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Cypress Serial FRAM Memory Devices

Cypress Serial FRAM memories are high-speed and offer several benefits over EEPROMs and NOR Flash memories. Cypress Serial FRAMs use an SPI or I2C interface and operate similarly to other RAM in that individual bytes can be written rather than entire blocks. The write time is less than one clock cycle, so there is no ready/busy output to poll.  

Cypress FRAMs, like Flash, are non-volatile, so data is retained across power cycles, with a rated data retention of 151 years. This allows the devices to be used in data-critical applications without batteries that keep data in volatile memory.

The devices are also resistant to radiation-induced errors, as the data is stored by manipulating device polarity as opposed to charge-based memories, which can readily experience bit flips due to gamma radiation.

  • Write Delay:
    • Cypress F-RAM: 0 ms
    • EEPROM: 5 ms
    • NOR Flash: 50 ms
  • Endurance: 1014 cycles
    • Millions of years writing to each cell every second
  • Current:
    • Active write: 3 mA
    • Standby: 6 µA

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