving sensors in soil to automate watering. I’m super lazy about gardening.

  • cjordan84 2018-12-22

    Recreate the missing battery covers to my remotes.  Not kidding smile

  • Mathi612 2018-12-22

    Im a design student and I would like to design a device for the health/ medical industry for my thesis. I am thinking of designing an interactive projection that can fit in any long term care room to help improve mental health and promote mental healing.

  • System123 2018-12-23

    I’d create a mobile camera trap with an extended life span and additional sensors in order to monitor animal routes, and detect poachers by listening for speech or sound abnormalities.

    The second idea would be a low cost, long life smoke and gas detector for rural areas which will allow for deployment in slums where fires cause mass damage every year.

  • cachedshad0w 2018-12-23

    During my bachelor thesis I made a EMG sensor for stroke patients to control an exoskeleton. I would like to try to shrink my design and make it less power hungry. A wireless data transmission would be nice to improve usability.

  • Frank420 2018-12-23

    Wearable transferrin saturation monitor

  • Dandandan 2018-12-23

    I’d like to develop a tiny solar-powered floating sensor. It would monitor its location and periodically sent the data home, and using a large number we could accurately map the currents on the ocean surface and track where plastics in the ocean end up.

  • UV100 2018-12-23

    I am going to design a Lithium-Ion computerize hi-speed IC in circuit tester
    This tester can test any Lithium-Ion charger (IC) fast and without any battery attached to it
    The Tester will have a serial interface for printing the result and can be used as apart of production line for testing product with LI-ION battery charger IC on board
    Display the result with GO - NOGO test for fast test
    Will have changeable parameter for different type of charger and battery

  • Astainhellbring 2018-12-23

    Son and I would build stem projects for school classes and fairs.

  • Turnipbomb 2018-12-23

    Been exploring ways to enhance virtual and augmented reality experiences; this’d be a boon! I live with artists too, so that 3D printer would be going non-stop, I tell ya.

  • Jolene 2018-12-23

    I homeschool my son, who is very interested in computers, electronics and has begun pursuing Arduino and robotics. He makes dream wish lists on Amazon of components for the projects he envisions and the scope of many have blown me away.

  • rlepra 2018-12-23

    Explore the creation of elements to control remotely processes

  • QuiteTrite 2018-12-23

    Use this to build a multi-axis robotic arm.

  • Zechor 2018-12-23

    Make more affordable wearable ekg for my infant daughter. It shouldn’t cost 1k for her to wear a halter monitor for one day.

  • Japagaijin 2018-12-23

    Voice/light sensor activated room lights for people with mobility issues

  • Glen Zachariah 2018-12-23

    An incentive spirometer is a medical device used to help patients improve the functioning of their lungs.

    Currently available incentive spirometers used widely in hospitals have several limitations. Some of them are as follows :
    • No mechanism to remind users to use the device
    • No scope for recording or tracking the changes in respiratory volume
    • Lack of motivation for patients to use the device due to insufficient feedback
    • Doctors have no way of confirming adequate usage by the patients

    I’m trying to gamify the process of using an incentive spirometer. The more the device is used, the higher the score. The scores or stats can be viewed on the user’s phone or can even be indicated on a small display attached to the device. Doctors, will then be able to accurately and reliably see the daily progress made by the patient.
    The evaluation kit will help me to design the system and I’ll be able to print a custom enclosure using the 3D printer.

  • Grayman1031 2018-12-23

    I build and tinker with raspberry pi. I would use the printer to design and make custom parts for drones and robots. As well as designing and making custom dice sets for gaming

  • Jonathan Rorobi 2018-12-23

    Curently, I am working on automating the manual processes in my Fish Farm. I intent to use Rasberry PI via IOT to completely automate my Fish farm. However my goal is is to develop and implement a Smart Fish farming.

  • rlwheelwright 2018-12-23

    Donate to heatsync labs in Mesa AZ, for stem projects

  • ounavcon 2018-12-23

    Many manufacturers today are working to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their overall efficiency through the Industry 4.0 initiative. This has led to an exponential increase in monitoring parts of the manufacturing process that are not possible using the existing infrastructure. To be able to monitor and measure these processes, I have been creating battery powered mobile devices that can either monitor the existing signals or perform parallel measurement. Due to in the growth in the IIoT space, I am always on the look out for devices that can extend the applications usable life of the device. I would like to see how these devices can help me reach that goal.

  • Oliveira 2018-12-23

    Robotic humanoid musician, it should interpret midi protocol and translate it in real time figuer and arm movement, parts 3d printed and cnc made all diy

  • Bighungry 2018-12-23

    I am interested in designing a gesture-based model railroad controller for disabled model railroaders.

  • Bradyreetz 2018-12-23

    Consumer robotics. In the next decade robotics will become a bug component in the household. I am working on creating industrial level robotics for consumer markets. This is mainly I. The form of robotic arms that can 3d print, cut, weld, solder, mill, and a variety of other task with a simple auto-learn feature

  • MissRoseNoir 2018-12-23

    I wish I to create a more efficient way for art and wearable accessories to have lights and interactive parts that will last for years, but will also be replaceable without having to create an entirely new piece.

  • sebborn 2018-12-23

    Office news & weather LED ticker with national newsfeeds and local sensor input. Ability for local government to transmit alerts/warnings to the ticker and trigger an audio warning.

  • sebborn 2018-12-23

    Battery backed up LED ticker with national news and weather (via internet) along with local environmental conditions (sensors) and ability for local government to send alerts and trigger an audio signal.

  • moestep 2018-12-23

    To design and build special lighting effects and power them with low voltage. To run them from the lighting board ether dmx wired or wireless.

  • candymanpit 2018-12-23

    How about shoes or boots.

  • PlaneGuy 2018-12-23

    I honestly don’t know where to begin. I tend to invent things on the fly as I see something that needs to be done. A 3D printer would be awesome

  • PlaneGuy 2018-12-23

    I honestly don’t know where to begin. I tend to invent things on the fly as I see something that needs to be done. A 3D printer would be awesome

  • big65 2018-12-23

    A small wearable medical device designed to monitor vitals of those with significant medical issues whether physical or mental or both.  It would include a passive GPS and a cellular module and wifi card, the device could activate the GPS and cell module to contact first responders if the wearer’s vitals go beyond a preset range as directed by a doctor and it would call emergency services with the wearer’s vitals and the location from the GPS card.  The wifi card can be activated to listen for a locator signal from first responders and then turn on the cell card for triangulation or instead emit a loud chime and an led strobe light to locate the wearer if they are lost in an off the path location.  Ideally, this device would be worn by those who suffer from dementia and Alzheimers, the mentally impaired and autistic children who are prone to wandering off.  A long life battery pack can be used along with a Seebeck generator on a small scale that would generate current from the body heat of the wearer or use MIT’s MEMS generator to maintain a charge on the battery.

  • KnightPaladin 2018-12-24

    Nanotechnology that can construct buildings, walls, roads, consumer products, etc, on a miniature scale for prototype testing.

  • Shrikesong 2018-12-24

    As a maker who always looks for new projects, I hope to use these kits to experiment with some projects involving lighting and maybe circuit bending with local DJs. A 3D printer would be great to help me fabricate craft items.

  • c4m4ch0 2018-12-24

    I would create with a MAX17222 + MAX32660 evaluation kit a portable datalogger for monitoring air quality and environmental (levels of CO, CO2, temperature, humidity, etc.) in a custom 3D box.

  • abeluna 2018-12-24

    I would like to create a computer that can plug into other devices and discover their capabilities.

  • Mike race 2018-12-24

    I am designing a curriculum for homeschoolers.  The printer would be great in designing items for hands on learning.

  • Amarie529 2018-12-24

    My 8 year old, already striving to be an engineer, would be the one to put all this to work. He says he will most likely build a robot of sorts to start with, using the 3d printer to make the parts. He wants to make everyday tasks a little easier for people. After that he says he will go from there, options are endless!

  • jscupstid 2018-12-24

    Working on a wearable deice that helps workers identify the location of others in an environment for safety reasons.  By using vibration, visible signals and audio signals when workers are close to one another.  For example, a fork-lift operator may not know that a hearing impaired person is just around the corner.  The devices worn by each worker would notify the workers of their proximity helping to avoid an accident.

  • Gr8Gallo 2018-12-24

    Expansion parts or at least make your product able to be added too. I see your printer and I love it, but immediately I want to make it bigger, once I got it home I’d be taking it apart and trying to expand its boundaries to make bigger products.

  • Wookiee2000 2018-12-24

    Designing custom antenna parts for various ham radio projects. I also have a friend who makes robots for steampunk projects, bet he’d want to make parts for that too.

  • Arrbuc 2018-12-24

    Equalizer for external amp for hearing impaired.

  • wa3zgt 2018-12-24

    “Star Trek” style hand-held bio-medical evaluation tool. NOT non-contact, but it would use “artificial” “nose” - to smell what may be wrong with a patient, and “tongue” to test for surface contamination. Results would be integrated with a new - or existing medical patch or heart condition monitor. Example: Smart bracelets would even call 911 if a cardiac event was detected.

  • ihhazmi 2018-12-24

    I’m planning to build an educational evaluation board that helps anyone to learn basic concepts of logic design!

  • Corsar 2018-12-24

    project: emergency motorcycle radio system linked to mobile phone

  • Thespica93 2018-12-25

    I am going to use the printer to create decorations and props for my Christmas display.

  • KtownMaker 2018-12-25

    Wearable tech: Maybe intergrate into staff is cards, a device that alerts the nearest staff when CPR and other code type help is needed in a hospital. Helping cut down on CPR down time. Also gives audible feedback on Cpr quality to staff member proformjng CPR. I would love to help save lives and if this device even saved one it would make it all worth while for me.

  • TJoseph 2018-12-25

    Build a system that tracks energy usage in my residence building until March so that we can implement student/resident-level solutions to energy wastage in rooms for National Engineering Month (Canada) and energy initiatives in our University!

  • sbrewer 2018-12-25

    Building miniature electronics for my daughters doll house.

  • DANNYSEBAHAR 2018-12-25

    I used to be a Tax Accountant but got into DIY Electronics and figured I would get a job at a national “Makerspace” called TechShop in San Francisco. I loved working there, however they went BANKRUPT WHILE I WAS THERE. So I’m appealing to your Kind heart to help me fulfill my initial dream of using a 3D Printer to create Artwork that I can cheaply make and place randomly around the city of San Francisco. I was also thinking of creating little puzzles out of Blocks and scavenger hunts with the pieces. But we will see!

  • Podney 2018-12-25

    Programmable ioT ‘submarine’ drones to maneuver, collect and store marine datapoints. Solar assisted power operation.