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Don’t miss out on the chance to win one of five Bluetooth Low Energy IoT Development Kits by participating in our current giveaway with ON Semiconductor.

In an effort to help engineers address the broad range of rapidly growing IoT applications, these intuitive development kits provide accelerated development timeframes for solutions and are compatible with a wide range of applications. A few to mention being connected wellness and industrial wearables, predictive maintenance, asset tracking and industrial tools.  

These kits specifically contain:

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44 Ideas

  • wnoliveira 2018-10-31

    I will use this kit to make a MVP for a bluetooth waveform analyser!

  • tiopepe123 2018-11-01

    e-ink and bluetooth ticket mesh

  • marissa.nb 2018-11-01

    I will use it to automate the blinds in my room

  • stansmi 2018-11-01

    I will use it for home purpose in which I will use Raspberry Pi (with OpenCV installed) to detected the face and if it matches the face then it will give signal to this board where this board can help in closing and opening of entrance door. I can add one more feature of after Raspberry Pi detects the face then it sends text on phone asking about ‘AC and TV turn ON?’, if user replies ‘Y’ then it will turn ON using this board.

  • DKWatson 2018-11-01

    I intend to develop Bluetooth Mesh solutions for industrial and home automation. It is vital to have devices from a variety of manufacturers working together.

  • dziedzic99 2018-11-02

    Sensor for monitoring of occupation of my parking space to notify me when my neighbor uses it.

  • ACVargas 2018-11-02

    I want to build a sensor systems for sense current in my house and tracking with BLE until my cellphone.

  • dcone 2018-11-02

    Power meter for home. Monitor and display power usage for a house.

  • Verhalen 2018-11-02

    I would use this kit for remotely controlling battery systems that involve Power conversion. I would also use this to develop IoT for hvac systems and thermostats

  • mstoer 2018-11-02

    Will use it for house/home environmental control.  Heat, lights as well as run dehumidifier as needed with remote monitoring/control by phone.

  • Vitthal Dhone 2018-11-02

    Want to develop a system from which i can handle many device by Bluetooth. which includes industrial sensors, if got success, it will be huge beneficial for industrial applications.

  • cgrein 2018-11-03

    I will use it in my hand finger flexion detection system using near infrared

  • likeaxis 2018-11-03

    I’ll be using this to control and automate my lighting schedule for my garden lights, drip feed system, and nutrient reservoirs. I may also develop some sort of pH monitor with this kit in the future.

  • thor403 2018-11-03

    I will use this for home projects , using sensors for a variety of purposes.

  • rayzliant 2018-11-03

    I will use that component for home detection   of energy spillage

  • willyjamestaylor 2018-11-03

    Link up to a new 3D printer for real time updates of printing status and whatnot, so that I do not have to monitor for errors myself. Especially when trialling new hardware and software for a printer as there is likely to be problems at some point, but we all have other things to do and can’t watch it all the time.

  • edwardedd 2018-11-04

    This should be a good upgrade to my robotic vacuum cleaner, a remote control is used to control or navigate the movement of the vacuum cleaner ,so lets say you dropped some bread crumps, all you got to do is control the cleaner to were the bread crumps are and turn on sucking. I can use the Bluetooth module to make the controller wireless instead of having long wires scattered about

  • dani31 2018-11-05

    i’m working on Amharic(Ethiopian) speech recognition….i’ll use to switch on and of light using Amharic command…it’s hard to find this kind of devices here.

  • Dogie425 2018-11-05

    I want to use it with my wireless keyboard to give it functionality without the dongle

  • Dogie425 2018-11-05

    Add it to my keyboard to give it functionality without the dongle

  • Work on a smart interactive node for a project I work on that interacts with an Android application.

  • gjjozsa 2018-11-05

    Active environmental monitoring to warn sensitive individuals to take appropriate action(s) when certain environments are entered. ie. Respiratory conditions/wearable air quality monitoring/light spectrum analysis

  • Akeel 2018-11-05

    I will use it in in my smart home design

  • vrock 2018-11-06

    i would use it with my electronic keyboard to make its speakers bluetooth operable so that i can play songs on it from my smartphone

  • lihaj 2018-11-06

    I will use it to automate a stroller

  • bavatar 2018-11-06

    I would like to leverage this enabling technology combined with some of my developments of high performance processing, energy conservation circuits and artificial intelligence to achieve a new level of automation that I can apply to crafting innovative solutions for home automation.

  • NikolaJP 2018-11-06

    I intend to use it with an arduino to make a mkdel of an automated city

  • raviurao 2018-11-07

    Security system with remote monitoring.

  • raviurao 2018-11-07

    Security system with remote monitoring

  • Dynamic_geek 2018-11-07

    I would connect it to an android device using it to control mechanical devices and also for home automation

  • Arpit Shrivastava 2018-11-07

    for programming my arduino boards wirelessly.

  • pie_rat 2018-11-07

    to communicate to my Drone

  • Nathan Keuneke 2018-11-07

    It is my intention to use this kit as a platform for an automated greenhouse environmental monitoring station. Potentially with the ability to add modules in mesh for larger greenhouses such as those used in commercial cannabis and produce operations.

  • electronics117 2018-11-07

    To study Bluetooth.

  • Sandeepan Roy 2018-11-08

    Bluetooth module can be used for IoT as a beacon for use in the application of machine to machine communication especially for vehicle safety alert system. The car or truck will have a beacon(bluetooth module) which will enable the driver to know about he incoming vehicle on its way which is not visible for the driver as in case of an intersection. This will help driver either slow down or stop the vehicle. The beacon will be receiving signals from either the transmission modules installed at the intersection or the transmitter installed in the car looking for vehicles in its range.

  • CharlieO21 2018-11-08

    I’ll use the Bluetooth Low Energy IoT Development Kit to make an air quality node sensor.
    This node will be in offices and schools.

  • Isai0123 2018-11-09

    I will build a home thater system

  • zach.agostine 2018-11-10

    IoT has the potential to revolutionize the home healthcare industry by providing responsive and low cost tools for those who have disabilities or limited dexterity.  Examples include smart locks, voice controlled/gesture controlled appliances, and emergency assistance.  I would love the opportunity to build any and all of these projects.

  • Jacob Davisson 2018-11-10

    My intention is to use this to further develop a product that a friend and I dreamed up a few years ago—- with the hope of success that we might use ONSemi devices to do the final implementation.

  • Sanjeevi 2018-11-11

    I will use it for Home automation

  • Sanjeevi 2018-11-11

    Home automation

  • Lachesis 2018-11-12

    I plan to use this to monitor current consumption of my companies shop.

  • vijay412 2018-11-13

    I will use kit to design train actuated alarm for unmanned Railway crossings..

  • Myrthos 2018-11-15

    I would like make a environment recognition device for remote detection of poachers in large Nature parks.
    As well unauthorized entry at farmers premises.