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LV8548MCSLDGEVK Motor Driver Module Solution Kit is designed to support engineers in designing and prototyping solutions for driving motors easily and quickly. ON Semiconductor’s Motor Driver Module Solution Kit offers a plug-in Motor driver module, baseboard, API libraries and user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). This simplifies the design process allowing engineers with limited experience and motor driver knowledge to start designing motor applications. The Motor Driver Module Solution Kit utilizes the Arduino MICRO*1, an industry standard controller, which has been used widely in areas such as prototype development and education. 

Features and Applications

  • 4.0-16V, 1.0A (max.) for single stepper motor or two Brush DC motors
  • Full or Half step operation
  • Simple forward/reverse/brake brush DC operation

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99 Ideas

  • Zepric 2018-07-17

    this will surely help in my projects in school because I can’t afford to buy this stuff

  • I need something to maneuver my Interocitor, this would provide the ideal drive.

  • Albert Aguirre 2018-07-18

    I’d like to pair this with a gyro and weighted wheel to create a gyroscope thay guides hand position

  • simlastik 2018-07-19

    I would like to use it for my home brewing system…

  • Peter G. Moore 2018-07-19

      I would use this setup to design and test prototype devices, in particular a moving camera panning controller.

  • teddlesruss 2018-07-19

    Smart motor for robotics - it doesn’t know what the control program wants to do, it just learns to perform the optimum response to various command signals, and stores those in the database in the control program for future replay.

  • Mrugesh Shah 2018-07-19

    Want to male vision controlled robot that goes where you focus you eyes, since sensors are available all i need is a easy and powerful control over motor of the robot.

    and arduino can handle servos too, so I’m felling lucky as u giveaway them!!!!

  • albsure 2018-07-20

    I use these kits to provide my son with resources for developing 4-H electronics projects. This kit would be used to make a solar powered automated chicken coop door!  smile  Everybody needs one of these!

  • chetans 2018-07-20

    Explore and experiment

  • tekrunr 2018-07-20

    To teach my grand daughter the concept that it is indeed possible to make her robotic invention ideas real.

  • Woutsf 2018-07-20

    I have so many automation ideas that I would love to implement - smart motor control underpins all of them.

  • arkie 2018-07-20

    Build a motor system to position solar panels to obtain their max output. Output being constantly recorded by arduino with data feedback to
    motor(s) for positioning.

  • Iw2esl 2018-07-20

    It would be very useful to control motors in a small rotor for a hamradio satellite follower antenna

  • Rob_Wheeler 2018-07-21

    I’d like to use this with one of my smart personal environment projects

  • techdcs 2018-07-21

    Most of my projects based on DC and Stepper Motors would definitely require this

  • RDcir 2018-07-21

    Rotation platform for scale model e.g. antenna and RCS measurements ....
    Systemcontaining accelometer, gyro and other sensors to determine object place and orientation in 3D.

  • Quang Duong 2018-07-21

    I would like to use it into my autonomous car project.

  • Curtisperkins 2018-07-21

    To pull energy from the magnetism of the earth

  • Akeel 2018-07-22

    This is what I am looking for

  • Peter G. Moore 2018-07-22

    My “Solar Harvesting” idea involves pressing a “lightsensor > logic = tracking” setups into service to maintain aligned harvesting surfaces with the sun The ‘‘target following’’ devices will allow testing and analysis of peripheral materials choices for various Solar Harvesting projects.

  • zllzlkfl23_ 2018-07-22

    This is really helpful for my final year project. But sadly i cant afford to buy it.

  • rlg1579 2018-07-24

    I need to learn more about motor driver circuits!

  • Mashfique.reza 2018-07-26

    I am an aerospace engineering student in texas a&m university. currently working on building UAV. I have received a thermal sensor before that is being inserted to its future concept wings deicing device if functional. I am in need of actuator for elevator aileron and rudder deflection components. such kit will really help full.

  • maxmavin 2018-07-26

    I would like to make a curtain lifter with it..

  • Ioannis66 2018-07-27

    New design on a CNC based diagnostic medical machine.

  • bagraham 2018-07-27

    Medical device - Stepper or DC motor control for moving a syringe injection.
    I would need control of position and rate of change.

  • BEZOLA 2018-07-28

    Ideal para prototipos

  • borna 2018-07-28

    I would like to use this kit to learn about motor control system and in some future maybe make my own. I love to learn and have fun doing it, so i think that this kit is perfect for that, like you’r whole internet page. Best regards, Borna.

  • Nick Mathew 2018-07-28

    Hopefully be able to throw this into a prototype for one of my projects next semester. If not, maybe for a leisure project!

  • Kasriel Lewis 2018-07-28

    I would be very interested in how this kit compares with Ti’s solution (TI Motor Drive Bundle, MotorWare, Personal Trainer) as well as Infineon’s solution (iMOTION MADK Motor Drive Application Design Kit). as someone who has worked with both of the above kits to try learn more about Motors and Motor Control I am interested in how ON Semi approaches this topic and what their solution entails. Also, as with the above two mentioned kits, I would very much like to share my findings with the wider community.

  • Burgess_Shale 2018-07-28

    Wonder if I could integrate motors with some surplus Wii sensors to make a steadicam…

  • psarabia 2018-07-30

    It’s a good kit for start tinkering with it!

  • Darwin Infantas 2018-07-30

    me gusta

  • Mr.Niall 2018-07-30

    Would enable me to make a small antenna rotator, so i can move my directional antenna remotely

  • Deni Safari 2018-07-30

    I would like to make some experiments with this kit when I get it.
    Thanks to ON Semi before, may be I get it one

  • Galen Denney 2018-08-01


  • Jcwithers 2018-08-01

    If i win, I will surely use the motor in my school projects because I can’t afford to buy this stuff.

  • JoeCur 2018-08-02

    Great for cheap DIY!

  • Gracious 2018-08-02

    I’m intersected in robotics and this will help me with my school projects and experiment

  • 00hyla 2018-08-02

    Thanks, It would help a lot smile

  • Robduthie 2018-08-02

    Looking at newer motor control for pellet fire control

  • MartinBaker 2018-08-03

    My ideal use for this would be to update my 114 mm reflector telescope.I would use this to motorize the drive. I think it would be perfect to use with some really sensitive imaging modules I have already. One is destined to replace the eyepiece, the second with motor control could be made to track objects with the motor drive. I currently have an unused Raspberry Pi to tie it all together.

  • hasanz89 2018-08-03

    use the stepper motor in linear actuator for prototype

  • techdcs 2018-08-03

    My Automated Signal monitoring project will need this

  • Bernie021 2018-08-03

    I would like to use this kit for the discover-Robotics course I’m developing. Two-wheeled balancing robot project using PID control.

  • Venturini 2018-08-03

    Eu usaria essa configuração para projetar e testar protótipos de dispositivos, de cameras termicas

  • odedlerner2 2018-08-03

    Security thermal scanning camera with speed control in the X and Y axis.

  • odedlerner2 2018-08-03

    GPS car head lights control (put the light where you are going)

  • kmyousaf 2018-08-03

    I am presently working on easiesy way to implement 3 phase sensorless bldc motor control for car alternator motor. With this kit i will.have another option to try.

  • billbar 2018-08-03

    Explore and experiment

  • Benjamin7785 2018-08-04

    Ideas always create once you are in your makercenter

  • R & D. I have never used mechanical movement before.

  • Derk Peter 2018-08-04

    hi I would like to be considered for this motor drive.
    I am a teacher in tech and physics.

    my motordriver (home made with a pair of transistors) was blow up by a student)


  • shiva kumar ammula 2018-08-04

    I feel very lucky if I got this stuff because I can’t afford to buy stuff and I can make many projects with them

  • Kuma D. Bear 2018-08-04

    Turn a teddy bear into a robotic demon nightmare and use it to taunt my sister.

  • Polar drive for my telescope first and one day double axis telescope drive.

  • karthick123 2018-08-04

    Magnetic stirrer is a laboratory device to continously stir mixture to acquire kinetic energy to participate in the chemical reaction. RPM and Temperature of the stirrer for a stipulated time should be maintained to undergo the reaction. LV8548MCSLDGEVK Motor Driver Module Solution Kit from ON Semiconductor with Full or Half step operation, Simple forward / reverse / brake brush DC operation helps to control motor RPM of the magnetic stirrer. Arduino Micro kit GPIOs can be used to interface Temperature sensor and I2C LCD to design complete smart magnetic stirrer. In my opinion, this kit has multi option usage like coffee, juice, chocolate mixer.

  • IoTGS 2018-08-04

    Electric wheel chair controller:
    LV8548MCSLDGEVK Motor Driver Module Solution Kit can be used to design e-Wheel chair with the kit features like 4.0-16V, 1.0A (max.) for single stepper motor or two Brush DC motors, Full or Half step operation, Simple forward/reverse/brake brush DC operation. Joystick interfaced to Arduino Micro kit can be used to control the DC motor which control the forward, reverse, breaking, speed, direction and motion of wheel chair.

  • TopClampett 2018-08-05

    I’d like to use this for my dual axis solar panel tracking device for the on and off grid, camping and mobile phone charging

  • Mart Coenen 2018-08-05

    I want to test an actieve emi noise cancellation algoritm to motion drives

  • andy wong 2018-08-05

    Looks like the kit is quite versatile; It could be used in my motorized automata projects

  • sixtus 2018-08-05

    it will be useful in sterling engine rc automobile am building

  • j_ACK 2018-08-06

    Cool stuff for my new fancy unix controlled fan cooler smile

  • shijinct 2018-08-06

    Handheld 3D printed Antenna Control for optimum signal reception and tracking. Which could be used for tacking the optimum RF power from a source and could be used for source tracking and mapping. which has the application of satellite tracking for signal reception and identifying the active satellites and report it to an opensource library,  all together the project in long term could be used for noise estimation and survey process.

  • bowenfeng 2018-08-06

    Automatical bind control

  • Trushant Adeshara 2018-08-06

    I want to Make CNC plotter so as to help people to make their ideas into reality.

  • Acrimonious Mirth 2018-08-06

    Trying to pull my YouTube channel focus away from MAKING 3D printers to making WITH them. This will help!

  • Hanalog42 2018-08-06

    Id like to make a cheap 3d printer/ robot arm to make tests, plus i am student and would love to make a car/drone hybrid as end project this would help alot trying to get a job in reaserch and development for hardware this is awesome ! hardware for life !

  • arole_2 2018-08-06

    This is just what I needed to complete my home surveillance automated system with my motion sensor and camera mounted on the motor.

  • g.karthick 2018-08-06

    Astronomy telescope control :
    In Astronomy to capture the pictures of stars space telescope are used. The tracking of stars to record their brightness and position, an automatic tracking device is needed. LV8548MCSLDGEVK Motor Driver Module Solution Kit and ARDUINO MICRO kit are used to design the astronomy telescope to track in azimuth and elevation angles to capture the pictures of stars and their patterns. LV8548MCSLDGEVK Motor Driver Module Solution Kit is used to operate/control remotely.

  • jassra 2018-08-06

    Home Automation ! Turning my roll up blinds into Smart blinds !

  • siva375 2018-08-08

    this module will helpful me in my underwater laser project,where laser is coupled to a collimator which kept under water through fiber.this module will help me to lower collimator stage underwater using the stepper motor which has pinion

  • EricRodda 2018-08-09

    I would like to make an automatic sliding door opener, so that the dog can trigger the door opening and then have the door close after a time delay.

  • Johnscon 2018-08-09

    I would use the kit to explore the motor control capability of the Arduino systems.

  • netiness 2018-08-10

    I would like to create remote controlled motorized curtain detecting sunlight so the curtains or blinds can be automatically closed. This will help handicapped people who have difficulty operating the curtains or blinds in their homes

  • 2018-08-10

    I am building a radio controlled large scale helicopter and need similar motors to control the machine in the air..

  • miniglub 2018-08-10

    as a hobbyist, I am looking to put Furbies into a RC car and give them control of the vehicle

  • dlawry 2018-08-10

    wireless motor controller link from pc

  • ahp2267 2018-08-10

    I’m interested in making an automatic fish feeder and this would help tremendously.

  • universalvishwa 2018-08-10

    I’m working on a project to control vents that have multiple orientations though wireless. The intention is to integrate ML to setup points of operation to the module.

  • fjanon 2018-08-10

    I want to design a robot that walks like a multi legged insect to be able to walk almost anywhere and go over obstacles. I need 6 DC motors and an Arduino board with 6 DC drivers to make the legs move appropriately.

  • fjanon 2018-08-10

    Why is the “Enter Giveway” button disabled? I can’t enter the giveway and I am logged in.

  • profjay2 2018-08-10

    Working on project to provide simple upgrade of customer electric carts in stores to return and connect to their charging points.

  • Depo2 2018-08-10

    I would like to use it to build an antenna tracking system to download weather images.

  • Robert Clark Warren 2018-08-10

    This will greatly help with robotics projects I want to develop.

  • Icodk 2018-08-10

    Iwould like to build an acess control system

  • luedtka 2018-08-10

    I know a couple of kids that would like to learn more about motor control wth the help of this kit.

  • psciitk 2018-08-11

    There is great scope for use in Medical Systems, Home automation and Automobiles. I will try for all of these. I have already ordered for Arduino MICRO board and waiting for the kit from ON Semi.

  • Good for experiment

  • Kayo 2018-08-11

    Interesting for my future projects )))

  • Waschbaerfreund 2018-08-11

    This kit will help me to learn more about driving motors.

  • Waschbaerfreund 2018-08-11

    This kit will help me to learn more about driving motors.

  • Vgmcn3 2018-08-13

    I would use this device to control small autonomous robots.

  • marcagio 2018-08-13

    I have a little home recording studio at home and do a lot of videos by myself. With this, I could create and program a system that moves my camera around when I film my playing.

  • PAWAN SHAW 2018-08-14

    gk fug fgg

  • Rado Prado 1 2018-08-14

    If i get this kit i m planning to utilize it for making a self firing and targeting system which i will mount under an RC helicopter to hit a specific target…and also to implement it for the self opening and closing of the leg wheels automatically , as RC helicopter comes down to a predefined Height….

  • Stephen S. Madeira 2018-08-14

    That would be nice to control some room blind using smartphone

  • Deepak123 2018-08-14

    this will really help in my further studies

  • Engr Umar Mohammed 2018-08-15

    this will surely help in my projects in school because I can’t get them here in Nigeia.