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Enter the AAC, Mouser, and Maxim Integrated design contest to win your choice of three different development boards: the MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board featuring MAX31875, the MAX31856EVSYS, or the MAX31865 evaluation kit. All entrants have until December 15th, 2017 to submit a design idea for a chance to win. We'll select 125 winners and these individuals will then have until February 5th, 2018 to submit a project documenting all aspects of the design using their chosen board. The top 10 design ideas will be selected and these winners will go on to develop their project. Each winner will create a one-minute video of their project by February 20th, 2018 to be judged for the grand prize. Judges from AAC, Mouser, and Maxim will pick the three ultimate winners of the design contest and announce them on February 28th, 2018.


1st Phase 

Winners from the idea phase will win one of the three boards listed below ($120 value):

  • MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board featuring MAX31875 
  • Maxim MAX31856EVSYS 
  • Maxim MAX31865EVKIT 


2nd Phase

10 people from of the original 125 winners will be chosen to receive an additional Arduino kit as well as a MikroElectronica click shield.

After receiving their items, the 10 winners will create a one-minute video of their project to be judged for the grand prize. (Note: The Arduino kit and click shield do not need to be used in the final design of the project.)


3rd Phase

Of the final 10 projects, three will be chosen for the grand prizes listed below:

Take a look at the information below, get your creative juices flowing, and showcase your design creativity by entering this contest.


About the Boards / Kits

MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board featuring MAX31875 

Quickly prototype with this tiny board that features Maxim’s latest low energy temperature sensor, the MAX31875, which lies at the base of the thermometer image and is barely visible. The Thermo 6 click fits into any mikroBUS™ socket and the accompanying code allows you to be up, running and measuring temperature in minutes. Design, engineer, prototype and test your next system using the Thermo 6 click featuring Maxim's temperature sensor.


MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System

Maxim's MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System provides the hardware and software necessary to evaluate the MAX31856 thermocouple-to-digital converter. The evaluation system includes the MAX31856PMB1 peripheral module with a Pmod™-compatible connector for SPI communication. The system also includes the USB2PMB1 adapter board for communication with the software and a K-type thermocouple for temperature sensing. Here is an example program utilizing the MAX31856 mbed library. Learn more from the datasheet.


MAX31865 Evaluation Kit

Maxim's MAX31865 Evaluation Kit evaluates the MAX31865, a RTD-to-digital converter, using hardware and software (graphical user interface). The Evaluation Kit includes a USB-to-SPI interface installed along with a MAX31865APT+. Interacting the USB-to-SPI master section of the MAX31865 Evaluation Kit with the kit software shows the device's functionality. Kit contents include assembled circuit board including MAX31865ATP+ and USB-to-SPI circuitry, mini-USB cable, two 0.2in jumper wires, and a 1kΩ resistor. Learn more from the datasheet.

To Enter You Must:

  1. Login or Register with AAC to agree to the terms & conditions.
  2. Submit Your Project Idea. In 150-200 words, describe how you would use 1 of the 3 boards above, and enter it into the comment box below. The 125 best ideas will each receive one of the boards, free of cost, to make their project idea a reality
  3. Design and Build Your Project. Using your board, develop your project, making sure you adhere to the project requirements.
  4. Submit Your Completed Project. You will then post a short video to YouTube demonstrating your project in action. Submit your video link and your project files through your AAC Blog. Make sure to add the tag #MakeWithMaxim to your post. Winners will be selected to win 1 of 3 Grand Prizes.
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79 Ideas

  • javvan 2017-10-18

    I am a member of a college team that has entered the high-powered ESRA (Experimental Sounding Rocket Association) launch competition for the last two years, and we are currently working on our third year entry. Prior years have revealed a common complication with heating that affects our rocket’s main controller board and payload. Enough so that we had to cancel our launch at the competition last year, and nearly half of the high-powered rockets that were launched had some sort of complication linked with overheating (including, but not limited to, complete controller failure resulting in the destruction of the multi-thousand dollar rockets, which also endangers the lives of students at the launch site if a chute fails to deploy.)
    This year our team plans to run extensive tests to discover how heat travels through our rocket design, and how we can influence it. The Thermo 6 Click Board is compact and light enough that it can be mounted onto our controller without requiring significant recalculations, and can provide us with valuable data that will be used to determine if our rocket is safe to launch or not.

    • Adrian Haber 2017-11-30

      I was on a team last year at the competition and we had an issue with our payload overheating, and a CATO on our second launch possibly related to the heat as well.

  • cybermah 2017-10-23

    I would like to use the MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System to build a temperature monitoring device for my smoker.  I have a basic smoker and the temperature fluctuations can happen very easily.  The device I would create would mount a thermocouple inside the smoker so I can accurately monitor the temperature and send me a notification if the temperature goes out of range from my set points.


  • staufr 2017-10-28

    Using the MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System I would like to build a home temperature monitoring system. We have always wondered if our thermostat is in the best position in our house. If I could place multiple temperature monitoring units in different rooms in our home and monitor the room temperatures I could find a better location for our thermostat.

  • Primology 2017-10-29

    I am a hobbyist who just wanted to be a part of this phenomenal contest! With high hopes and dedication I enter this contest and here is my idea!

    The idea is to create a compact device codenamed Season using MikroElektronika’s Thermo 6 Click Board which is featuring a MAX31875 that will give you the temperature of it’s surroundings as well as one area of your interest. My main focus is to make this into something that people of any age would fall in love with. This is why I also want to give it a bit of personality too and have it become your perfect morning coffee pal!

    My vision for this is not to build a thermometer, but something far better yet fairly simple. Season’s goal is to grow to be your morning pal and bring a smile to your face.

    Love Mondays and have this little buddy prepare you for where you are heading!

    The link to my concept:

    Link to who I am:

  • gsnowak0w0w 2017-11-03

    I like to provide food for my family. An easy way to do it is hunting or fishing, and it’s enjoyable… except when it’s cold. My idea is similar to heated jackets. It’s heated boots. I ice fish and deer hunt every year and every year I’m buying more wool socks thinking maybe these will do the trick. But every year I’m disappointed and have to leave the woods or ice early. The thermometer will sense ambient temperature around the feet and when it gets below an ideal comfort level, insulated conductive metal yarn will activate, warming the boots. It’s not on 100% of the time , just when it senses the temp around the feet to go below a certain degree. As for power like the heated jackets, Milwaukee uses a rechargeable red lithium battery for the jackets. You’d obviously need one for both feet and I was thinking of a small pouch that buckles around your ankle that connects to it. That’s my idea.

    • gsnowak0w0w 2017-11-03

      I forgot to mention that the Thermo 6 clock board is the one I had in mind for this project.

  • Stephen S. Madeira 2017-11-07

    I’m studying efficiency losses in 3-Phases power inverters for EV motors. Since temperature plays a big role with efficiency, this small device - MAX31875 - would allow me to track each IGBT’s and Diodes’s temperature, making possible to always reach the optimal performance of the system and then, wasting less energy or even use it as a safety device, turning off the motor in extreme conditions (overcurrent, short circuit failures and etc). The Click Board would make everthing easier to use this sensor.

  • fabiomartinsn 2017-11-08

    I would like to use the MAX31856EVSYS module of the Maxim, to monitor the temperature of perishable products on supermarket shelves. When it detects a variation in temperature (which would make the product damaged), would be created an alert for immediate correction of the problem; avoiding the loss of product

  • Greg Lemons 2017-11-09

    I would like to build a heated smoothing chamber for 3d prints.  Smoothing 3d prints is a new hobby of mine in which I’ve been using a ‘cold vapor’ method which takes hours. I’ve perfected this method with great results but am not satisfied with the amount of time it takes. Heating the solvent will reduce the time required to just a few minutes. 
    I would like to use the MAX31856EVSYS with thermocouple and a microcontroller to monitor and control the heating and distribution of different solvent vapors. It would consist of a smoothing chamber and heatable solvent chamber connected via solvent resistant tubing. I would like it to be a closed system so it could be used indoors without stinky or harmful vapors.  The idea is that you can place your 3d model inside the smoothing chamber, select the settings appropriate to the smoothing solvent and press a button to heat the solvent to appropriate temperature. The vapor created in the solvent chamber would be pushed through the tubing and into the smoothing chamber for a specified duration.  Voila! Super-fast, Super-smooth 3d prints at home.

  • diamondjimkoehler 2017-11-09

    In the January, 2011 issue of QST, the ARRL’s amateur radio magazine, I described how to use a domestic toaster oven to reflow solder printed-circuit boards.  It required the user to turn the heating element on and off manually while monitoring the temperature.  I plan to use the MAX31856EVSYS temperature sensing system, along with a Raspberry Pi as the main controller, to automate and control the entire process.  The user will just need to put his pc-board in the oven and press a button and the controller will do the rest.

  • raviurao 2017-11-10

    My team proposes to build a thermal imaging and analysis unit to evaluate LED drivers with an auto thermal de-rating option. Plan to use the MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System to achieve our goals.

  • techdcs 2017-11-10

    Recently an Electricity Supply Cable failure (as implied by the electrician) caused a lot of expenses in getting it fixed because it was concealed . I would like to make a small Cable Point of Failure Locator using thermionics for which i would like to use MikroElectronika Thermo kit.

  • JohnS_AZ 2017-11-10

    We’re currently dealing with an elder-care situation in our home since my father-in-law has moved in with us. His diminished capabilities has created a number of complications around here and one involves temperature. He lives in a semi-detached apartment which has it’s own kitchenette. The issue is that while we want to have very hot tap water available for cleaning and sanitation, there is the potential for him to seriously burn himself if he becomes confused between the hot and cold water faucets (which has happened in the recent past). My thought is to use the MAX31856EVSYS to monitor the temperature of the water as it enters the drain pipe of the kitchen sink, and use a solenoid to physically shut down the hot water if a maximum temperature is reached. A hidden (or secured) defeat circuit would allow me or my wife to run very hot water for cleaning when necessary. This system would allow him the sense of independence while protecting him from a potentially hazardous situation.

  • merrittr 2017-11-10

    using MAX31875, to check crop thermal char mounted on a drone or tractor.

  • poonam1990 2017-11-11

    I am a professor at marwadi education foundation group of institution and like to join in this club through this competition.
    My project idea is
    Smart irrigation system
    Abstract : As we know today the irrigation system get a lots of advancement i want to use this kits for measuring the temperature of whether and moisture of the soil. i will evaluate and i will use google cloud for machine learning and then distribute the water according to need and corp type all prediction is done by machine learning. In initial phase i just want to make a smart irrigation system which can measure the temperature and whether predicted water distribution system for irrigation. 

  • skorav 2017-11-11

    I want to use the MAX31865 IC for my Smart Home automation project, which I believe is not possible without the temperature sensors. Particularly, I would use the IC for my battery powered wireless outdoors temperature sensor, as it perfectly fits for it with the low power consumption and could give the long time of service without the need for recharging. I think, the MAX31865 Evaluation Kit is the best choice for evaluating in my project.

  • momososo 2017-11-12

    I want use MAX31856EVSYS to build a boiling water confirm system.
    Most people closed fire when seeing water boiling. Is the water temperature high enough to kill microbes?
    First, I will install thermocouple into glass tube and use it to measure water temperature. That can keep water clean and make sure measurement is precise. Second, connect thermocouple with MAX31856EVSYS and an arduino board connected then a LCD to display.
    Why use MAX31856? Since I only have K type thermocouple and this system need contract measure.

  • r.kiran Raj 2017-11-12

    Title: Application of RTD sensor to measure the temperature of a Solar PV Panel and improve its efficiency
    One of the biggest challenges faced by the Solar PV industry is the losses due to increase in temperature of the PV panels in hot dry regions. It is imperative to measure the temperature of the panels to avoid failure. Current temperature sensors require complex systems and usually is limited by its range and reference values. The Maxim’s MAX31865 Evaluation Kit has the potential to vary the value of the RTD and reference resistor. This allows us to customize according to the need for the PV panel and size. The USB-SPI interface allows us to control and interact with the MPPT controller of the Solar PV charger. The feedback loop allows us to improve the performance of charger. Hence, this opens a wide range of possibility to control and monitor the panels in real time. It can also be used as an educational guide to study in small-scale projects.

  • vu2iti 2017-11-12

    My new project is a colorimeter with dry heater block for cuvette temperature control. Precise temperature of the sample kept in the cuvette is to be maintained for precise determination of concentration of the material in the sample. Accurate temperature control of cuvette with samples is achieved by using a dry heater Aluminum block. Cuvettes are inserted to slots in the aluminum block and this block is electrically heated and temperature is set by the desired value by closed loop temperature control. Precise measurement of temperature demands a temperature transducer and signal processing. Since the temperature control is to be achieved by a microcontroller, digital output from the temperature transducer is needed.
    I am designing the temperature controller using the Integrated circuit MAX31856 that is ideally suited for this application. This chip uses a thermo couple sensor and provides all the needed functionality like automatic Linearization correction for different types of thermocouples, minimum error %, higher resolution, and input protection against ±45V, minimum component count, built in fault detection and management, noise rejection, simple SPI communication with the Microcontroller and so on.

  • vignura97 2017-11-12

    Unattended Stoves and fire place are one of the main causes of fire accidents, which unfortunately happened to me too, so I would like to monitor state of the stove, and if it is burning at high temperature for long time or just burning for very long time, then it will warn the persons in the house.

    warning system can be as simple as buzzer and lights to notification to mobile phones via sms or apps

    Device: MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board featuring MAX31875

  • PCGuru 2017-11-12

    Hydroponic table top gardens would offer year round access to fresh greens such as lettuces, chives, herbs, and other suitable crops.  One of the important parameters that needs to be monitored is temperature.  Both the plant’s environment and the growing water are best maintained in a “warm” range.  The MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System or MAX31865 Evaluation Kit would be suitable along with a waterproof thermocouple or thermistor.

  • AMolnar 2017-11-12

    I would like to use the MAX31865 Evaluation Kit to build a measurement system for the investigation of thermostimulated parameters (thermostimulated depolarization, current, thermoluminescence e.t.c) of ferroelectric materials. As far as I’ve read, this system has a 15 bit resolution, which is absolutely enough for our application. In addition, this kit uses a four-wire connection, which will allow the use of relatively long connecting wires.This is exactly what we need! These measurements are simple in technical implementation. However, the data obtained require complicated mathematical processing. Using the control computer allows you to obtain ready-made experimental data. Such a module would allow us to launch a new methodology.

  • cameronmoore 2017-11-12

    I would use MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board as part of a wireless sensor system I would like to implement into my van. I own a 1984 VW kombi and would like to combine my passion for old vehicles and modern technology to create a wireless sensor system to monitor different components of the van. The overall project would include monitoring the fridge and freezer temperature, inside and outside temperatures, tire pressures, water tank levels and more. The system will communicate to a central control unit located near the driver via a zigbee or bluetooth low energy (BLE) network, with the readings displayed on an interactive screen. The thermo 6 board would be perfect for the temperature readings due to its low power draw, large operating temperature range and small size allowing it to be easily integrated into the BLE or zigbee network and hidden out of site. A common problem whilst traveling is the leisure battery running flat whilst the fridge is being powered from it. Embedding a temperature sensor into the fridge will allow for an alert to be raised if the fridge temperature rises to above a safe level for food to be kept.

  • I would like to use the Thermo 6 Click board for our automatic egg hatching machine product. Our hatching machine often used a DHT22 that was not quite accurate. So the result of hatching the eggs was quite low. I will test this device accuracy and I will use RaspberryPi for my controller with a 5” LCD Touchscreen and also a few motors for flipping the eggs twice a day and a spraygun motor for water mist so it will automate and control the entire process.  The user will just need to put the eggs into the machine and to determine what kind of eggs that they wanted to hatch. The machine will determine the hatching process and timing process based on the information that chosen.

    And also i will use an infrared sensor to sense each egg for life signs. When there is egg/s that did not have a life signs after 4 days, the user will be alerted to takeaway the egg/s through the touchscreen LCD and through the WiFi to Android App.

  • Few days ago I had an accident with my mobile phone,to be more precise the phone felt on the ground and the display has been broken.I found that on ebay,ali-express are some cheap displays for my phone.The problem after I buy a display was how to replace the old one,with a new.On youtube there were interesting tutotrials for how to replace it with an iron for clothes.And from there I came out with a concept for my project.
    The main idea is to build a PID controller with MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System and to comunicate with arduino board to make the controller which it will be precisely and accurately measured the thermocouple probe nestled in the iron heater.Figured out that heater is going to be controlled by solid state relay. From the controller itself there will be relay for vacuum pump,so the display can’t be moved while it is heating, TFT display and rotary encoder will be added for the interface of this display replacement iron.
    That’s the idea,I hope it will help to other makers and hobbyist for replacing a display to a damaged phones.

  • RRB 2017-11-13

    MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System would be used as sensor for a pottery Kiln temperature control.

  • Arun Magesh 2017-11-14

    I am a Hardware Security Researcher.
    I have been working on creating a framework for IoT devices to create a bots inside them and I propose to control the process flow of the day to create a heat bridge and use this Thermo-6 to identify the heat change and create air-gap attack on those devices.

  • Fabio Rocha 2017-11-20

    I intend to use the MAX31875 IC to create an embedded wearable thermometer (a band on wrist or leg) to be used by a sick child at night. A WiFi capable uC periodically reads the child temperature and sends the data to an Android device where data can be seen/plot. Therefore, parents can monitor the temperature (watch if the medication in reducing the temperature)  without disturbing the child at night. As during these tough nights any help is welcome, I believe many parents will enjoy such project. The mobile app can also show alerts in case of fever/hypothermia

  • amiyasar 2017-11-21

    Would love to have a MAX31865 Evaluation Kit to see how accurately the temperature tallies with respect to a conventional mercury thermometer for the measurement of normal temperature in a person or in someone with fever. Perhaps, it would be more suitable to measure the basal body temperature (BBT) in a female to predict ovulation in a female’s menstrual cycle as against the conventional thermometer, at present. This could make a significant contribution to contraception, given the fact the alarming rate our fertility is approaching, especially in the developing countries. The linearity is the key! Anyway, I am fully aware that using these devices for medical purposes will require ethical/medical approval and further documentation. Thanks!

  • David Cross 2017-11-21

    Mechatronics boards for students to learn how to wire in electrical; power supplies,relays, timers, limit switches, etc. Have additional equipment on auxiliary boards.

  • noelrios999 2017-11-23

    I want to use the Mikroelektronika Thermo click board to implement a space heater which has push buttons for temperature control and a seven segment LED display to show the temperature.  It is controlled by a Dallas 89C430 ISP
    Microcontroller or an Arduino to read the temperature, set the temperature and display the temperature.  It uses an AC phase line control to modify the firing angle of the Triac to control the ambient temperature .

  • Korona Majer 2017-11-24

    I work at the Nova Scotia Community College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Our College and a few key students are involved in a joint project with TAM Community College in Grenda and some of their students to monitor environmental conditions around a number of sites hosting PV solar collecting panels. Our goal is to assess correlations between available solar flux and electrical energy output given various environmental conditions. We are working with a number of sensors to determine which gives the best performance in its purview in light of the high temperatures and humidity we expect to experience at the island test sites.  We are very interested in including the MAX31865 in our suite of evaluations especially given the analysis program which is integral to the kit.  It is such a novel system, I expect we may be including this device even without a win in the contest.

  • lecherng 2017-11-26

    Studies shown that the rate vegetation growth is a primary affected by the temperature surrounding the plant.
    With MAX31875’s accurage of +-0.5c (temp range 10c to 45c), it is suitable to keep track of the optimum temperature of the surrounding. A small greenhouse will be built to enclosed the plant and a microcontroller with MAX31875, LDR, Water Valve relay will be used to regulate the air temp, humidity in soil and air inside the greenhouse.
    The future of the project can be even expend to to add IOT support, include intelligent self predicting by collecting data from weather forecast station and regulate all the temp & humidity (i.e. if today evening forecast to be raining heavily, the system can reduce the amount of water needed etc), informing user when is the time to harvest, when is the right time to plant certain plants

  • foad90 2017-11-27

    As I am a surfer, I would like to use MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board featuring MAX31875 to monitor the surface temperature near the coastline. Along with the GPS data, this temperature data can then be provided to the scientists. Satellites are good at measuring temperatures over vast stretches of the ocean but are less accurate at monitoring coastlines. A study using this technique was recently published in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science and a similar initiative called ‘Smartfin’ has already been launched in the U.S. I would like to create a cheap open source solution so that anyone in the world can choose to use this and record data. Since climate change is the biggest challenge that we face at this moment in time, accurate measurement of data is paramount. I believe that this can bring about real change and most surfers would be very happy to wear one since they care about the ocean and are environmentally conscious.

  • subham9777 2017-11-29

    Hello, I am a member of a student-run club at my university. I want to use the MAX31865 Evaluation Kit to make an iot powered highly secured thermostat which monitors the environmental temperature and using the temperature data to control the thermostat to make the temperature specific according to person suitability. Every person in the room don’t need a very cold atmosphere or very hot atmosphere. So the above-mentioned board can be used to monitor and set the most appropriate temperature conditions. It can be remotely controlled using GUI.

  • hans_ober 2017-11-29

    I will use the MAX31875 temperature sensor to build a smart thermostat for my air conditioner. Smart thermostats like the Nest are only compatible with certain central air conditioning systems. I use a split air-conditioning system that uses an infrared remote. It has a temperature sensor inside the indoor unit which isn’t very accurate and leads to temperature swings.

    I will connect the MAX31875 to an Arduino, which will be connected to an IR (infrared) LED that will be used to emulate control command signals from my AC’s remote. The temperature data will be used to automatically control the AC via IR (by either turning it on/off or changing the temperature) and since it is not in the unit, it will better represent the actual room temperature. In addition to more accurate temperature control, I will connect a BLE/Wi-Fi module which will let me control it using my phone and even set up complex temperature profiles (eg. a certain temperature for a few hours, and a different one a little later).

    The final iteration will use the temperature sensor, low power MCU with BLE, energy harvesting & battery circuitry mounted in a case on the wall.

  • ck_007 2017-11-29

    I want to use the MAX31856EVSYS to build a temperature controller for my oven. I use an old gas fired oven/bake that simply adjusts the temperature by letting in different amounts of gas. This open loop system is not accurate and causes significant temperature error.

    I will use the MAX31856EVSYS and an Arduino to build a closed loop temperature control system. The gas control valve will be controlled by a servo motor, whose angular position will be set by the Arduino depending on the temperature feedback from the Type K thermocouple & MAX31856.

    Connected to the Arduino will be a LCD, few buttons and a rotary encoder. These will be used to set the temperature and will support different units: Centigrade, Gas Mark & Fahrenheit, which will make it convenient to use since recipes often use different units.

    The oven has a mounting bracket for an electric heating element. I will use the same temperature control system (MAX31856EVSYS & Arduino) to drive the relay/SSR that will control power to the heating element.

  • Gelnee Villanueva 2017-11-30

    Using the thermo 6 click board, I will make a portable and acurate temperature logger that is useful for all projects and experiments where the data of temperature is critical. Using this board paired with Arduino, temperature logs can be obtained. A portable temperature logger will be useful in many different fields (biology, health, etc.).

  • Adrian Haber 2017-11-30

    I would be interested in using the MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board featuring MAX31875 to evaluate payload temperatures in a sounding rocket going to about 30,000 feet. Since we will be launching in the New Mexico desert in the middle of the summer, air temperatures can get to nearly 120 degrees Fahrenheit with internal temperatures inside the sealed rocket body far exceeding that. The temperature sensor would be used to get data on the temperature of critical components and regulate a cooling system to keep the components cool while also not wasting too much of our battery life while sitting on the pad waiting for launch.

  • ArtTech86 2017-12-01

    I like to take things to new heights and further develop everyday objects and appliances to do things they weren’t originally intended to do. For the contest submission I am currently working on developing an ideal reflow oven with added features and improvements. The evaluation system would be an excellent system for temperature monitoring and management. The reflow oven utilises a microcontroller. Which, as of now, is an Arduino development board and relay shields with some other basic components. By connecting the MAX31856 IC evaluation system and sensors to the reflow oven it would open the project up to a wide range of possibilities, allowing for some major improvements to the ease of usability once the projects system is complete. With the MikroElektronika Thermo 6 MAX31875 IC I would be given a visual image in real time to see how the temperature in the enclosure is being distributed by the heating elements and that would help with designing and constructing prototypes for an ideal enclosure with maximum efficiency.

  • RAJESH JAT 2017-12-03

    I want to build auto motor off when temperature is high to cool motor.All we know in industry there are thousand or hundred of motor and all motor are running long time and heating which reduces their efficiency and life span day by day. I want to increase motor life and maintain their efficiency till there life span.I have face this issue in mu E bike and i want to solve it by MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board with accurate temperature to control my motor.

  • Mr_Electrical 2017-12-03

    I very much cherish the idea of improving and reusing old devices instead of tossing them out and buying new ones. In my personal collection of old things in need of some love is an old chemistry hot plate. It’s the same type of hot plate found in every high school and college chemistry lab across the world. Given its age, it has two main operating states - on and overheating or off and ice cold. Unfortunately, this makes the hot plate difficult to use for sensitive tasks like organic chemistry or SMD soldering.

    I would like to create an external control box to provide precise temperature control of the hotplate without needing to tinker with the internals. The idea would be use the components included in the MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System to measure the surface temperature of the hot plate. A microcontroller running a PID loop would then control a triac connected to the power of the heater elements.

    An LCD screen with buttons or a rotary encoder will supply user control as well as the ability to change the EEPROM-stored PID tuning parameters. A simple logging program would also be written to record the temperatures sent over USB-serial.

  • sjtonic 2017-12-03

    I’ve been an electronic amateur for a long time. All that time I used TTH (through the hole) components. I decided to switch to SMD components recently. Using SMD components provides access to powerful microcontrollers and recent ICs. I was able to archive good results soldering with hot air gun. Anyway I understand that the proper way is to use a reflow oven for that purpose. Currently I’m developing a controller for a DIY reflow oven. The controller is based on Arduino with simple graphical interface and ability to load different thermal profiles for the oven. MAX31856EVSYS or MAX31865 kit would been a great helper as it’s provide an ability to implement closed-loop PID regulation.

  • Sankara Srikrishna 2017-12-04

    I’m already trying to develop smart home automation using multiple Microprocessors in a hierarchial way to make it as fail proof and to add as many features as I can in the system. One of them includes adjusting the temperature of the room according to the heat generated by the electronic appliances and of course the second one is the very famous fire proof system. So I think MAX31865 Evaluation Kit will be useful to attain the above mentioned purposes with low power consumption.

  • ROVot 2017-12-05

    My design will be a small, high-accuracy digital thermometer, suitable for lab or field use. Using a MAX31856 and an Arduino, the unit will display current temperature, as well as minimum and maximum temperatures. A simple user interface will allow for changing the units between Fahrenheit and Celsius, resetting the min and max values, and turning the display backlight on and off.The unit will be battery powered for portability and will notify the user of a low battery condition.

  • karthick123 2017-12-05

    IoT Fan speed controller:
    As we all experience to the temperature fall in night-time to early morning. In night we keep the ceiling fan in high speed due to temperature fall we experience cold at the early morning. To avoid the shiver on bed in the morning so we need to decrease fan speed automatically based on the environment conditions. For this we need temperature sensor to adjust the speed of fan and the sensor is chosen as “MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board” featuring with MAX31875 IC due to its accuracy in measurements and easy to interface to any MCU. When this sensor is interface to MCU the temperature data is logged and accordingly the fan regulator is control using servo motor interface to MCU GPIOs to change the fan speed automatically based on the environment temperature so that this will keep you in good rest. This device is not only useful for fan operation but it can be used to control room radiator in cold countries.

  • David Black 2017-12-07

    I can use it for my the work I’m doing with superconductors to measure the data on the constant between temperature and emf production. I could almost make a measurement device hooked up to a data logger to record the results from each test it would definitely make my life a lot easier and the data a lot more accurate.

  • ram1234 2017-12-07

    Laboratory Temperature Kit:
    In the research laboratory chemical reactions are common to obtain results by combining two are more chemical compounds or solutions. Chemical reactions happen at a characteristic reaction rate at a given temperature and chemical concentration. Typically, reaction rates increase with increasing temperature because there is more thermal energy available to reach the activation energy necessary for breaking bonds between atoms. It is important to measure and maintain the exact thermal activation energy, which is needed to supply to complete the chemical process fruitfully. So we need a high resolution temperature sensor to measure thermal activation energy and transfer data to GUI or MCU kit to control and stabilize the thermal source at a particular temperature. “MAX31865 Evaluation Kit” is chosen as a high resolution temperature sensor kit for the present project to monitor and measure the reaction temperature because we can visualize timely data in GUI. This MAX31865 Evaluation Kit has the silent features so it can directly connect to the PC using mini-USB cable without interfacing to additional MCU. The temperature of source can be set to specific point to complete the reaction at exact activation thermal energy. This is how I am intended to use the MAX31865 Evaluation Kit in our research laboratory to monitor reaction temperature in a beaker or flask.

  • Kushilucky 2017-12-07

    I would use MikroElektronika Thermo 6 to design a programmable temperature controlled car cover to install inside from the car to front and back of the glass. The cover must set automatically adjusted to the surrounding temperature and can start heating up the cover, which can also be remote controlled to start/stop to save energy or can start just before ready to take car. This can be helpful specially extreme snow conditions to save time in cleanup snow also can be helpful for those who did not have car ignition control. As I am a person who gets frustrated cleaning the car in every snow day. There are some car covers in current market to install from outside but which are cumbersome in heavy snow conditions to remove it. This should also design keeping in mind for high safety as its install inside the car and hope the heat doesn’t have to be super hot if we plan to start early before we take the car or we can always set time/what temp so its starts without even remote start/stop.

  • G.Phani 2017-12-07

    Cold storage warehouse temperature monitoring device:
    The bulk storage of large or small quantities requires refrigeration that enables cold store facilities to be safe, energy conscious and maintain standards. Cold storage preserves agricultural products by eliminating sprouting, rotting and insect damage. The temperature necessary for preservation depends on the storage time required and the type of product. In order to know the temperature flow distribution map in the warehouse and to control at constant temperature we need a temperature sensor kit to record and visualize real-time data on the warehouse temperature. In our innovative design project Cold storage warehouse temperature monitoring we are going to choose “Maxim’s MAX31865 Evaluation Kit” because it has on-board ADC for RTD, mini-USB connecter to transfer data to the PC for data visualization in GUI. Digital temperature records can be maintained to carryout analysis for the storage time of food without perishes and energy loss. The monitoring of temperature with Maxim’s MAX31865 Evaluation Kit is easy and effective to maintain the warehouse temperature suitable and supportive for the different types of food items in different sections. A general rule for vegetables is that cool-season crops should be stored at cooler temperatures (32 to 35°F), and warm-season crops should be stored at warmer temperatures (45 to 55°F). These temperatures can be easily monitored and maintained using Maxim’s MAX31865 Evaluation Kit in the cold storage warehouses.

  • iles001 2017-12-07

    My name is Ravi. I am engineering student. I am a one of member of a college group that try to develop a full proof Advance & Accurate GUI solution for temperature monitor & control system for our final year project, nearly for the last one months. We have tried some temperature sensors till now but not MAX31865. We are stuck in small budget. Currently working on software part only as we wait for sponsor for hardware support.I would like to use the MAX31865 Evaluation Kit to build a temperature monitoring device for my project. As you have GUI support it really helps us. This project include Monitoring, Analysing & Controlling. Monitoring is done with accurate temperature sensor. Analysing is done with coding or software support. Controlling is done with control of any device like AC, heater or alarm system.This system should be fully customized with consumer requirement. As we are in starting stage, we looking for more options to include in this project, so final project could be different from this starting stage prototype idea.

  • IoTGS 2017-12-08

    Pet home temperature monitor system: In every home we have pets and they have separate shelter to take rest. The pet home should be convenient to them by maintaining proper ventilation, air flow and temperature. During summer it needs to maintain low temperature and during winter it needs to maintain at warm temperatures. The temperature maintance can be done by measuring the environment temperature and control the gadgets to keep pet home convenient for pet. As they don’t know how to control the device so it is our turn to make a suitable device. I am going to use “MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board” to measure the temperature of the pet house and environment and control the cooling and warmer system using the data from MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board interfaced to MCU. The temperature data is set to a threshold level based upon the seasonal and daily temperature so that the pet home can be maintained at suitable temperature to the pets. This device will be also helpful in Zoo park where animals need to take care from severe environmental conditions.

  • Praveen112 2017-12-08

    Transport refrigerator containers: When transporting temperature-sensitive foodstuffs and other materials by trucks, trains, airplanes and seagoing vessels, refrigeration is a necessity. Dairy products are constantly in need of refrigeration, and it was only discovered in the past few decades that eggs needed to be refrigerated during shipment rather than waiting to be refrigerated after arrival at the grocery store. Meats, poultry and fish all must be kept in climate-controlled environments before being sold. Refrigeration also helps keep fruits and vegetables edible longer. Food stored at or below −18 °C (0 °F) is safe indefinitely. Most household freezers maintain temperatures from −23 to −18 °C (−9 to 0 °F), although some freezer-only units can achieve −34 °C (−29 °F) and lower. Freezer units are used in households and in industry and commerce. The temperature of freezer in containers can be maintained at a specific level by monitoring with “MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board” which is interfaced to MCU. When the temperature data from MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board is above or below to the threshold level, the compressor unit is controlled by MCU accordingly to maintain at stable temperature level in a containers. This device helps in storing food health without perishing during transport by measuring and maintaining the temperature of the cold storage container.

  • NGPrakash 2017-12-08

    Soil temperature monitoring device for radiation budget: Soil temperature is simply the measurement of the warmth in the soil. Ideal soil temperatures for planting most plants are 65 to 75 F (18 to 24 C). Nighttime and daytime soil temperatures are both important. The soil layer of the earth is critical in maintaining plant life, offering mechanical support, and supplying water and nutrients. The radiation budget is also calculated by recording the soil temperature at different levels from surface to 2 meter depth. The soil temperature can be measured using “Maxim’s MAX31856EVSYS” for seasonal and daily change which will help for the farmers to choose the appropriate crop, meteorologists for calculating the radiation budget. Maxim’s MAX31856EVSYS has on-board ADC for thermocouple and software GUI to monitor the data. This device is easy to install and store the data in personal computer, useful in cold and warm countries to study about the soil temperature and earth warming effects.

  • kart864 2017-12-08

    Homemade Egg Incubator:
    An incubator is supposed to be able to set the perfect environmental conditions for an egg to incubate because it regulates the factors such as temperature, humidity, and turning the eggs when necessary. The temperature of incubator is maintained in constant to hatch eggs, before this we require a high precision temperature recorder to monitor and control thermostat. If there is a fall or raise in temperature irregularly makes the egg to fail from hatching leads to loss in farming. “Maxim’s MAX31856EVSYS” is going to use in our homemade egg incubator to monitor and maintain the suitable temperature for hatching eggs. Maxim’s MAX31856EVSYS device is a 10-bit ADC for K-type thermocouple, SPI-to-USB converter to save the data in PC and visualize in GUI so it is more advantage to maintain stable temperature to hatch eggs. The threshold level for hatching egg can be set in the GUI for warning alerts when crossed the temperature limits. This project will help the farmhouse to produce the required number of chicks by properly maintain the temperature for hatching.

  • Swathi154 2017-12-09

    Infant Incubator: An infant incubator is an apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for a neonate. Modern neonatal intensive care involves sophisticated measurement of temperature, respiration, cardiac function, oxygenation, and brain activity. It is very much important to monitor the temperature of neonate continuously to prevent from deaths. Protection from cold temperature with climate control equipment designed will keep them warm and limit their exposure to germs. The temperature of the neonate should be maintained at normal body temperature about 36.5-37.5oC (97.7-99.5oF) to keep them safe. In order to monitor them continuously we need a high resolution and sensitive temperature sensor and can detect a small change in temperature accurately. Maxim’s MAX31856EVSYS has on-board 10-bit ADC for thermocouple which is suitable for the incubator because its sensitivity rating is 50μs/C. So I am planning to include this kit in my new design infant incubator to measure baby temperature. Maxim’s MAX31856EVSYS has GUI software support to visualize the temperature data in real-time which helps to keep the infant incubator at suitable temperature to baby. The radiant warmer can be controlled from maximum to minimum limits to keep the temperature of the incubator suitable to the baby. In my opinion Maxim’s MAX31856EVSYS device will helps the Pediatrics to monitor the baby health conditions and their body temperature timely to recover quickly from the health issues.

  • Raj111 2017-12-09

    Autoclave temperature monitor device:
    Autoclaves are used to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high-pressure saturated steam at 121 °C (249 °F) for around 15–20 minutes depending on the size of the load and the contents. Autoclave is used to grow crystals under high temperatures and pressures, in medical uses steam to sterilize equipment and other objects at about 134 C. To maintain the appropriate temperature in the autoclave we require a temperature sensor to monitor the temperature for this we are going to use “Maxim’s MAX31865 Evaluation Kit” due it silent features to convert the analog data to digital without going for MCU programming. The data can be monitor in the software GUI and the sterile time can be noted to stop the process. Autoclaves are used in various applications like in industries, medical, synthesis etc. The decomposition and sterilization of materials can be done under high pressure and temperature so it is important to monitor the temperature of the autoclave. Maxim’s MAX31865 Evaluation Kit can be used as one of the temperature indicator for these autoclaves.

  • CharlieO21 2017-12-09

    Hello, I’m an hardware engineer, I’ll use the Thermo 6 to prototype a system that can measure the air’s quality of a room. I’ll integrate more sensors on the system. All the data of the sensors will be send to a database and will notify if the pollution of the room is inside the limits of a good air’s quality.

  • soumil.heble 2017-12-09

    An egg incubator is a remarkable invention, useful for hatching bird or reptile eggs in the absence of natural incubation. Egg incubators are being used by wildlife conservationists and poultry farms to hatch eggs. I have a plan to build a 12 egg incubator powered by solar energy (solar panels). This design will make the incubator portable, useful in the field and will be using a renewable source of energy.
    An egg incubator is required to maintain the eggs in a particular range of temperature and humidity to hatch them. The MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board with MAX31875 is a perfect solution for the temperature measurement requirements in this project. It is small which is ideal for placement and low power which is the most important feature since the design is going to be solar powered.
    For the humidity measurement, I am going to use the Sensiron SHT21 and a 12V fan for humidity control. To maximize the hatching of eggs, we have to follow a particular trend of temperature and humidity levels inside the incubator. Hence, I plan to include a real-time clock (DS13707) for tracking the hatching schedule along with the MCU (ATMega16u2) which will control and measure temperature and humidity.

  • grabowski 2017-12-12

    We have a small data center at the college and I would like to monitor the temperature of the room and then input the information into network monitoring software from PRTG.

  • Lucky90 2017-12-12

    Fish pond temperature monitoring device:Did you know that pond water temperature effects pond fish health? The fact is that temperature has big effects on the health of fish, and there are some things that to keep fish as healthy as possible, depending on what season it is.
    Spring- the fluctuation in temperatures can be very stressful on fish. Add pond salt to help develop a healthy slime coat on your fish. This helps the fish naturally fend off any bacterial infections and parasites.
    Summer- The perfect pond water should be in the range of 68 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Water loses much of its ability to hold oxygen when the temperature is above 85 degrees. Fish won’t be able to breathe.
    Winter- Fish’s metabolism slows when your water cools down. They don’t need to eat when the temperature stays below 39 degrees Fahrenheit. An easy to digest food is suggested if the water is above 39 degrees. If you live in an area where water freezes, keep part of your pond open so that the toxic gases can be released.
    Water temperatures shouldn’t change more than 5 degrees per day to keep your fish in their best health. To monitor the water, a good thermometer comes in handy. In the present project to monitor fish pond water temperature I would like to use “Maxim’s MAX31865 Evaluation Kit”. As of 2016, more than 50% of seafood was produced by aquaculture. So Maxim’s MAX31865 Evaluation Kit is more helpful to monitor the temperature of pond and take necessary steps in time to protect them from dying. This helps the fish farmers to make their pond suitable to their fish and can be beneficial to the produce food to the humans.

  • Lucky90 2017-12-12

    Fish pond temperature monitoring device:Did you know that pond water temperature effects pond fish health? The fact is that temperature has big effects on the health of fish, and there are some things that to keep fish as healthy as possible, depending on what season it is.
    Spring- the fluctuation in temperatures can be very stressful on fish. Add pond salt to help develop a healthy slime coat on your fish. This helps the fish naturally fend off any bacterial infections and parasites.
    Summer- The perfect pond water should be in the range of 68 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Water loses much of its ability to hold oxygen when the temperature is above 85 degrees. Fish won’t be able to breathe.
    Winter- Fish’s metabolism slows when your water cools down. They don’t need to eat when the temperature stays below 39 degrees Fahrenheit. An easy to digest food is suggested if the water is above 39 degrees. If you live in an area where water freezes, keep part of your pond open so that the toxic gases can be released.
    Water temperatures shouldn’t change more than 5 degrees per day to keep your fish in their best health. To monitor the water, a good thermometer comes in handy. In the present project to monitor fish pond water temperature I would like to use “Maxim’s MAX31865 Evaluation Kit”. As of 2016, more than 50% of seafood was produced by aquaculture. So Maxim’s MAX31865 Evaluation Kit is more helpful to monitor the temperature of pond and take necessary steps in time to protect them from dying. This helps the fish farmers to make their pond suitable to their fish and can be beneficial to the produce food to the humans.

  • Svenkat 2017-12-13

    Brick industry kiln temperature monitor:
    In many modern brick works, bricks are usually fired in a continuously fired tunnel kiln, in which the bricks are fired as they move slowly through the kiln on conveyors, rails, or kiln cars, which achieves a more consistent brick product. The bricks often have lime, ash, and organic matter added, which accelerates the burning process. Fired bricks are one of the longest-lasting and strongest building materials, sometimes referred to as artificial stone. The fired color of tired clay bricks is influenced by the chemical and mineral content of the raw materials, the firing temperature, and the atmosphere in the kiln. The temperature is increased the color moves through dark red, purple, and then to brown or grey at around 1,300 °C (2,372 °F). The shaped clay is then fired/burned at about 900–1000 °C to achieve strength. The temperature of the kiln is important to make bricks stronger and colored, if the temperature was not enough the bricks may be brittle and not utilized in construction. In order to get good quality bricks we need to provide sufficient heat by adding desired quantity of hush, wood, coal, etc. The temperature can be monitor using “Maxim’s MAX31856EVSYS” in the software GUI because this kit is made to use for thermocouple it can measure about 1300 °C of temperature. Maxim’s MAX31856EVSYS kit will help the brick industries to achieve good quality bricks so that the construction will be lasting for long time without damage to buildings.

  • PRR11 2017-12-13

    Industrial boiler heat measurement:
    A boiler is a closed vessel in which water or other fluid is heated. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications, including water heating, central heating, boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation. In order to calculate the efficiency of the boiler performance it is necessary to monitor the boiler temperature continuously. The higher the furnace temperature, the faster the steam production will be. “Maxim’s MAX31856EVSYS” is used for the boiler to measure the temperature of the furnace and steam. The data can be visualized in the software GUI so this kit will be useful in industrial processing unit like thermal plant, refinery, cement factories, etc where the steam is generated for useful purpose. Maxim’s MAX31856EVSYS kit has capability to convert the analog to digital data with on-board 10-bit ADC and has capability for thermocouple conversion. As boilers furnace temperature is at 1000°C so this thermocouple is capable to sense those temperatures.

  • SVReddy 2017-12-13

    Solar panel temperature:
    The main effect of temperature on solar panels is that it reduces the efficiency of the solar cells at converting solar energy (sunlight) into electricity. In other words, the chemical reactions that occur within the solar panels are more efficient at cooler temperatures than at hot temperatures. As a solar panel increases in temperature, the power output of the solar panel decreases. Generally, monocrystalline solar cells have a temperature coefficient of -0.5%/deg C. This means a mono solar panel will lose half of once percent of its power for every degree the temperature rises. Photovoltaic modules are tested at a temperature of 25 degrees C (STC) – about 77 degrees F., and depending on their installed location, heat can reduce output efficiency by 10-25%. As the temperature of the solar panel increases, its output current increases exponentially, while the voltage output is reduced linearly. In order to calculate the amount of power extracted from solar panel it is necessary to calculate the efficient of the solar panel. The efficiency of the solar cells various as the temperature so it is necessary to measure the temperature of the panel and then we can calculate the efficiency. To measure the temperature of solar panel we can use” MAX31865 Evaluation Kit” it has software GUI to monitor the temperature in real-time by connecting it to the personal Computer without using any additional MCU. This will be good evaluation kit to perform the temperature measurement on the solar panel to calculate the efficiency exactly.

  • msz 2017-12-13

    I would like to use the MAX31865 evaluation kit as a part of smart greenhouse monitoring system.
    This system will be used to monitor and control the humidity, irrigation, soil moisture, temperature and level of the light for the proper growth of plants in greenhouses. Automation allows greenhouse owners to focus on growing the plants.

  • gboscardin 2017-12-13

    I am an automation engineer and I am developing a temperature measurement and logging system which is connected to the internet and utilizes a Mariadb database (open source MySQL). I would like to utilize the Thermo 6 click board as its sensor. It will utilize a Tiva C as microcontroller.
    The main objective of the prototype being observing and validating the sensor operation, specially when several measurements are taken during longer spams of time (such as during a week).

  • zsok 2017-12-13

    The MAX31856EVSYS will be great to measure pilot light temperature in a boiler. Boilers that are powered by gas and rely on a pilot light for ignition are equipped with thermocouples. They act as a safety for the pilot light, since if that pilot light goes out, gas will continue to enter the system without being consumed. This is a very dangerous situation. The thermocouple tells a controller there is still a flame. Otherwise, an SMS with information about the failure is sent to owner. This system will contain the following components:
    - MAX31856EVSYS
    - PIC18 microcontroller
    - SIM900 GSM module
    - battery

  • g.karthick 2017-12-14

    Electronic systems temperature monitoring to protect from overheating:
    Overheating causes potential damage to the circuit components, and can cause fire, explosion, or injury. Power dissipation performance must be well understood prior to integrating devices on a printed-circuit board (PCB) to ensure that any given device is operated within its defined temperature limits. When a device is running, it consumes electrical energy that is transformed into heat. The first and most important thing you need to do when your devices are overheating is to clean the fan(s) that provide(s) cooling to the CPU and graphics card. Devices that severely overheat causes damage to the internal components. Before this happens, the devices should attempt to shutdown itself when it reach the threshold limit once cooling down again it can restart. To instruct the device performance we need a sensor to sense and indicate whether the temperature is reached to critical position or not. “MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board” is placed closer to the heating circuit to measure the temperature and cooling fans speed can be controlled based on the heat generated by the circuit devices. If the temperature exceeds the critical limits then MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board can recommend to shutdown the system temporarily and again restart once the system is cooled to the desired level. I am using MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board to alert me when my system is overheating due to its continuous performance so that the system may not be damaged.

  • yusufu 2017-12-14

    I would like to use the MAX31856EVSYS Evaluation System in the design of remote controlled bath water boiler. in this project, the user will be able to control the temperature of water using his/her mobile phone.

  • Mpwilliams 2017-12-14

    I would use a board to translate wireless signals from a dmx signal sending board in order to signal a battery driven dimming a.c. light wirelessly.  Might be a bit of work but it’s theater it’ll be worth it to lose wires in our prop lamp that the lighting designer can control with the action on stage.

  • Kai Yin 2017-12-14

    There is a plethora of different heatsinks for TO and SMD packages readily available online for low prices; however, many of these heatsinks’ thermal resistances are poorly documented and outright not available, either natural or at forced air flow, or both, even for some of the heatsinks sold by reputable suppliers such as Digikey. Using the MAX31856EVSYS, I would measure the temperature of transistors and ICs with these heatsinks mounted at different, known power dissipations over time in order to determine both the steady state and transient thermal impedance (both natural and at various forced air flows) for these heatsinks (and for their mounting hardware if applicable). By doing so, greater consideration can be given for these heatsinks in future power management projects and applications and more precise designs can be created, as the designer would no longer need to make rough estimates as to the power dissipation capability of these heatsinks.  This would cut costs on designs as cheaper heatsinks can be considered for use.

  • Mashfique.reza 2017-12-15

    Howdy i am a college student studying aerospace engineering. I am currently building drones which collects image, gps co ordinate and motion sensors built in to collect date.
    Abstract: Aircraft Icing causes significant dilemma sometimes leading to loss of aircraft and life onboard as well. It is caused by aircraft control surface such as aileron, elevator, tial rudder, even propellor freezing while running into cloud causing the aircraft lose control. There are different mechanism such as using heat releasing chemicals, heat releasing control surface, mechanical brush used to deal with deicing. MAX 31856 SYS Evaluation System will be added to the aircraft deicing system to detect temperature in the aircraft control surface to activate the deicing mechanism if temperature change and presence of water could be detected due to icing. For this project, flight testing environment will be created in wing shape with presence of MAX 31856 SYS Evaluation System in the dummy wing. Different environment of temperature perturbation with icing and without icing will be created to on the wing to detect icing properly. If succeeded, this system will be tested on drones while. Further phase of this project would be development of deicing control system for future aircrafts.

  • gimincorp 2017-12-15

    I want to build a sensory board that will log and transmit temp. & humidity and will sound off alerts when the readings are outside preset ranges /max or min.

  • Alpha007 2017-12-15

    Smart Coaster
    How many times have you made a cup of coffee or tea and it’s been too hot to drink, and then by the time you get to it, it’s become too cold? I love drinking tea and most of the times I have burned my mouth. Solution - A Smart coaster to place your cup on, a coaster monitoring the temperature and notifying you before it gets too cold.
    If you place a cup of hot tea/coffee on it, it automatically starts a timer program which shows you, when it is ready to drink. A RGB led will be present to show if the temperature is right or not.
    I will be using Thermo 6 click board for this project. MAX31875 would be the perfect solution for this project due to the low power consumption.

  • circuitcam 2017-12-15

    I live in a residence shared with 5 other dudes, and in the dining room we have 7 minifridges. Some times I forget to close the door on my mini fridge or one of my roommates accidentally bumps it open and my beers get warm! As an engineering student, I need cold beers to survive. I plan on using the MAX31875 on the MikroElektronika Thermo 6 click board to monitor the temperature in my mini fridge. If the the temp drops below a certain threshhold I will use a De1-soc board (as a prototype at least) to hit an api on a server. I will then have an alert sent to my phone, as a text or in a phone app, to warn me that my beer is getting warm!!

  • fred_smith 2018-03-11

    I am a aspiring Maker who is building a soldering controller. I would like it to be Arduino based and USB controllable I would use the RTD in a holder and using a solid state relay and PWM regulate the heat of the iron.  RTDs can be hard to use but with a board like this It could probably be used and done.