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ON Semiconductor is giving away 3 of their IoT development kits. The IoT Development Kit from ON Semiconductor is a rapid prototyping platform that allows you to get your next design off the bench and into production faster. This IoT development kit giveaway includes a baseboard (Cortex-M3 SoC and WiFi), as well as a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless connectivity shield. Additional wired and wireless connectivity shields including CAN, Power Over Ethernet, SIGFOX™ and Thread™ are available for purchase from ON Semiconductor. The kit also includes a variety of actuators and sensors. This development kit includes full documentation of system hardware and software design materials, cloud software with an individual API for each and every device and Code examples adapted to multiple applications.


Whats Included


  • IoT Development Baseboard
  • Wireless Connectivity: BLE Shield

Sensors and Actuators

  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Touch Sensor
  • Dual Stepper Motor Actuator
  • Dual LED + Ballast Shield

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58 Ideas

  • teamoon 2017-10-05

    If a temperature sensor is added, then I can design a climate control system inside the room

  • ElektrOpa 2017-10-06

    Laser engraving device with safety functions

  • techdcs 2017-10-06

    My Work Environment could be Monitored for Weather Condition Triggered Hazards.

  • thompsms 2017-10-06

    Automated Zen Sand Garden on a coffee table comes to life whenever someone comes into the room. New pattern created.

  • cybermah 2017-10-06

    I would like this board to learn about stepper motors.  With the included sensors, I think I would make a hunting decoy that has some movement.

  • jamesmknox 2017-10-06

    Interesting board.  Not uncommonly, I need to run extended testing on electronic subsystems in environments (DO-164) wherein opening and closing the environment is detrimental to the testing itself.  IoT boards such as this have the potential to allow remote automation of a number of both sensor and control within the sealed environment.

  • birdsallbum 2017-10-06

    when battery conditions at my off-grid home dictate need for running the diesel system it will run unattended for hours or even days. Unexpected things often happen causing an error shutdown. Some of the unexpected happenings in the past could have been addressed with large solenoids or stepper motors making adjustments instead of causing a shutdown. One of the next projects will be automated oil and filter change if I’m not around when the 300 hour deadline is exceeded.

  • Nortonian 2017-10-06

    I’m hoping to use this board to help develop a new controller for my Nissan Leaf which will allow, shall we say, some performance improvements in the areas of acceleration, top speed, and road-holding.

  • psient 2017-10-06

    Do you not have proof reading where you are? Is Donald Trum in charge? It’s ‘fill out’ not ‘fill our’. Generate automated sensing and behavioral protocol responding for survey data acquisition.

    • 1992Nite 2017-10-10

      Did YOU proof read YOUR comment!?!?  Donald “Trum”?  Rather than cast a shadow upon someone else, trying being a light instead.  Wow

  • Murrphy 2017-10-06

    I would use this kit to learn about controlling stepper motors with the initial goal of building a small pen plotter and then moving on toward the ultimate goal of building an automated router table.

  • nr1dane 2017-10-06

    Humidity sensors, Light sensors and light ballasts, actuators = Perfect for my greenhouse setup, automatic window opener, fan and light control, even watering.

  • Richard Goodin 2017-10-06

    Some kind of drone or robot

  • Stephen Gray 2017-10-06

    Ideal tool to explore multiple opportunities for high volume sales of gadgets to add genuine value for use in industrial Automation, Military, Consumer and specific fields. Second idea is for attachment controls on large er industrial use drones for control of lasers, robotic arms and specialised drone attachments. Third idea is in the design of consumer focused home automation tools including letter box control to help prevent postal theft.

  • Montyn95 2017-10-06

    I want to build a real-time drone tracking radar system for my car.

  • looahwai 2017-10-06

    Use it for ventilation control in room or green house.  The stepper motor actuators for opening and closing vents and windows,  motion sensor to sense rain fall, light sensor for day and night monitoring and touch sensor as manual control.

  • foad90 2017-10-07

    I would use this board to develop low voltage systems for converting a combustion car to an electric car. I would also like to use the sensors to automate most functions like temperature control in the car

  • andtay 2017-10-07

    I’m helping a teacher at my wife’s school outfit a crash dunny with sensors to demonstrate the effect of different impacts on the brain. The device board with built in Bluetooth LTE would help us plot the data on an Android real time. Pretty exciting!

  • SainiB 2017-10-08

    I would build an interactive slot machine.

  • Akneutron 2017-10-09

    Automated Speed Breakers for vehicles
    whenever a moving vehicle will approach a point where the speed breaker is supposed to be implemented an IoT system will detect the vehicle and its speed. If the speed of the vehicle is more than a predefined limit then the IoT system will command the system in the vehicle to lower its speed. in this way a vehicle will always stay in the speed limits.

  • scissorfight 2017-10-09

    Creating cinema tools and motion control devices for the film industry.  Currently have 5 devices in various stages of production.  We believe these tools will be game changers for indie filmmakers, as well as Hollywood and studio professionals.  Our mission is to use commodity components and open source software to allow further innovation among users.

  • neurocyber 2017-10-10

    To allow monitoring of any control panel via gsm.

  • bowenfeng 2017-10-10

    Automating lighting system for efficiently use the energy.
    - PIR Motion Sensor: used to determine when to turn on/off the light
    - Ambient Light Sensor: to determine the level of light.
    - Touch sensor: to manually turn on/off the light.
    - Dual Stepper Motor: Open/close the window blind.
    - Dual LED + Ballast Shield: Drive the light. (optional for lower power lights)

    This could also be a good system for making DIY car light system, in which case the ballast shield will be super handy to drive the car lights.

  • grosar 2017-10-12

    I’m interested in being able to control an actuator to strum a mandolin.  I’m thinking the this kit would be ideal for that!

  • maxmavin 2017-10-12

    I want to design a home automation system using it. I can get the environmental data from the sensors and upload to a automation server. This information will be displayed in each room. The actuator will control the access mechanism. Everything can be monitored via an android app.

  • podgemon 2017-10-13

    I’d use this for home automation.

  • gamut3d 2017-10-13

    to change my current controls of relays to the modern world

  • hans_ober 2017-10-13

    This is perfect for greenhouse/aquaponics project I’m working on!

    WiFi /BLE support can be used to configure the system wirelessly in addition to retrieving logged data.
    Touch sensor for manually toggling controls.
    PIR sensor to turn on the lights when I walk in smile
    Ambient light sensor for logging the average light the plants receive.
    Stepper motor: control the blinds/sun shades in addition to the aquaponics automation system motors.
    LED shield: For powering the lighting.

    All these work pretty well for a home automation/smart building system too.
    Automatic lighting to save power: based on motion in the room and the light coming in through the windows.

  • sivads 2017-10-13

    A robot that automatically measures the frequency response of a room by moving to different points, making the measurements, and reporting the measurements to software to calculate the response.  Many times the measurements are made, adjustments to the room are made (acoustic treatments or EQ), then the measurements must be made again.  This is repeated until the desired response is achieved -  a time consuming process.  Having a faster, repeatable method of measurement and analysis would save the acoustic engineer many hours.  Also,  for quick live deployments, the robot could do a quick area sweep to find the desired EQ curves to optimize response.

  • Perry Ogletree 2017-10-13

    Automated vegetable hydroponic growing system

  • To use sensors around the house together with Amazon Dot to control heating and lighting. This board would be a good start as I all ready have an Amazon Dot.

  • 4Z4DR 2017-10-13

    Internet connected Medication (pill) adherence reminder and dispenser system for independent living seniors

  • JSmurf961 2017-10-13

    Arduino motion detection, on detection it plays an alarm message, and sends a text to your phone.

  • steve_gray_au 2017-10-13

    Motorised camera so one camera can systematically scan a large property for intruders, using day, night and Lidar to check the property for intruders. Instead of multiple expensive cameras mount one set very high up and rotate. Use the processor to transmit the date to remote control location.

  • mike3d 2017-10-14

    I would like to design and prototype a safety control for a 3d printer.

  • Lopsd 2017-10-14

    Home and workplace automation, all in one

  • Bernard Bautista 2017-10-15

    Internet of Things is an emerging technology and something new to my students, I will use this IoT development kit to introduce the theories and concepts of the technology in a more practical sense. Also, since it features a rapid prototyping platform, I will be able to demonstrate different IoT applications in no time.

    (full documentation of system hardware and software design materials) this saves a lot of time.

  • alf5208 2017-10-15

    With some contact switches transceivers I can design a home security center.

  • neurocyber 2017-10-16

    Damper control for exhaust based on gas sensor.

  • csoska 2017-10-17

    I’m seeing if this is a good development platform for our classes at cmu. I’m also working on a project that can trigger electromagnetic fields remotely and function as a haptics system. This could work for my project

  • Crate 2017-10-17

    I would like to see different motions which can be executed by a stepper motor mainly if the output is to control a automatic stirrer in a reactor.

  • Pathon 2017-10-20

    model railway control and monitoring

  • igninja2 2017-10-20

    Smart Building IOT Lighting control system

  • cwinton 2017-10-20

    Automated UV germ detector

  • jcolonel 2017-10-20

    Want to make many things

  • kroome88 2017-10-20

    to be use as heart of a semiconductor equipment / machine during development stage…

  • undercd 2017-10-23

    An interesting security system

  • Spectre1996 2017-10-26

    Developing a decentralized process control platform for in house local home automation connected to a internet grid. Will include a central processing unit with slave MCU’s to adapt to surrounding, learn and work efficiently. Jobs include automated house cleaner, aquarium monitor, air flow controller, dawn sunlight monitor and basic house security.  Connected via WiFi and Bluetooth and can be manually instructed via interrupts.

  • Waltertscott 2017-10-27

    CAN shield, LCD touch screen, could make an interesting IoTVMS

  • hendryk 2017-10-27

    I am an Electrical Engineer and I am excited about developing IoT solutions for local Pharmacies and Petrochemical industries. Right now, I am testing different IoT flat forms such as, AT&T and Nordic Semiconductor. I have a friend who owns 2 local Pharmacies, and he is willing to accommodate my test setup. My Plan is to setup temperature/humidity and PIR Motion sensor inside the Pharmacy medicine refrigerator to monitor temperature humidity and send it to cloud.

  • raviurao 2017-10-27

    An intelligent tracking solar array controller

  • arkie 2017-10-27

    Looking for ideas to help control a 3-D printer. The motion detector along with a touch sensor offer interesting possibilities.

  • E720776 2017-10-29

    Small solar panel array control.  Indoor hydroponics LED grow light control (time on/off), humidty and temperature plots (24 hrs). Other needs:  water acidity level and nutrient scheduling.

  • ram1234 2017-10-30

    To design a Smart home IoT device this IoT development kit is a suitable to utilize all the functionalities such as:
    PIR Sensor: PIR motion sensor can sense the human movement so it can be used to switch ON/OFF lights when we enter inside or leave the room automatically in smart home.
    Ambient light Sensor: This sensor help in automatically switching ON street lights when there is a light fall, it will switch OFF in morning as soon as it receive the sun light.
    Dual Stepper motor shield: 1. Stepper motor is used interfaced to this board to open and close the windows or ventilators for proper visibility or for air circulation. 2. Other stepper motor interfaced to shield can be used to open the cupboard doors by touching the touch sensor instead of pulling the cupboard.
    Touch Senor: It has 8 channels of touch interface so after using one for cupboard we have seven to switch ON/OFF home appliances like tube lights, ceiling fans, geezer, water pump, coffee maker, entertainment system etc.
    Dual LED+ Ballast shield: This can be used to turn ON/OFF lights in living room, kitchen as we wish.
    IoT Development Kit Base Board: is the host of multiple hardware combination of Sensor, Actuators and Connectivity defined for the IoT application hardware.
    This device is the best suitable IoT device can be utilize in homes, shops, offices, hospitals, schools, industries, etc. It will be good chance to showcase its importance by programming and can control remotely using the wireless connectivity features. As on my experience in programming to MCU this will be good piece of IoT kit to design Smart home IoT device to control home appliance remotely using API and at home manually.

  • karthick123 2017-10-30

    In every home we have pets like dogs, cats, ducks, hens, goats, sheep, alpacas, Shetlands, llamas, rabbits, Parrots, etc for a person’s company or protection. A separate shelter like kennel, coop, hutch, cage, and nest are arranged for them to live. Keeping animals as pets may be detrimental to their health if certain requirements are not met. An important issue is improper sheltering, which may produce clinical effects. Health monitoring and automatic care should be taken to reduce the clinical effects of pets. Proper ventilation for air circulation regarding to day and night, depending on seasons should be done when the pets are in their shelters. In order to make the pet home smarter we are using IoT development kit to monitor health and automated the pet home as the pet requirement. The on-board sensors are used to monitor the pets and their health conditions during their stay in their homes. The sensor purpose is explained in below for making the smarter pet home/shelter.
    PIR Motion Sensor: To identify whether the pet is arrived to its shelter or not. If arrived then the windows shutter will open or exhaust fan ON or Mini AC/cooler temperature range is set depending on the surrounding temperature. Once the pet comes out they should have to switch OFF automatically.
    Temperature & Humidity sensors: The temperature and humidity of the environment is measured and accordingly the fan or Cooler or windows shutter are operated for pet health care. In winter cold they should not expose for snow and in summer they should not expose for warmness. Appropriate temperature and humidity maintenance is important for pet to avoid clinical effects.
    Ambient light sensor: This sensor helps the solar charger to start charging to batteries depending on the available light. Pet shelter can be smarter if we are using solar energy to power the pet appliances. It can save energy to batteries and alert when it requires the line power during cloudy conditions/nights.
    Touch sensor: Signal to feed food if they are hungry than the normal timing or use to open the solenoid valve for drinking water. For this we need to connect buzzer to raise alarm.
    Dual LED+ Ballast shield: This can be used to turn ON/OFF lights in pet home.
    Stepper motor shield: Stepper motor is used interfaced to this board to open and close the windows or ventilators for proper visibility or for air circulation.
    The on-board sensors in IoT development kit are very much helpful to design smart pet home. In my opinion this is the appropriate development kit which will fit for the pet home to me smarter. Thus we can keep proper health conditions for our beloved pets. The status of pet house can be monitored remotely using the wireless connectivity.

  • maasaw 2017-10-30

    I would like to use the system for controlling antenna rotation on radio direction finding systems.

  • Mehmet Kaya 2017-11-02

    Could be good kit for testing data reading and functionalities of sensors at heavy moist areas. And how moist affect on sensors and actuators in long term. With current given senors we could setup basic daily use environment under heavy moist area which include; automatic window opener, sunshine alarm (woke up alarm for morning), stop alarm, and automatic night light and door step light.

  • agiovanniello 2017-11-22

    I would like to develop a circuit that monitors my mailbox. when mail is delivered a light mounted on the mailbox lights up indicating mail has be delivered or my mailbox has been opened .