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Winner Announced

Ultra Cool Supercapacitor Giveaway Contest

In partnership with Eaton & Mouser Electronics

Congratulations to our winners!

Congratulations to our winners!
Carlos O., Chris D, Peter C., Darryl M., Heinrich B, Ion G, Ira S., John V., Marco G., Moinak G., Daniel G., and Wolf G.

Winning Applications:

Chris Dicamillo: Rocket Altimeter

Carlos Ernesto Garcia: Pet Tracker

Marco de Grauw: Remote Lora Sensors

Wolf Gebhardt: Exoskeleton

Ira Schonfeld: Drones

Heinrich Braasch: Agricultural Door Opener

Peter Coster: On Load Tap Charger

Moinak Ghosh: Racecars

John Valdovinos: Ventricular Assist Device

Darryl McGee: Smart Thermostats


Do you have a winning or creative supercapacitor application? We want to hear all about it! Supercapacitors are energy storage devices offering ultra high capacitance, quick charge and discharge of energy. These components offer unique advantages to the world around us including applications in real time clock back up, cloud computing, electric vehicles, and microgrids. We want to learn more about how you would use supercapacitors in a new design?

Register below to submit a project or application idea, for a chance to win a grand prize 3D printer or one of fifteen $100 Mouser gift cards, as well as a FREE shipment of EATON supercapacitor samples.

All 15 contest winners and their project or application will be published in a contest roundup on All About Circuits, in addition to having their projects or ideas shared on all of our social media channels.

Learn more about EATON supercapacitor products.

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