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ON Semiconductor Gate Drivers Plug-and-Play Ecosystem Giveaway

In partnership with ON Semiconductor

Giveaway Overview

Don’t miss out on the chance to win a gate drivers plug-and-play ecosystem by participating in our partnered giveaway with ON Semiconductor!

This kit contains the SECO−GDBB−EVB — the baseboard for the gate drivers plug-and-play ecosystem, which allows for the comparison of the dynamic performance and capabilities of different gate drivers and technologies. 

Key Ecosystem Features 

• VIN 15 V ± 1 V.

• On-board PWM generator with adjustable frequency and duty cycle.

• BCN connector for external PWM generation.

• Isolated voltages for SiC and IGBTs gate drivers ( 4 rails +15 V / -9 V and 2 rails +20 V/-4 V).

• Compatible with gate driver daughter-cards 

The kit also includes two supplemental application daughter cards — one for an NCP51705 SiC MOSFET driver, and one for an NCP51530 half-bridge gate driver — that are used with the ecosystem. 

The gate drivers plug-and-play ecosystem can be used in many different applications and is primarily used in the comparison of different gate drivers technologies. It also facilitates the selection of gate resistance and is used in industrial and automotive applications. 

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