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Bill Bynum, Alex Jones, and Frank Chavez.


AAC is giving away 3 GreenPAK 5 Development Kits to help with your next design, so take a look at the information below and don't forget to enter the contest! 

The GreenPAK 5 dev kit includes Universal Development Board, GreenPAK 5 STQFN-20 Socket Adapter, SLG46531V Samples, USB Cable (A to Mini B) and the Quick Start Guide. It is complemented by Silego's free, intuitive, and easy-to-use graphical user interface. Using the GUI-Kit combo, you can capture, simulate, emulate, and program your GreenPAK 5 devices to add features and functions to your design including power-sequencing, glue logic, voltage detection, timing adjustment, LED control, IO expansion, and more!


Asynchronous State Machine Block

  • Eight Unique States
  • Zero Code
  • Zero Static Power
  • Fail-safe Operation

I2C Block

  • Change device configuration, such as analog comparator thresholds, on-the-fly
  • Digital IO expander
  • In-circuit emulation and debug

Improved Counter/Delay Blocks

  • One-shot
  • Frequency detection modes
  • Wake-Sleep Controller



  • Wearables 
  • Tablets 
  • Smartphones
  • Notebooks
  • PCs and PC peripherals

Commercial and Industrial:

  • Point of Sale Devices
  • Servers
  • Embedded PCs
  • PC Reference Designs
  • Data Communications Equipment


20-pin STQFN: 2.0 x 3.0 x 0.55 mm, 0.4 mm pitch


  • Read Back Protection (Read Lock)
  • VDD 1.8 V (±5%) to 5 V (±10%)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
  • General Purpose I/O (GPIO)
  • Analog Comparators (ACMP)
  • Two Voltage References (VREF)
  • Combination Function Macrocells
    • DFF/Latch or 2-bit LUTs
    • DFF/Latch or 3-bit LUT
    • Pipe Delay or 3-bit LUT
    • 8-bit Delays/Counters or 3-bit LUTs
    • 16-bit Delays/Counters/Wake-Sleep Controller or 4-bit LUTs
    • 16-bit Delays/Counters/Finite State Machine or 4-bit LUTs
    • Programmable Pattern Generator or 2-bit LUT
  • Programmable Delay
  • Deglitch Filters with Edge Detectors
  • Serial Communications
    • I2C Protocol compliant
  • Oscillators (OSC)
    • Configurable 25 kHz/2 MHz
    • 25 MHz RC Oscillator
  • Crystal Oscillator
  • Eight Byte RAM + OTP User Memory
    • RAM Memory space that is readable and writeable via I2C
    • User defined initial values transferred from OTP

To Enter You Must:

  1. Fill our the form and agree to the terms & conditions.
  2. Leave a comment below and tell us how you could use the Silego GreenPAK 5 Development Kit
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93 Ideas

  • aliasad2222 2016-05-23

    i am currently working on designing wireless power supply that can be implemented inside homes and provide power to many devices with using any wires or batteries. (undergrad student and cant stop experimenting). This site is the most amazing site i have ever visited! smile

  • kitcarlson 2016-05-24

    I want to use the   Silego go GreenPAK5 to develop a current regulator and soft shutdown modes,  for an inductive ignition system, driven by an IGBT.

  • kitcarlson 2016-05-24

    I plan to use the GreenPAK 5 to develop a control profile for a peak and hold fuel injector driver.

  • Chris Clarke 2016-05-24

    Would def use this in my tech thesis this coming year, for my last year of biomedical engineering technology!!

  • NaniKong 2016-05-24

    This sites has helped me a lot, I recommended it to my Fellows.
    I will use this Silego greenPAK kit to build an Intelligent Wall   Painting Robot that I’m current working on.  I call it the RoboPainter… It will help me much

  • Carlos47 2016-05-24

    I would like to compare the capabilities of the GreenPAK 5 and a PSoC, transfer the projects that could fit in the GreenPAK 5 that are currently based on PSoC Analog Front-End or Digital Blocks.

  • volthauslab 2016-05-24

    I think the GreenPAK 5 dev kit would be useful in my home automation experiments. I’m working on a solar power home system. All About Circuits is a great website for my electrical and robotic projects!

  • SXHXC 2016-05-24

    I’m working on a device with multiple environmental sensors ultra-low power. Silego offers ultra low power IC. they are like each other xD
    I have followed his work, it’s great! Regards!

  • isaakx 2016-05-25

    As an Electronics Engineer I always want to experiment new products to be included in my designs. I have been looking for a Silego GreenPAK for some time, but never got the opportunity. So, NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME!!!

  • georsall 2016-05-25

    Interested in designing a remote control hen house door controller.

  • mashmartin 2016-05-26

    Looks neat. I’d like to try it on my next RFID prototype.

  • Swapneel Datta 2016-05-27

    Hello. I’m an undergraduate electronics student in college and a maker. I’ve been making electronic projects ever since I was in fourth grade in school. I’ve been looking for a good reliable board for my next product - a high efficiency universal battery charger cum waveform generator, that would be cheap and with minimal external hardware, an all in one solution to power supply in the 0-24 volts range. I aim to unify the traditional switch mode power supplies and the currently existing function generators that colleges use for demonstration purposes, with a cheap and all in one solution so that even underprivileged colleges and even schools can afford one.
    My product would need to be microcontroller monitored, and this board seems just perfect for the application!

  • iliava 2016-05-27

    Nifty tool. Definetely could use it in the lab for potential home automation products

  • spock66 2016-05-27

    As an aphasiac, wheelchair bound guy, I am researching new and innovative ways to link smartphones and tablets to a speaking synth that doesn’t cost hundreds and further is simple to use, mainly via existing text apps and visual cues.

  • mrred128 2016-05-27

    I am building some amateur radio magnetic loop controllers / tuners.

  • whiskytroll 2016-05-27

    As an engineering student and parent of an often sick 2-year old and a newborn I need to prioritize my time harder than I’d like. It is sometimes even difficult to find time to attend laboratory classes, and I find myself going to the university at odd times to try to catch up. It would be most relieving to be able to stay at home and do some lab work after the children are asleep.

  • Devnode 2016-05-27

    Im quite new to embedded development an is still learning but i would use this to involve the children in my town and in doing so try to help them find something to stay occupied and away from the streets.

  • kc2cbd 2016-05-27

    Could use it for something in Amateur Radio projects.

  • I will use it for radio technical experiments.

  • HASSAN SLEIMAN 2016-05-28

    i will use it in my project

  • Mark Boulton 2016-05-28

    Still don’t know how I am going to use this but possibilities are endless

  • psj33 2016-05-28

    I’d probably use this as a processing unit for a medical RF device used to treat wounds or for a small control unit for a portable dialysis machine. I’m not super knowledgeable about embedded systems but I’ve gotten into the habit of teaching myself how they work and what the best application would be for it.

  • xvmodvx 2016-05-28

    I could use it as a mental health aide while going through a divorce smile

  • BrightSolderJoints 2016-05-29

    Control a machine using learning algorithims collecting data logging input from various sensors. I can’t get specific because I plan to market the product and I have been ripped off of my ideas too many times.

  • Sadan Arshad 2016-05-30

    I am planing to build a wearable health assistant that will tell user about his blood pressure, beats per minute, will display heart beat on a LCD and his/her body temperature. And i think Silego go GreenPAK5 is the best choice here to work with.

  • John_koorn 2016-05-30

    This kit would be great in my research of more efficient solar charge controllers. I’m looking forward to advancing my research even further and this kit looks like it could greatly enhance my development.

  • I would use it to control a high frequency flux inductor for experiments around high density energy storage via superconductors

  • classiqc 2016-05-30

    Looks cute and can try for many IOT applications…

  • Zach Arnold 2016-05-31

    I just want to play around with it. Then use it once I find an idea.

  • alsaac 2016-06-01

    i would use the silgo greenPak 5 to control lights and automate doors.

  • Shannonisanerd 2016-06-02

    This will help me in schooling as an electronic engineer

  • techdcs 2016-06-04

    I would like to use Silego GreenPAK5 Dev Kit in Automobiles for Driver Safety Monitoring and Preventing Accidents.

  • techdcs 2016-06-04

    Will try to use Silego GreenPAK 5 Dev Kit for Automobile Driver Safety Monitoring and Reporting Device .

  • 395qav 2016-06-04

    I will try using this one to communication with PLC, to control some analog circuit.(like the heating or direction test)

  • Evilmano 2016-06-04

    I want to use the   Silego go GreenPAK5 for my final year project on smart lighting system as an alternative to traditional lighting system. Inspired by GOI project on smart cities

  • kirantiwari 2016-06-04

    Hey ! I’m from Nepal. As an undergraduate engineering student, I’m fond of home automation and embeded system designs. I want to explore everything about greenpak to view the possibilities of what it can do. People here don’t use Greenpak, I wanna use it smile

  • Shubhi 2016-06-04

    I want to use Siego greenPAK 5 in my new robot.

  • mrsander 2016-06-04

    I am currently working in the area of autonomous vehicles (not just cars), and would like to see if this type of card is a better fit for all of the sensors/motors, etc that I would typically use.

  • mayankbhatia 2016-06-06

    I want to make a simple PCB that lets people drive 3-5 1W/3W LEDs sourced on ebay with anything from a 5V power bank or 12V Lead Acid batteries or 18V low cost portable solar panels. All they do is pick the colors they want and solder them on to the board. The design will maintain constant current and reduce current if the LEDs are getting too hot to increase their life.

  • Abudidi 2016-06-07

    I can do alot with this. OMG

  • Mafoota 2016-06-07

    Researching the early detection, tracing & complete jamming of wireless trigger signals, ( i.e cell phones, tablets, etc) used for exploding IED devices, especially with ISIS doing bad things. Can use the I2C block and counters in my work.

  • Keith Bradley 2016-06-07

    As both a keen model engineer and an avid rower, I am thinking along the lines of telemetry projects for both disciplines in the force / efficiency / energy ratios realms.

  • essnam 2016-06-07

    Using in different projects in the units I teach in the University

  • darkmatteriam 2016-06-07

    I would use Greenpak for mentoring middle school youth in digital electronics. Currently we are working in robotics and this pal would be a piece to extent their knowledge.

  • psj33 2016-06-07

    I will use it for prototyping medical devices that use RF output for medical therapies and treatment

  • spursfan 2016-06-08

    Hi, this is perfect opportunity to make someone life better. I want to make world a better place. I would build something what helps and give it for free to the one who need it. I have a milion ideas already. I would be happy just for that.I follow you on twitter and love electronics and all about it! For better and connected world!!! #Silego #BetterWorld

  • peter thunder 2016-06-08

    I am a student at Dundalk Institute of Technology in Ireland studying Engineering in Electrical & Electronic Systems,I will be in my finale year in 2017 I have to come up with a project. the Silego GreenPAK 5 Development Kit would help project would be to use the Silego GreenPAK 5 Development Kit to interface with wind and solar and end user,

  • jportsteen 2016-06-08

    I want to use the GreenPAK5 to develop a controller for watering my garden.

  • Engr. Dara 2016-06-08

    Nice kit will help develop students knowledge of Electronics

  • Spinden 2016-06-08

    I think that this would make a great IO mux/demux that can do multiple select lines with one pin connected to the analog compares.

  • Vasily Emashov 2016-06-09

    It’s interesting to design some specific phase frequency detectors for my scientific research with the kit. smile

  • 0tt0bassman 2016-06-10

    I would like to interface with my smart electrical meter to coordinate with my solar panels to efficiently monitor and control power usage in my home.

  • 0tt0bassman 2016-06-10

    I would like to interface with my smart electrical meter to coordinate with my solar panels to efficiently monitor and control power usage in my home

  • rxyzm 2016-06-11

    I have worked in application s/w development, large project/program management for many years now. I am an electronic enthusiast and want to dip my feet in this exciting IOT world with this.

  • SparkIntelligence 2016-06-11

    Hello, I am working on simulating the neurological functions of the various parts of the human brain by recreating synaptic signal operation and communication networks, and I could use the Silego GreenPAK 5 Development Kit in my electronic circuit designs. Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity for a chance to acquire your Silego GreenPAK 5 Development Kit.

  • youcanhireme 2016-06-16

    The Silego go GreenPAK5 is a good platform to develop data communication for process automation add on.

  • kbogoski 2016-06-16

    I am in the process of learning more about electronics to better teach my high school students.

  • elatrium 2016-06-16

    I’d like to use it for all my prototypes.

  • jbhassoc 2016-06-17

    I will use the GreenPAK5 to develop an automated hydraulic pressure monitor/adjuster for diesel powered farm equipment. I enjoy this site immensely and visit often.

  • Noor Electrical 2016-06-17

    I’m new to this. Experiment experiment experiment.. Thanks

  • skiff 2016-06-17

    I am a noob at this and looking for an inexpensive way to get up and running. I want to get started with building an environmental controller for temperature and humidity, and expanding to other inputs/outputs.

  • Norobot 2016-06-17

    Drone navigation control with autonomous obstacle avoidance

  • mjag17 2016-06-17

    I would like to use the GreenPAK 5 development kit to build a solar MPPT controller - might have to add a GreenPAK 4 for it’s ADC, unless I can sort out a creative way around that!

  • codeboy2k 2016-06-17

    I’m doing research in areas of mobility aids and improvements in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) for people with disabilities. As an engineer, I am always interested in new technologies that can be applied to everyday life that will help someone with something that we all take for granted.  My research is in areas of automation and assisted living, so I can see these little GreenPAK devices playing a role there, especially in low-power modes on battery operated devices.  I welcome a chance to try these out. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Dylan Belvedere 2016-06-18

    I will put it in my Makerspace so the entire community can use it for their prototyping dev

  • realrookie 2016-06-20

    I am building an Augmented Reality based Handsfree drone control system..
    Would love to have this and use it in this and all further projects..

  • Vishuts6 2016-06-20

    I am trying to get a bot wall climber to work ,i will use silego developement kit in the same.Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • brynjam 2016-06-21

    Not sure yet. Just want to play around with it and see.

  • Balci 2016-06-21

    I ll be using this kit on my projects

  • Mihali Valer 2016-06-21

    I will use it for radio technical experiments.

  • SEG9K 2016-06-21

    I want to experiment to see what it can do for me. I have never used a development board before.

  • Dino Cindrić 2016-06-22

    I am a young enthusiast and electronics freak so this cool development board would definitely helped me in my future projects and it would be superb for school based projects too. smile

  • div850 2016-06-23

    Integrating with the project of capturing video and analyzing for Home Automation and lighting specific areas.

  • frankthatank02 2016-06-24

    Silego GreenPAK 5 Development Kit has to be the tool that helps me bridge multi system designs. One school class taught me FPGA by Xilinx and another PLC with Rockwell 5000. I need to see the big picture of Electrical Engineering with respect to all human needs via industrial, commercial, residential, medical, etc. Prototyping is the foundation of building a great product yet human necessity fuels and inspires us to create. I too am wheelchair bound and have difficulty with classes accommodating the labs and lab times so hands on practice is almost non-existent and thus hinders my learning. Autonomous robots now/ today with my recent injuries must be a part of my daily life and desire the tools to create these needed designs for the people from prosthetics to voice/ visual control applications of strong, hardy, durable products that are cost effective.

    Thank you

  • velizarw 2016-06-24

    I will use it to gain some experience in embedded design as I am quite new to this field. One thing is more than sure though - lots of fun time will be spent over it.

  • bobelon 2016-06-24

    The next logical step in my education.

  • Tee6 2016-06-26

    I would use to help control heating and cooling wearable

  • Hamkat 2016-06-26

    used to create a ham radio interface

  • vabbes 2016-06-27

    It would be a part of my development of a water pump installation/automation (water- and air pressure surveillance, and airing out the system automaticly) for farms in Denmark with Dressage horses.

  • vabbes 2016-06-27

    It will be implemented in a project for a water pump system for farms with dressage horses. (monitoring air- and water pressure/temp. and airing out the system automatically) And by the way, this is a perfect site for my students to gather all sorts of information.

  • John Syrinek 2016-06-27

    I’ve been wanting one of these for two things: a learning tool for brushless DC motor control, and as a reprogrammable development tool (measurement, multi-output power supply, etc.).

  • sohamkul 2016-06-27

    This is Awesome ! i am currently using a powersupply card in my project which is 1) bulky 2)takes up space 3) output fluctuations ....this product would be so great to use !! smile

  • chipah 2016-06-28

    Would like to port an open source OS (Mynewt OS at using the RAM connectable via I2C and make a secure sensor device using OTP on this board.

  • Susan Sommers 2016-06-29

    I’m an electrical engineer turned math teacher. I think it would be cool to teach my students algebra through circuit design, but I have no budget for equipment. Winning this would go a long way in helping me create an integrated STEM curriculum for my math classes.

  • Mihai Chivu 2016-06-29

    I’ll learn to use it

  • Amanda Whitley 2016-06-29

    my husband is currently working on home automated products so i would give it to him to tinker with.

  • I’m being a Professor teaching Electronics in a college, the product looks tailor made for our upcoming students academic projects. The AAA site helped my students and myself a lot in our learning process.

  • Rejoice Chikutye 1 2016-07-01

    i will use the software to improve the school work of my colleagues.  we are doing a national diploma in electrical power engineering

  • upsguy 2016-07-01

    Could use this in home automation and alarm controls.

  • old_tinker 2016-07-01

    This looks like a good fit for a security module we are developing. Thanks

  • tekumudi 2016-07-02

    i interesting to develop projects are lighting and Sensor

  • wojstod 2016-07-02

    I would use GreenPAK instead of PLC to build reliable electrical sliding door controller thanks to Asynchronous State Machine Block with safety features. So there will be 6 states: Initializing, DoorClosed, DoorClosing, DoorOpened, DoorOpening, ErrorState. It will be also used I2C transmisssion block to transmit door state and receive controls parameters like door speed, automatic closing delay time…

  • Kur@ 2016-07-12

    I`m going to make start-up creating speedometers for bikes. I need for such device.