ROHM Semiconductor BP35C5-T01 Evaluation Board Giveaway

In partnership with ROHM Semiconductor

All About Circuits is partnering with ROHM Semiconductor to giveaway a ROHM Semiconductor BP35C5-T01 Evaluation Board.

The BP35C5-T01 Evaluation Board is used to evaluate the BP35C5 Wi-SUN FAN Module, an ultra-compact (15.0mm x 19.0mm) sub-GHz wireless communication module with an integrated Wi-SUN FAN Stack. The BP35C5 makes it possible to build a mesh network of up to 1000 units. The evaluation board includes 2 SMA antenna connectors, mini-JTAG debug port, easy access headers, and meets both FCC Part 15C and ARIB STD-T108 radio frequency standards.

Key Features

  • Radio Frequency Standards
    • FCC Part 15C : 902.2MHz~927.8MHz

    • ARIB STD-108 : 920.6MHz~928MHz

  • Modulation Scheme

    • Binary GFSK

  • Data Rate

    • ARIB STD-T108 :50kbps, 100kbps, 150kbps, 300kbps

    • FCC Part15C :50kbps, 150kbps, 300kbps

  • Transmission Power

    • 20mW, 10 mW, 1 mW

  • Reception Sensitivity

    • -105 dBm (TYP.) (50 kbps, BER)

    • -95dBm (TYP.) (150 kbps, BER<0.1 %)

  • Frequency Deviation

    • Below ±20 ppm

  • HOST Interface

    • UART(115,200 bps), GPIO

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  • V
    vr2gb March 16, 2021

    Indoor long range communications

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  • Rogermoris March 17, 2021

    Interesting to work with 1000 nodal mesh networks

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  • R
    RlewickiAH March 17, 2021

    I wonder how much power this requires, I guess it will depend on worst case how much is transmitted and how frequently the transmission occurs.

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