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The DVK-SFUS-1-GEVK: Sigfox™ AT Development Kit for RCZ2 is a new Sigfox development kit that brings your Sigfox connected applications to life in the RCZ2 region using the AX-SFUS solution. This development kit (DVK) includes a free 2-Year Subscription to Sigfox and is pre-programmed with the Sigfox stack and a comprehensive but easy to use a serial protocol based on AT commands. Also included is a reference design which can be easily applied directly on your application board to reuse the DVK Sigfox ready certification (P1).

More information on the DVK-SFUS-1-GEVK: Sigfox™ AT Development Kit for RCZ2 from ON Semiconductor can be found here, along with a detailed Eval Board Schematic.

What's Included

  • (13mm x 44mm) Sigfox Development Kit (DVK)
  • AX-SFUS: RF Transceiver SoC, Sigfox™ Verified RCZ2, Ultra-low Power’ (AX-SFUS-1-01-TB05)
  • AX-SFUS: RF Transceiver SoC, Sigfox™ Verified RCZ2, Ultra-low Power’ (AX-SFUS-1-01-TX30)
  • AXDBG-2-GEVK Virtual COM port
  • 2-Year Free Sigfox subscription
  • Reference Design
  • SMA Connector

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19 Ideas

  • bchar 2018-01-20

    This is the first I have heard about this, It sounds really exciting I just do not know where to start!!

  • Alex263 2018-01-21

    Smart metering, iot (heater control),security solutions (car security)

  • putertim 2018-01-21

    Crop monitoring and irrigation.

  • martin.mikusek 2018-01-22

    Smart Beehive sensors.

  • modorney 2018-01-23

    X-Y pan and zoom drivers for cameras.

  • Vincenzo Miceli 2018-01-24

    Remote data logging for iot in industrial applications.

  • Boydmanagement 2018-01-24

    Physical mailbox notifier - an alert sent via sms or email to let me know the mailbox at home has received a delivery.

  • luck68 2018-01-25

    This will help me in start a new projects

  • Samiturki 2018-01-25

    Car security

  • fona 2018-01-31

    Crop security

  • maikoye 2018-01-31

    Very interesting

  • I will use it for automated giveaway rice machine.
    We have this project for smart cities in Indonesia that include giving away rice to the poor people. So far the government is giving the rice manually, this opens the opportunity for evil person to corrupt the fund for themselves. In order to minimize that problem, we are making this automated machine that uses NFC card and pin number so the poor people could take their rice that given by the government each month as they will, directly from the machine. And the officer that put the rice is also being controlled by the machine so they cannot cheat anymore. We use big data and constantly synchronize the data at the server and the machines. So we hope we could use this device for the IoT part.

  • martin.mikusek 2018-02-01

    Behive weight, temperature, humidity sensors.

  • Ahmedmet543 2018-02-02

    Helping me in electronics studying

  • kernel23 2018-02-02

    Probably, using it in development of my automated hydroponics with automated nutrient mixing. trying to control everything over the internet. I am very EXCITED for this!

  • ASAD ALI_1513399340 2018-02-06

    Power Grid Protection Unit

  • AleksandarK1 2018-02-07

    Home Security

  • bobbytb55 2018-02-13

    i am the same this is my first time here and about the giveaway

  • gboscardin 2018-02-15

    I have built a power inverter for AC motors last year, and would like to control it thru the internet and from wireless methods. Possibly, turn the motor controller into a proper PLC. There are many issues on this because the inverter and the AC motor inject a lot of electromagnetic interference.