Omron Sensor Evaluation Board Giveaway

Giveaway Overview 

Enter our partnered giveaway with Omron to win one of three 2JCIE-EV series Sensor Evaluation Boards. With these easy to connect sensor boards, you will have access to already mounted temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure, noise, and acceleration sensors. Let us know in the ideas section what board you are interested in, what you would want to evaluate with that board, and also fill out the below form for your chance to win one of three boards! 

Board Features

• Supports 3 Platforms: Raspberry Pi (2JCIE-EV01-RP1), Arduino (2JCIE-EV01-AR1), and Feather (2JCIE-EV01-FT1)

• Six Type of Sensing Functions Included: Temperature, Humidity, Light, Air Pressure, Noise and Acceleration

• The boards can be connected to OMRON sensors: MEMS thermal sensor, MEMS flow sensor, light convergent reflective sensor, air quality sensor, etc. These must be purchased separately outside of the giveaway program.

• Includes a connector that supports Qwiic sensors

• Cable harness included for giveaway winner- must be purchased separately outside of the giveaway program. See datasheet for more information.

Board Benefits 

• Easily implement the development of a new IoT system that senses a wide variety of environmental information

• No software program preparation needed

• Supports open platform-sample source code available on GitHub

• Evaluate Omron sensors easily with whichever board is preferred


*Only one board and corresponding harness is awarded- additional sensors should be acquired by the winner

Giveaway already ended 819 days ago.

  • J
    jblank January 27, 2021

    I would want to have a number of these sensors in my HVAC system to measure its efficiency. For heating, I’d want to measure the exhaust temperature vs temperature at each of the room vents as wells as the volumetric flow and humidity. That would let me see the overall efficiency and operating status of the system as well as detect combustion products in the breathable air. It would also monitor the status of the filters by measuring air pressures. Plus, I’d also have home intrusion detection by using the accelerometer sensor. I’d use the light detector to vary the system programming depending if the sun was shining directly on the home.

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  • C
    CharlieO21 January 27, 2021

    I want to make an environmental station to detect forest fires and send an alert notification to the forest guard to be able to reduce the amount of forest land consumed by fires

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  • sudhytd January 28, 2021

    I want the sensor to monitor performance of air-conditioner and hence control power consumption .The microphone analyzes the surrounding ambient sounds for human beings and use the information to control air-conditioner. Also intrusion alert by analyzing ambient sounds.

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