Idea submissions has ended to win 1 of 125 Board or Kit ($120 value)s.

Project submissions has ended to win 1 of 3 Grand Prizes.

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Winners Announced…The #MakewithMaxim Design Contest and Giveaway

Design Contest Winners Announced!

Project Submissions


Enter the AAC, Mouser, and Maxim Integrated design contest to win your choice of three different development boards: the MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board featuring MAX31875, the MAX31856EVSYS, or the MAX31865 evaluation kit. All entrants have until December 15th, 2017 to submit a design idea for a chance to win. We'll select 125 winners and these individuals will then have until February 5th, 2018 to submit a project documenting all aspects of the design using their chosen board. The top 10 design ideas will be selected and these winners will go on to develop their project. Each winner will create a one-minute video of their project by February 20th, 2018 to be judged for the grand prize. Judges from AAC, Mouser, and Maxim will pick the three ultimate winners of the design contest and announce them on February 28th, 2018.


1st Phase 

Winners from the idea phase will win one of the three boards listed below ($120 value):

  • MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board featuring MAX31875 
  • Maxim MAX31856EVSYS 
  • Maxim MAX31865EVKIT 


2nd Phase

10 people from of the original 125 winners will be chosen to receive an additional Arduino kit as well as a MikroElectronica click shield.

After receiving their items, the 10 winners will create a one-minute video of their project to be judged for the grand prize. (Note: The Arduino kit and click shield do not need to be used in the final design of the project.)

3rd Phase

Of the final 10 projects, three will be chosen for the grand prizes listed below:

Take a look at the information below, get your creative juices flowing, and showcase your design creativity by entering this contest.


About the Boards / Kits

MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board featuring MAX31875 

Quickly prototype with this tiny board that features Maxim’s latest low energy temperature sensor, the MAX31875, which lies at the base of the thermometer image and is barely visible. The Thermo 6 click fits into any mikroBUS™ socket and the accompanying code allows you to be up, running and measuring temperature in minutes. Design, engineer, prototype and test your next system using the Thermo 6 click featuring Maxim's temperature sensor.

MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System

Maxim's MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System provides the hardware and software necessary to evaluate the MAX31856 thermocouple-to-digital converter. The evaluation system includes the MAX31856PMB1 peripheral module with a Pmod™-compatible connector for SPI communication. The system also includes the USB2PMB1 adapter board for communication with the software and a K-type thermocouple for temperature sensing. Here is an example program utilizing the MAX31856 mbed library. Learn more from the datasheet.

MAX31865 Evaluation Kit

Maxim's MAX31865 Evaluation Kit evaluates the MAX31865, a RTD-to-digital converter, using hardware and software (graphical user interface). The Evaluation Kit includes a USB-to-SPI interface installed along with a MAX31865APT+. Interacting the USB-to-SPI master section of the MAX31865 Evaluation Kit with the kit software shows the device's functionality. Kit contents include assembled circuit board including MAX31865ATP+ and USB-to-SPI circuitry, mini-USB cable, two 0.2in jumper wires, and a 1kΩ resistor. Learn more from the datasheet.

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    javvan October 18, 2017

    I am a member of a college team that has entered the high-powered ESRA (Experimental Sounding Rocket Association) launch competition for the last two years, and we are currently working on our third year entry. Prior years have revealed a common complication with heating that affects our rocket’s main controller board and payload. Enough so that we had to cancel our launch at the competition last year, and nearly half of the high-powered rockets that were launched had some sort of complication linked with overheating (including, but not limited to, complete controller failure resulting in the destruction of the multi-thousand dollar rockets, which also endangers the lives of students at the launch site if a chute fails to deploy.)
    This year our team plans to run extensive tests to discover how heat travels through our rocket design, and how we can influence it. The Thermo 6 Click Board is compact and light enough that it can be mounted onto our controller without requiring significant recalculations, and can provide us with valuable data that will be used to determine if our rocket is safe to launch or not.

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    • Adrian Haber November 30, 2017
      I was on a team last year at the competition and we had an issue with our payload overheating, and a CATO on our second launch possibly related to the heat as well.
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  • cybermah October 23, 2017

    I would like to use the MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System to build a temperature monitoring device for my smoker.  I have a basic smoker and the temperature fluctuations can happen very easily.  The device I would create would mount a thermocouple inside the smoker so I can accurately monitor the temperature and send me a notification if the temperature goes out of range from my set points.


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