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The new EYSLCNZWW is an ultra-compact Bluetooth® 5 module that measures only 3.25× 8.55 × 1.00 mm. It features an nRF52810 IC, an ARM Cortex M4 32-bit processor, 192 KB of flash, and 24 KB of RAM, making it ideal for many small applications such as smart wearables and mobile accessories.  


  • Frequency: 2402 to 2480 MHz with +4dBm Output power
  • Single power supply: 1.7– 3.6V
  • Single Mode Bluetooth low energy
  • Bluetooth 5.0 low energy 2Mbps mode
  • Integrated System Clock
  • ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor
  • 192KB Flash and 24KB RAM
  • Interface: SPI, UART, I2C, PDM, and 12bit ADC
  • Integratedhigh-performancee PCB antenna
  • Outline: 3.25 x 8.55 x 1.00mm MAX
  • Operating Temperature range: -40 to 85 deg-C
  • FCC/ISED/MIC (Japan) approved
  • ETSI EN 300 328 v2.1.1 conducted test report available
  • RoHS compliant / Complete Lead Free


  • Smart wristband, Smart glasses
  • Remote control ring
  • Smartpen
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Pressure monitor
  • Blood glucose meter
  • Thermometer
  • Mobile accessories

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122 Ideas

  • cybermah 2018-09-17

    I think this device would be a good addition to a 3d magnetic sensor I have.  My plan is to create a speedometer with the magnetic sensor for my bike and transmit the data using Bluetooth to my phone.  It’s ideal because no wires would be required from the sensor to the phone, making installation simple.

  • Krish Rao 2018-09-17

    Home Automation and security system.

  • Spectre1996 2018-09-17

    Decentralised decision making system combining different processors with less overhead for fast processing of data and quicker output. Interrupt based communication for saving energy on remote and battery based devices. Network consisting of Bluetooth based ad hoc network and P2P protocol. Network contains a few processors clocked enough to compute processing time and redistributing work load.

  • Anicz 2018-09-18

    At home automation, connecting tv to BLE to make a system that detects tv commercials based on audio output

  • Walter Literowich 2018-09-18

    lindar app

  • sahilnare 2018-09-19

    This device would be very useful for my smart solar street light project. We’re controlling the brightness of the LEDs using motion sensors, LDRs and obstacle sensors. The data regarding the traffic detected by the PIR motion sensor can be directly sent to my mobile phone using this bluetooth module.

  • jblank 2018-09-19

    I’d use it to monitor environmental and security conditions in the laboratory.

  • sasmoorthy 2018-09-20

    BLE 5.0 enable Pet monitoring system. Mainly for monitoring vital parameters of pets. Currently working in BT 2.0 would like t migrate to BLE 5 to save power as well as add more measurement sensors to the existing system.

  • matttkoda 2018-09-20

    bluetooth DIY security camera activator and deactivator. Using the blue tooth on your phone.

  • avilec 2018-09-21

    for car security and status monitoring link to smart phone.

  • shiva kumar ammula 2018-09-21

    It will be very use ful to me to make my phone as a wireless display to view graphs of any signal .l feel very lucky if I get this because I cannot afford to buy all those stuff…....

  • Seth DosReis 2018-09-21

    i want to win this because my company is awesome

  • pyecom 2018-09-25

    Less obtrusive wearable secure health monitor for all ages - hospital, home, outdoors. SMART ID3 - self monitoring analysis & reporting technology, innovative digital data diagnostics. Compatible with all OS.

  • afanarif 2018-09-26

    I think something useful like, for security system at home or on a car.

  • Patel shubham 2018-09-27

    I want to practice my micro processor and micro controller programming and improve my skills and
    I want to use this kit in my project “object following robot”
    It is very helpful because I am Electrical Engineer student

  • CharlieO21 2018-09-27

    Smart watch that measure heart rate and operate as a pill reminder

  • nandakishore 2018-09-27

    I want to use this to control the heaters in Fruit & vegetable drying machine.  I will install it inside the drying machine so that i can monitor the temperature & time duration on my mobile.  Maybe I can create a mesh & monitor multiple dryers too.

  • miles5 2018-09-28

    I have an idea to create a wearable that would improve cyclist safety on the road. The low power consumption of the device would helps to create a hassle-free device that user could use and not worry about charging the wearable too often.

  • Dinesh De Silva 2018-09-28

    I want to create a hub which can be useful for multiprotcol mesh network where each protocol system communicates with one another and perform packet transferring from one protocol to another.

  • CharlesKerr 2018-09-28

    I have a boat with a number of water tanks.
    There are level sensors on the market but I have yet to come across one that measure more than one tank.
    I would like to design a blue-tooth water level sensor system that enables one to measure multiple tanks simultaneously.

  • microcircuit 2018-09-28

    Wearable iOT medical monitor

  • mcguyver32927 2018-09-28

    I’m looking at a Bluetooth 5 Wireless Datalink for our new range of Digital Laser Power Meters.  With the simplicity and size of these new Bluetooth modules, no new PCB need be spun, but simple communications daughterboard is added to allow for remote viewing of laser power meter data and allow for tracking, logging and real-time remote display..

  • InTheSky 2018-09-28

    Normally all our ideas are extremely classified but this we could use in our automatic hospital patient management system.

  • everseeker 2018-09-28

    Need a pet-friendly wearable that can send to the owner, via ranging to indoor hotspots, the exact location of the pet

  • eduncan911 2018-09-28

    My 7 year old daughter and I are getting into wearables.  Recently we had the idea of syncing our LEDs between our two bodies.  Original ideas for this with some type of LoRa or wifi module.

    But a couple of these BTLE devices would fit the bill perfectly, and use less power!

  • jacobw56 2018-09-28

    Bluetooth enabled artwork that enables artists to embed information in the artworks themselves.

  • rsmith28 2018-09-28

    I plan to use this module to teach my kids about the wonders of Bluetooth. Probably use this to build some type of monitoring system for the air quality or tracking in our home.

  • trevster 2018-09-28

    I have a Project from a Smart beehive allowing beekeepers to monitor temperature, airflow, humidity for control of mites and infections

  • Don Mamchur 2018-09-28

    Implementation of product into Smart City Internet of things solutions.

  • tschumann 2018-09-28

    I’d like to develop a BLE-based interface for an electrochromic window by adding the module to a re-formatted power control board. The goal is to enable a secondary connection to a Home Automation hub (or directly to an app running on a phone), while also supporting secure OTA firmware updates and application development.

  • yurekJW 2018-09-28

    My idea is to use a platform for EKG super little device so we can connected by Bluetooth to any call
    Device and record during day and night, and installation required almost no efforts.

  • noelrios999 2018-09-28

    This is a great module and can be used to create a weather station gadget(temperature,humidity,barometric pressure,time and date etc.)

  • lhm4000 2018-09-28

    Home security and detection.

  • aaliskan 2018-09-28

    Low power sensor/control node for building automation.

  • Laacko95 2018-09-29

    I think it can be useful in smart city projects, e.g. free parking place finder or maybe I can use it in my thesis.  I’m building a smart watch like device.

  • Kipkorirpaulo 2018-09-29

    My parents especially my father has high blood pressure. It has continually disturb him and us as family. This device will help him and us. It will help others too those who can get close

  • Feyroce 2018-09-29

    I’d like to use this Bluetooth LE module to improve my bike safelock system with an BT mobile unlock.

  • psciitk 2018-09-29

    An ultra-low power smart sensor network for monitoring of rail and motor bridge using harvested energy from light, temperature and vibrations.

  • oracle_ed 2018-09-29

    The device would be ideal for the communication between my automobile’s integrated tablet and the microcontroller (Arduino compatible) interface that I am developing to control my HVAC, cameras, and blindspot sensors

  • SomeRandomElectron 2018-09-29

    I believe this board or MCU would be perfect for my smart wallet wrist cuff. It is thin yet powerful enough to run an OS and interface with all modern apps.

  • lesaf61 2018-09-29

    Home automation and security

  • RDcir 2018-09-30

    Wireless connection to a portable complex signal measurement unit.

  • Circutrynishant 2018-09-30

    I just want it

  • Venturini 2018-09-30

    To use as temperature monitoring in electrical substation inspections

  • senmouth 2018-09-30
  • glenvm 2018-09-30

    I want a sensor that can conect to my bluetooth phone that monitors a fireplace component and room gases.

  • martin jentsch 1 2018-10-01

    We need to measure the angle of the z-axis of a medical device and transport this info wireless. BTLE seems to be the ideal medium. On the other side, its important, that we can run the device around 6 month without battery change, so energy consumption is relevant for our wireless angle sensor.

  • Somtochukwu Paul 2018-10-02

    This device would come in handy for a home automation/security system project i’m working   on. The idea is to control a home using a remote control and transmit data from sensors wirelessly in the security system, i’ll be using an arduino throughout.

  • ROHITHNAIDU V 2018-10-02

    Home automation system

  • georgecofran 2018-10-02

    Remote monitoring via BT of pump systems in residential and commercial applications, using sensors connected to an Arduino board, for fluid level, temp, humidity, etc.

  • felectronet 2018-10-02

    My Design Idea is incorporate it in a compleate athlets body and health record whitch is now under design in our newly established factory in Saudi Arabia

  • Nitin tiwari 2018-10-02

    I am on a project of creating a smart wearable device that can control my phone using hand gestures. This bluetooth 5.0 device is very compact and consume low power, so it will be an excellent communication medium between my phone and gesture controller device.

  • zvipesh 2018-10-02

    Developing a wireless network monitoring soldiers & firefighters physiological data using “smartware” with embedded sensors. Using the devices in a mesh network to relay location and bio-metric data information to command center . The command center sends feedback to personal in the field , including warning of threats / stress to the individuals as well as to the commanding person in the field.

  • Carl Poore 2018-10-02

    Amateur radio use

  • Gautham10000 2018-10-03

    For Projects Based On Home Automation And Security System, this can be used.

  • eric3404 2018-10-03

    I would like to use this for a live camera feed used in our woods to record numbers of wildlife, it should be able to send the video without modulation limitations

  • Fqalonso 2018-10-03

    Unir mas a las personas mientras realizan actividades, por medio del bluetooth,

  • GabrielNeves 2018-10-03

    With this high processing power I will build a solution to automate the sharing of meeting rooms.

  • abusamra 2018-10-04

    I wish i can use it for building a an obd 1 for my older generation car

  • ACVargas 2018-10-05

    My idea is develop a system to integrated the lighting control + solar panel + app to administrate my university and we can probe BLE in large area and the people can see the state of power and state of the lamp in the campus.

  • georgecofran 2018-10-06

    Remote monitoring of electrical, mechanical and sensor systems within a pull-behind RV, from the driver’s position in the pull vehicle using smartphone to BT receiver located in the RV.

  • drakkzharr 2018-10-06

    I’m designing a system that exchanges real time sensor data between multiple wearables(activity trackers) and a central device. The plan is to use it during fitness group sessions to display heartrates and kcal on a large beamer or screen. The problem is that there aren’t many activity trackers that share real-time sensor data with custom devices. For most of the big brand activity trackers you’ll need to use their SDK and API’s but these don’t allow real-time raw data exchange.

    This bluetooth module would be great to build a custom activity tracker.

  • baryen34 2018-10-06

    It is going to be a part of battery management system in my energy management project

  • Angry_Platypus1 2018-10-08

    Grass with circuits, super duper fast internet. N/A in Africa unless we use circuits within AI grass

  • Angry_Platypus1 2018-10-08

    i like grass tho

  • Angry_Platypus1 2018-10-08 i like this cause grass is my fav fav, plz gimme super duper interwebs, i need it to streem grass

  • Gsherro 2018-10-09

    It is a PERFECT

  • MPX 2018-10-10

    main project
    dynamically updating the bus departure board at the bus stop

  • MPX 2018-10-10

    main project
    dynamically updating the bus departure board at the bus stop

  • MPX 2018-10-10

    main project
    dynamically updating the bus departure board at the bus stop

  • radio-fm 2018-10-10

    project - dynamically updated board of bus departures at the bus stop, with transmission for smartphones

  • iamashwin99 2018-10-11

    I want to make an instrument with it. It is basically a susceptometer, a device used to measure the susceptibility of a magnetic substance. Since its operating temperature is -40 to 85 deg-C we can measure the variation of susceptance as a function of temperature for various ferromagnetic materials. The data can be sent via Bluetooth to a PC where all the measurements are logged.

  • pilewis 2018-10-11

    This module is ideal for the application of remote monitoring of health devices.  It is ideal for those who may not have easy access to hospitals and also would allow for remote monitoring of patients.  Like myself who suffers from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) this module could be used and incorporated into a CPAP machine.  In addition it can be linked to multiple function capture devices to enable sending of information via mobile communications or the internet.

  • Kleuren 2018-10-11

    University team project

  • Beera1 2018-10-11

    I would love to give this a go with my senior students’ projects. They are designing and building interactive robots that can be controlled with their smartphones. This can also be very useful for our next Sumo robot competitions.

  • noelrios999 2018-10-11

    I can use this electronic module to make a key less Door Access system.  My cellphone will be used a the key which sends the PIN to the Bluetooth module to open the door

  • vik23 2018-10-12

    Vehicle connectivity - connect vehicle data with driver / passenger device.

  • Maslinar 2018-10-12

    I want to make electronic for my son’s bike (with rear stop lights/turn signal lights (full color LED chip WS2812B or similar) and front white led) which I would connect to the mobile phone so it can display bike’s speed and distance in real time…

  • ademu 2018-10-12

    In appartment block central heating systems the water temperatures need to be guarded against legionella (veterans disease). A wired connection to the heater controller is not allowed, but adding e.g. DS1820 sensors to the hot water pipes is. Access to the logged data can only be done wireless since access to the heater room is for technicians only. I will use the kit to log data and read out the logged data using BLE from outside the room, a 10m range is enough. I already have permission to hook up a battery powered set to sensors on the pipes.

  • Keith55555 2018-10-12

    I already am working on a wearable whereby this module will satisfy real estate concerns. The module will supply data transfer to a mobile.

  • foxadn 2018-10-12

    I’d like to design a fitness accessory that can measure acceleration and report it to via BLE.

  • Amâncio Costa 2018-10-12

    Medical care calling monitor/ring using Bluetooth integrated with android app.

  • ADFXElectronics 2018-10-12

    I’ll use it for whatever my twisted heart desires… 3D positional audio augmented reality project.

  • D_Hanson54 2018-10-12

    I’m a science and engineering educator and would use this module for data collection from multiple sensors in a lab setup. Students using multiple sensors would share data via Bluetooth for later analysis.

  • 690John 2018-10-13

    Use to monitor vitals of motorcycle.  This would provide system voltage and rpm like a blackbox recorder to a cellphone.

  • jlwayt 2018-10-13

    We design gas detection sensors, this would be a great way to link wearable sensors to the main monitoring computer.

  • Csx354 2018-10-14

    Home Automation Systems

  • b.mcneely 2018-10-14

    The device sounds like it will be a very power-efficient controller as well as transceiver for weather station instrumentation sites.  It seems like a strong competitor to the ESP32 device which I have been considering for replacing my current outstation transmitter.  The ability to add mesh capability will allow a multi-station setup to add remote monitoring of livestock as well as orchard.  Thanks for considering this application idea.

  • YoGMan 2018-10-14

    Bioimpedance analysis

  • realme 2018-10-14

    design a low power bluetooth controlled wallet ; so that i can keep track of where it is kept

  • Micro23 2018-10-15

    Monitor brew beer temperature

  • CircuitMJ 2018-10-15

    Bluetooth light sensor to detect light levels at the window and activate blinds, lower them or raise them

  • virko 2018-10-15

    Prototype board for STEM oriented to the human health instead of robot moving.

  • nikunjramani7624 2018-10-15

    Automatic irrigation and crop monitoring system

  • Felipe Albeche 2018-10-16

    Home automation for sure!! :D

  • awinner 2018-10-17

    Bluetooth camera control here I come….

  • CharlieO21 2018-10-17

    My idea is to make a wristband to monitor the heart rate and pressure for old people that send alert with out of range measurements and implement pills reminders.

  • Marek Cherubin 2018-10-18

    Looks fine as bluetooth extension form my basic application of Ti Robotic System Learning Kit as well as fine communication board for some Infineons sensing board I’m using

  • jubal55 2018-10-18

    This device would be very useful for my health monitoring wearable device project

  • skorav 2018-10-18

    I’m designing my Smart Office solution and this module can become an integral part of it as a main remote control point.

  • jblank 2018-10-18

    Furnace performance and safety monitoring - making sure that when a thermostat commands a furnace to turn on, the gas is ignited and the flames come up to expected temperature. Also, coordinate separate heating zones for a multi-furnace installation.

  • perka prasad 2018-10-19

    Ideal for prototyping Plant Health tracking system.

  • rayzliant 2018-10-20


  • rayzliant 2018-10-20

    I thing this is an outstanding platform to develop IOT projet like controlling treadmill with smartphone through BLE. Developing expertise is what trills me.

  • rayzliant 2018-10-20

    I think developing a BLE remote access with wells pump to detect water spill when house brass tubing breaks. Such platform seems promissing

  • I_Mack_0 2018-10-22

    I want to make a household dogy door system for my two dogs. I want to be able to mabey use with my phon or a Ras-Pi.

  • ck_007 2018-10-23

    Bluetooth Thermostat to control my AC.

  • bahtty406 2018-10-23

    Remote bluetooth entry system

  • bahtty406 2018-10-23

    Remote bluetooth entry system

  • Hirun 2018-10-23

    It is going to be a part of battery management system in my energy management project which i m planning for my Clg

  • halo3085 2018-10-24

    Green house monitoring that can send the data (via bluetooth) to my computer. Also help in automation.

  • abhatikar 2018-10-26

    Wearable for farm safety use case

  • Erik Hindborg 2018-10-27

    This will be ideal for two of my current projects. Currently I’m working in a automatic chlorinator for my swimming pool, at it will be nice, to get measurements and remaining chlorine level alarms to my phone, without having to get the readings by physical going to the pool.

    Also I could use it, for my automatic greenhouse system, which this year are about to change into a hydropontic system. Readings and especially alarms, will be nice to have ‘online’

  • dj-dx 2018-10-27

    Produce a wireless spectral analyzer for agricultural purposes.

  • ABHI013 2018-10-28

    By using interface feature of universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART) commonly included in microcontrollers ,
    I can try to communicate between serial I/O port of microcontroller and electronics devices.

  • Suminder Singh 2018-10-28

    I would like to embed it with my dad phone so that they can moniter their blood sugar level anytime they want

  • nurelife 2018-10-28

    This is good for smart home robpod, that monitors members and updates them about physical parameters (Humidity, temperature, water spill, etc) and also personal assistant for someone needed attention.

  • Jeff Verive 2018-10-28

    A nice application would be to incorporate Bluetooth into smart glasses or similar wearable device to alert a user of dangerous conditions. One particular project I am engaged in is a pain flare predictor for chronic pain sufferers, which senses (or receives over Wi-Fi) environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure to alert the user when conditions are right for a pain flare. This allows the user to take pro-active steps to reduce or even eliminate pain flares, and may even be applicable to other conditions - for example, measuring a diabetic’s blood glucose levels and rate of change to improve control. I already have the pain flare predictor working on a smart watch platform, but it would also be useful with smart glasses, smart TVs, and smart lighting.

  • Dixon Selvan 2018-10-28

    Fall Monitor: The placement of the system can be as a pendant which can be worn around the neck or as a card which can be kept in the pocket. The system then will monitor the position and acceleration of the person who is having it. When that person encounters a fatal fall and is unable to recover and stand to feet for a per configured duration, then the system sends an alert to the mobile app which then triggers SMS to a preconfigured number for help.

  • edwardedd 2018-10-28

    This should be a good upgrade to my robotic vacuum cleaner, a remote control is used to control or navigate the movement of the vacuum cleaner ,so lets say you dropped some bread crumps, all you got to do is control the cleaner to were the bread crumps are and turn on sucking. I can use the Bluetooth module to make the controller wireless instead of having long wires scattered about

  • StilianPilika 2018-10-30


  • Girish Shelly 2018-11-18

    I want to use it for capstrong project of my university and to develop self balancing robot which is controlled by internet along with video data link of camera through Bluetooth whose range will be enhanced by its antenna