This New Product Brief (NPB) is part of a video series highlighting the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.

AD717x Family of ADCs

Analog Devices’ AD717x family of ADCs are designed for high-precision, low-frequency signal measurement.  

As signals approach DC, 1/f noise rises sharply, so the AD717x family uses fully chopped input buffers, which shifts the 1/f noise into higher frequencies and minimizes offset error drift.  This results in up to 24 noise-free bits of resolution for high precision measurements.

The inputs are connected to a crosspoint multiplexer, which allows any combination of the inputs to form a differential pair or any input to be used as the reference in single-ended operation.  This flexibility can effectively reduce cost and design effort by reducing the number of ADCs for a given application.

The AD717x family of ADCs also have a programmable digital filter that provides 85 dB rejection of 50 and 60 Hz line frequencies.

  • Product options:
    • Resolution: Up to 32 bits
    • Channels: Up to 8 (differential) / 16 (SE)
  • Noise Free Bits:
    • 17.2 bits @ 250 kSPS
    • 20 bits @ 2.5 kSPS
    • 24 bits @ 20 SPS
  • True Rail-to-Rail Analog and Reference Input Buffers

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