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The NCP51705: SiC MOSFET Driver (Low-Side, Single 6 A High-Speed) from ON Semiconductor is built for MOSFET transistors where you need to deliver the maximum allowable gate voltage to your SIC MOSFET devices. The NCP51705 is ideal for applications like Industrial & Motor Drivers, UPS & Solar Inverters, and High Power DC Chargers. Utilized to achieve the lowest possible conduction losses, the NCP51705 achieves Fast Turn-off and Robust dV/dt Immunity, Self-protection of the design, and is all included in a Small & Low Parasitic Inductance package.

The Evaluation kit is designed on a four-layer PCB and includes the NCP51705 driver and all the necessary drive circuitry. The kit also includes an onboard digital isolator and the ability to solder any MOSFET or SiC MOSFET in a T0247 high voltage package. It can be used in any low-side or high-side power switching application. For bridge configurations, two or more of these kits can be configured in a totem pole type drive configuration. The Evaluation Kit can be considered as an isolator+driver+T0247 discrete module. 

More information on the NCP51705: SiC MOSFET Driver (Low-Side, Single 6 A High-Speed) from ON Semiconductor can be found here.

What’s Included

  • NCP51705: SiC MOSFET Driver
  • Four Layer PCB Evaluation Board
  • All Necessary Drive Circuitry
  • On-board Digital Isolator and the ability to solder any MOSFET or SiC MOSFET in a T0247 high voltage package

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11 Ideas

  • RAJESH JAT 2018-01-13

    To built driver for motor to control my smart wheelchair and get high efficiency with these mosfet and use pwm to control speed for patience safety.

  • Alex263 2018-01-21

    Cnc milling motor control

  • jmcsoares 2018-01-24

    Using in CNC Milling Router Systems to improve functionalities

  • Mashfique.reza 2018-01-25

    I would like to use it on the power distribution of autonomous robotic car (sub scale prototype). there are multiple sensors on board and the 4 motors uses a lot of battery power and current motor control keeps running into bugs. this can be used in the electric cars motor control system.

  • SxyWood 2018-01-27

    I want to learn how to use it without letting the magic smoke out of it.

  • kernel23 2018-02-02

    I Will use it for a crystallizer for ginger. where it can be used to control the speed of stirrer. It will help our neighbors on processing crystalize ginger and can be used for sugar palm also.

  • foad90 2018-02-06

    I wpuld like to use it to make a solar inverter for myself

  • E-geek 2018-02-10

    I am planing to use it on wideband semiconductor research project for 3 phase motor control.

  • cterryinlv 2018-02-13

    Solar panel positioning motor driver

  • Rob Rife 2018-02-14

    I would like to use this Sic evaluation board to create a simple and durable switch to drive a high voltage phantotron plasma tube using a signal generator , ie. a “Rife Machine”.

  • gboscardin 2018-02-15

    I would like to use it for power inverters. I’ve had experience in the past with mosfets for static converters, and IGBTs for AC motor control, but I’ve never build an inverter to “grid-tie” some DC power source the grid.