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In an effort to help engineers address the broad range of rapidly growing IoT applications, these intuitive development kits provide accelerated development timeframes for solutions and are compatible with a wide range of applications. A few to mention being connected wellness and industrial wearables, predictive maintenance, asset tracking and industrial tools.  

These kits specifically contain:

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148 Ideas

  • wnoliveira 2018-10-31

    I will use this kit to make a MVP for a bluetooth waveform analyser!

  • tiopepe123 2018-11-01

    e-ink and bluetooth ticket mesh

  • marissa.nb 2018-11-01

    I will use it to automate the blinds in my room

  • stansmi 2018-11-01

    I will use it for home purpose in which I will use Raspberry Pi (with OpenCV installed) to detected the face and if it matches the face then it will give signal to this board where this board can help in closing and opening of entrance door. I can add one more feature of after Raspberry Pi detects the face then it sends text on phone asking about ‘AC and TV turn ON?’, if user replies ‘Y’ then it will turn ON using this board.

  • DKWatson 2018-11-01

    I intend to develop Bluetooth Mesh solutions for industrial and home automation. It is vital to have devices from a variety of manufacturers working together.

  • dziedzic99 2018-11-02

    Sensor for monitoring of occupation of my parking space to notify me when my neighbor uses it.

  • ACVargas 2018-11-02

    I want to build a sensor systems for sense current in my house and tracking with BLE until my cellphone.

  • dcone 2018-11-02

    Power meter for home. Monitor and display power usage for a house.

  • Verhalen 2018-11-02

    I would use this kit for remotely controlling battery systems that involve Power conversion. I would also use this to develop IoT for hvac systems and thermostats

  • mstoer 2018-11-02

    Will use it for house/home environmental control.  Heat, lights as well as run dehumidifier as needed with remote monitoring/control by phone.

  • Vitthal Dhone 2018-11-02

    Want to develop a system from which i can handle many device by Bluetooth. which includes industrial sensors, if got success, it will be huge beneficial for industrial applications.

  • cgrein 2018-11-03

    I will use it in my hand finger flexion detection system using near infrared

  • likeaxis 2018-11-03

    I’ll be using this to control and automate my lighting schedule for my garden lights, drip feed system, and nutrient reservoirs. I may also develop some sort of pH monitor with this kit in the future.

  • thor403 2018-11-03

    I will use this for home projects , using sensors for a variety of purposes.

  • rayzliant 2018-11-03

    I will use that component for home detection   of energy spillage

  • willyjamestaylor 2018-11-03

    Link up to a new 3D printer for real time updates of printing status and whatnot, so that I do not have to monitor for errors myself. Especially when trialling new hardware and software for a printer as there is likely to be problems at some point, but we all have other things to do and can’t watch it all the time.

  • edwardedd 2018-11-04

    This should be a good upgrade to my robotic vacuum cleaner, a remote control is used to control or navigate the movement of the vacuum cleaner ,so lets say you dropped some bread crumps, all you got to do is control the cleaner to were the bread crumps are and turn on sucking. I can use the Bluetooth module to make the controller wireless instead of having long wires scattered about

  • dani31 2018-11-05

    i’m working on Amharic(Ethiopian) speech recognition….i’ll use to switch on and of light using Amharic command…it’s hard to find this kind of devices here.

  • Dogie425 2018-11-05

    I want to use it with my wireless keyboard to give it functionality without the dongle

  • Dogie425 2018-11-05

    Add it to my keyboard to give it functionality without the dongle

  • Work on a smart interactive node for a project I work on that interacts with an Android application.

  • gjjozsa 2018-11-05

    Active environmental monitoring to warn sensitive individuals to take appropriate action(s) when certain environments are entered. ie. Respiratory conditions/wearable air quality monitoring/light spectrum analysis

  • Akeel 2018-11-05

    I will use it in in my smart home design

  • vrock 2018-11-06

    i would use it with my electronic keyboard to make its speakers bluetooth operable so that i can play songs on it from my smartphone

  • lihaj 2018-11-06

    I will use it to automate a stroller

  • bavatar 2018-11-06

    I would like to leverage this enabling technology combined with some of my developments of high performance processing, energy conservation circuits and artificial intelligence to achieve a new level of automation that I can apply to crafting innovative solutions for home automation.

  • NikolaJP 2018-11-06

    I intend to use it with an arduino to make a mkdel of an automated city

  • raviurao 2018-11-07

    Security system with remote monitoring.

  • Dynamic_geek 2018-11-07

    I would connect it to an android device using it to control mechanical devices and also for home automation

  • Arpit Shrivastava 2018-11-07

    for programming my arduino boards wirelessly.

  • pie_rat 2018-11-07

    to communicate to my Drone

  • Nathan Keuneke 2018-11-07

    It is my intention to use this kit as a platform for an automated greenhouse environmental monitoring station. Potentially with the ability to add modules in mesh for larger greenhouses such as those used in commercial cannabis and produce operations.

  • electronics117 2018-11-07

    To study Bluetooth.

  • Sandeepan Roy 2018-11-08

    Bluetooth module can be used for IoT as a beacon for use in the application of machine to machine communication especially for vehicle safety alert system. The car or truck will have a beacon(bluetooth module) which will enable the driver to know about he incoming vehicle on its way which is not visible for the driver as in case of an intersection. This will help driver either slow down or stop the vehicle. The beacon will be receiving signals from either the transmission modules installed at the intersection or the transmitter installed in the car looking for vehicles in its range.

  • CharlieO21 2018-11-08

    I’ll use the Bluetooth Low Energy IoT Development Kit to make an air quality node sensor.
    This node will be in offices and schools.

  • Isai0123 2018-11-09

    I will build a home thater system

  • zach.agostine 2018-11-10

    IoT has the potential to revolutionize the home healthcare industry by providing responsive and low cost tools for those who have disabilities or limited dexterity.  Examples include smart locks, voice controlled/gesture controlled appliances, and emergency assistance.  I would love the opportunity to build any and all of these projects.

  • Jacob Davisson 2018-11-10

    My intention is to use this to further develop a product that a friend and I dreamed up a few years ago—- with the hope of success that we might use ONSemi devices to do the final implementation.

  • Sanjeevi 2018-11-11

    I will use it for Home automation

  • Sanjeevi 2018-11-11

    Home automation

  • Lachesis 2018-11-12

    I plan to use this to monitor current consumption of my companies shop.

  • vijay412 2018-11-13

    I will use kit to design train actuated alarm for unmanned Railway crossings..

  • Myrthos 2018-11-15

    I would like make a environment recognition device for remote detection of poachers in large Nature parks.
    As well unauthorized entry at farmers premises.

  • ggodden 2018-11-16

    I will employ the ON Semiconductor Bluetooth Low Energy IoT Development Kit to monitor air quality (emphasis on wild fire smoke) using an optical particulate sensor and using cloud connectivity provide the near real time data in a smart phone application.

  • Semiavas 2018-11-17

    I will use it to learn.

  • nzs 2018-11-17

    I am a university student so I am gonna get my friends from my uni and experiment like crazy with it! Could use it to help transmit a signal from a robot that I am gonna build but I am still not sure.

  • Girish Shelly 2018-11-18

    I want to use it for capstrong project of my university and to develop self balancing robot which is controlled by internet along with video data link of camera through Bluetooth whose range is enhanced by self made antenna

  • Appiah Ferguson 2018-11-18

    I will create my project with it.

  • Appiah Ferguson 2018-11-18

    I will create an intense prblem solving project with it

  • Krish Rao 2018-11-18

    Ultra-Low Power, Energy Harvesting Environmental sensor hub.

  • Erkin 2018-11-19

    I will make a him automation system using this module which will turn off all lights and heater when module lose the connection with my phone

  • H.M Saeed 2018-11-20

    I want to use it for Projects in my department, i am still undergraduate, studying Electrical and Electronic engineering

  • cyrux03 2018-11-20

    I will use this kit to make a rfid access control to my house

  • Nguyen Huy Tung 2018-11-20

    Try to work with audio streaming

  • FikriAB_ 2018-11-21

    make useful thing that can help everyone in the world with internet everything can be easy. i want to make a technology that help someone who have a disability, the tools that can pay attention to them can save a health condition then upload it to the internet,  so someone can control their activities through the internet

  • akashekhar 2018-11-23

    I will use this to create an IoT project for college.

  • Ivorysoap 2018-11-24

    I would use this to create a smart transit device that could be used to scan for the number of Bluetooth-devices nearby to determine the number of people waiting at a bus stop / number of people on a bus for better analytics.

  • nicolasjose 2018-11-26

    control and monitor of temperature, humidity, water, light and wind for plants

  • Jojo Santos 2018-11-26

    I will be using it control my household chores for my pet dog even I am away from my home. Like food and water dispensing with their lights. Tnx.

  • scrapsparcs 2018-11-28

    Set up thermal comfort monitoring across WELL (IWBI)  projects, air quality and movement notifications. Mesh networked and unobtrusive.

  • Arijit Sengupta 2018-11-28

    I want to create a low-cost wireless common sound system for all my appliances, i.e. Laptop with Television or Mobile and later sync screen with HDMI to create a streaming system.

  • rpayala 2018-11-28

    Do an remote start of a rocket, including a self test report of all sensors installed

  • VARAIN75 2018-11-29

    i indend to use this kit for a BTH controlled benchtop power supply.

  • mk marvelous 2018-11-30

    I will use it as sensor to track phones or to notify me when my phone is missing.

  • amit01_aj 2018-12-01

    Office Lighting control

  • Maria Michaelidou 2018-12-01

    This would be great for an interactive art installation with lighting that will change the led’s colors and patterns depending on how you touch it or how close you are to it.

  • tailwheeldriver 2018-12-02

    low power, possibly battery powered mesh nodes that can act as a repeater. This could greatly increase the range of bluetooth in industrial or farming applications where various conveyor systems need to work together some distance apart, like in the case of grain silos or hay elevators.

  • chedenkissel 2018-12-02

    Have some level sensors at work and would like to see if there is an application for this.

  • mahmood.hassan 2018-12-09

    tinyMonster - Smart pocket medicine dispenser
    Built a smart ON Semiconductor BLE IoT Development Kit based pocket medicine dispenser with heart rate and Pulse oximetry monitor with mobile app to program the schedule and smart alarm system to alert you when its time to take your medicine and alert your doctor or love ones whenever u take or miss your medicines.

  • betul 2018-12-09

    I will use this kit for my thesis.I will make charching with induction pacemaker.

  • Fred59 2018-12-14

    I will use this kit to make a smart home control box allowing to open garage door, window shutters and to turn on/off lights based on smartphone application and environmental parameters (light, temperature, etc)

  • makkabetbet 2018-12-20

    I like to have the IOT development kit to create something that are helpful to the society.

  • makkabetbet 2018-12-20

    I like to have the IOT development kit to create something that able to help the society

  • iwagbaranta 2018-12-20

    I would use this to minitor my power usage and power control for my room

  • Wtamaratoj 2018-12-20

    Remote sensors for wastewater treatment.

  • DANNYSEBAHAR 2018-12-20

    1. A simple integrateded security system using a Magnetic Door Sensor, Cameras, an App on your phone, and all of it works vie the wireless technology here:
    Me and my roommate have an apartment and we want to keep it secure so we install a magnetic door sensor connected to the Wireless Module.
    The module is connected to our WiFi and the is a camera inside the apartment connected wirelessly as well,
    The module senses if neither of our phones are which it’s Wireless or Bluetooth Radius and if it can’t sense our phones it assumes the house is locked and in protect mode.
    If the Magnetic Door Sensor is triggered in protect mode then the Module uses our wifi to notify both me and my roommates cell phone on an App dedicated for this purpose.
    The app asks us if we want to view the Camera or Disregard the warning.
    Selecting “View Camera” we now can see what cause our magnetic sensor to trigger.
    If it is a burglar we can select to have the camera save the footage, have the Police notified, and a speakers near the module will either play a pre-recorded “you have been caught” message or it will allow us to speak over the speaker through the App on our cell phone.
    This should dissuade any thief from continuing his pillaging.

    So the Hardware is:
    Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity Module
    Magnetic Door Sensor (but other houses could have other sensors, such as temperature if a window is broken and a draft suddenly flows in)
    A dedicated App, and due to this being low power we could set it and forget it.

    Then the module could have add-ons added to control temperature before you get home by controlling a thermostat, running laundry or the dishwasher, allowing parents to check on kids with the baby-sitter.

    Basically a security device with an App to control it with but it works by sensing if your phone is within it’s range. If either my phone or my roommates phone is within range then the device sleeps.

  • vengateshd 2018-12-20

    By using this super cool BDK-GEVK I will control the motor and lightning system in my house by sensing the parameters and thier condtions and sending that data to my Raspberry Pi. This board will monitor their parameters and based on the program will turn off or turn on the motor.

  • Ko2iS 2018-12-21

    I’ll use it for making connection between SmartHome system and smartphone.

  • mihamih 2018-12-21

    I would use the board to better teach myself about programming and electrical engineering by making smaller projects like automated systems all around my home, or making useful gadgets.

  • Snoo 2018-12-21

    I’d like to use a set of these to drive various climate controls within my house including furnace, A/C, shutter/blind actuation, fans, humidifier, and even aroma devices.

  • Ttrosten79 2018-12-21

    Ill use it to keep track of things

  • Talustus 2018-12-21

    I would use the Kit for Home-Security-Monitoring, Fire, Flood and Break-In/Breach warning Systems and general House automation Tasks

  • Emehgee 2018-12-21

    I would love to monitor different parameters in my garden remotely.

  • Odhavaji 2018-12-21

    BlueTooth OR is very versatile and useful for monitoring and sending around house.
    You can adapt it for baby and child monitoring!

  • silardg 2018-12-21

    As a member of an association, and as an active member of a team on the EuroBot competition, we would use the board to build a beacon odometry system. The Multi-sensor shield would be used for detection opponents and the power shield for driving the robot. LED Ballast shield would be used to display our score. In a sense we would build a functional prototype robot.

  • Terry marler 2018-12-21


  • Sonderzug 2018-12-21

    Automated curtains, toilet which opens up on door open,  shower control (depending on how much I can waterproof)

  • sjezdic 2018-12-21

    Remote light controller

  • sjezdic 2018-12-21

    Remote light controller

  • Loutbrady 2018-12-21

    I’m a student so no idea just yet but I will something to do with robotics.

  • okyx10a 2018-12-21

    I’m going to use it to build a pet health monitor.

  • pedroxp 2018-12-21

    I’ll use it in my classes with sensors to create a smart space with the help of a domotics platform.

  • nachosdachos 2018-12-21

    To DIY a bluetooth home amplifier system

  • Boem 2018-12-21

    I would automate watering my plants, and monitoring temperature.

  • Echotwozero 2018-12-21

    I’m deeply passionate to learn and build my knowledge in the field of IoT. I would like to build IoT based irrigation and waste management system for smart city. This has been my dream hobby project.

  • FrugalGuy 2018-12-21

    Extend current home monitoring system to my smartphone. Monitors for leaks and temperature issues in fridge and freezers.

  • Pocariqun 2018-12-22

    I intend to create a system which can monitor and take photo of the stool and characterize them for health monitoring of the elderly within the toilet.

  • RayanR 2018-12-22

    I would use it to transmit data from my wind turbine to a monitoring stand. As i want to have as much efficiency as possible, the transmitter can’t drain a lot of power, also then it would be self sufficient as i could get the data from further away

  • Johnnypoju 2018-12-22

    I will use it to control my home entertainment, lights and blinds. And also to build a baby monitor out of my Raspberry Pi, for our new born.

  • metalheart1986 2018-12-22

    I will use kit to developep energy harvesting wearable accessory which will communicate with android and provide advanced security features

  • Leszek 70 2018-12-22

    designing a mini bluetooth transmitter with the possibility of contactless charging. the device will, depending on the configuration, collect and / or send to the phone / cloud the data from the sensors do not exclude modular construction depending on the needs of connecting and disconnecting the components of the set

  • acuraulm 2018-12-22

    A health monitoring system that keeps track of your elder relatives back at home, and keep you in touch with them, their health status and daily routine, wherever you are.

  • kauefelipems 2018-12-22

    I will use the project in a wireless bioimpedance system for cell culture monitoring

  • soccergreg 2018-12-22

    I’ll use it to automate pet water and food dispenser and for home security prototyping.

  • ak17g15 2018-12-23

    This project will serve me for a learning purpose. I am currently researching different tracking systems for products within a warehouse. So this product will definitely help meto carry out the implementation.

  • HawkOne 2018-12-23

    I would use it to control the leds in my room!

  • gboulay 2018-12-23

    I’d like to compare it with espressif ble modules for range, noise, connection time and see if it can be suitable for alternative for our commercial products.

  • dcomin 2018-12-23

    I will make an industrial LED lighting wireless mesh with the BLE kit.

  • dcomin 2018-12-23

    I will make an industrial LED lighting wireless mesh with the BLE kit.

  • maxpowa 2018-12-23

    I will use it to automate a mini greenhouse

  • kurkcobain 2018-12-23

    I don’t know yet. Honestly, I need to see capabilities of the bobards. But that will be hyptonic, fantasmagoric, supraluminic… In one Word, I hope that Will be all over that !

  • Shakespearian 2018-12-24

    As I am a newbie it is great to find such a resource as yourselves and, should I win, it will go to developing systems & aid in my further education.

  • Corsar 2018-12-24

    integrate home heating and security system: control heating system based on authorized presence in house in order to increase comfort and ergonomics while decreasing power consumption

    • Corsar 2018-12-24

      2nd project: (not started yet)—> prototyping smart motorcycle helmet & jacket with lights linked to a BMW motorcycle controls in order to increase visibility in traffic for safety reasons

  • Psommerfeld 2018-12-24

    Home sensors to detect water leaks l, moisture and temperature sampling

  • Dieter Vanhemel 2018-12-24

    Connect with Azure for house monitoring. Keeping an eye in the temperature and the light.

  • blade0929 2018-12-24

    I will use this to automate lights and music in my house where they can be changed using a smartphone and Alexa

  • triviadj 2018-12-24

    I will use it to control the lasers attached to my sharks and take over the world!

  • tamasharasztosi 2018-12-24

    As a low power data logger, which also sends it’s vales to a bluetooth capable device like phone or raspberry.

  • Grab 2018-12-24

    I would like to use it as a green house automation.

  • Mario Refoyo 2018-12-24

    I will use this kid yo learn more about IOT

  • Break_Man789 2018-12-24

    I’d love to use this for making a smart lock and personal alarm of some kind (home uses). I’d want it to be remotely activated with an app I’d program myself as well as give it various features such as making it play sounds when you’re home, act as an alarm clock, etc. All sorts of fun!

    Thank you!

  • Mc Qays 2018-12-24

    As an engineering designer, Its helpful and i use it to enablish on collect data from equipment or other devices. For instance, the industrial sector is currently using IoT solutions where sensors monitor critical attributes of manufacturing equipment during the normal operation cycle. Here, sensors can provide data or alerts about the operational state of the equipment for characteristics such as temperature and pressure, for example. This allows the manufacturer to optimize production, decrease operating costs, and even support predictive maintenance to reduce downtime and its associated costs.

  • haan2787 2018-12-25

    i want to begin to understand and work with these
    so this wil be a beginning for me

  • MrVestek 2018-12-25

    I’d like to use the device to creature functional props from various sci-fi tv shows and movies.

  • MichaelHarsh 2018-12-25

    Will use this as a platform to integrate additional sensors into mobile applications.

  • Snowmanii 2018-12-25

    Bluetooth wireless temp controller for keezer

  • Greenpogo 2018-12-25

    Silent vibrational personal data acquisition.

  • adytzul_ac 2018-12-25

    I want my kitchen to tell me when is out of supplies (e.g. fridge, cabinets, drawers etc.).
    This means any storage device will be automated and able to talk via Bluetooth with a server and this via WiFi with my phone.

  • Horiah 2018-12-25

    Honestly, I will just play with it around, starting with something simple like making a dust sensor just to remind me to keep my room cleaner. Also there are many great ideas here worth checking.

  • Remco.22 2018-12-25

    Use it for a plant monitoring system

  • Dagrk 2018-12-25

    I will teach my students about IoT and use this as an useful resource in our UmiSciEd research project in cooperation with NTNU.

  • Ed Butterworth 2018-12-25

    As a system engineer / enterprise architect / scientist, the intent is to work with my son who has a BFA in Photography & MFA in 3D Studio Extended Media & also works in sound art as well as imagery & space.  The goal is to pull these technologies into fine art practice.

  • dannyayo 2018-12-25

    Will use it to see all the things I can make with it that will be most fun.

  • gordonmx 2018-12-25

    I would use the kit to model a bicycle efficiency monitor that would relay sensor information from different area on the bike (i.e. wheels, pedals, braking, etc.) to a central controller through BLE.  The low power operation would allow the use of energy harvesting to run the system.  Thank you for the opportunity & merry Christmas.

  • sedeno1187 2018-12-25

    I plan on using this to control props, lighting and effects in my haunted attraction.

  • MrPastry 2018-12-26

    To teach electronic ideas to students undertaking RSGB telecommunication courses…

  • Haralddv 2018-12-26

    I would design IoT proof of concepts for product design. It will be used for applications like tracking and mesh networking

  • darkjustice 2018-12-26

    Opencv with a raspberry pi to act as the eyes of a pid robot so that it is aware of its environment. Making it more effective and efficient.

  • imamasfar 2018-12-26

    I will be using this for developing an educational kit with Raspberry Pi. The kit will include sensors and motors that can be controlled using bluetooth. The purpose of the kit is to read analog and digital data from the kit.

  • edbigos 2018-12-26

    Add Bluetooth to an IoT project

  • Tradyarbow 2018-12-26

    Use it to make side walk and drivewaysnow removal and driver spreader

  • Balajivan1995 2018-12-27

    Planning to build a low power waste management system for community use in my area that’ll send a signal to workers to collect the garbage.

  • dholley 2018-12-28

    Use in prototype for AWS kitchen appliance drive servo motor and sensors

  • calututerupe 2018-12-30

    controller for a drone(mostly would try actually,dont quite know how to use it:)

  • mahmood.hassan 2019-01-12

    Congrats to all the winners

  • mannyk29 2019-04-23

    I will use it in my sprinkler system design which will have plant food and wetting agent for heat waves mixing with water on a schedule and with soil moisture sensor data. So that only zones in need get watered.