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Digilent’s Basys MX3

Digilent’s Basys MX3 is a development platform based on the PIC32MX370 MCU with on-board audio IO, motor control, and motion sensing. The Basys MX3 offers a broad set of capabilities and can be used as a rapid prototyping platform or as a teaching and training tool, with free coursework available. The board provides access to a comprehensive set of peripherals and 85 I/O pins, and is expandable with 2 Pmod host ports, an I2C connector, two servo connectors, and a terminal block for two DC motors or one stepper motor, which are supported by a dual H-Bridge driver. The Basys MX3 is designed to be used with the MPLAB X IDE and includes an on-board USB programmer/debugger.

  • MCU: Microchip PIC32MX370F512L
    • MIPS32 M4K core at up to 96 MHz
  • Peripherals: DMA modules, SPI, I2C, UART, PMP, Timers/Counters, Capture Modules, Compare Modules
  • Expansion Connectors:
    • Two 2x6 Pmod host ports
    • Motor terminal block
    • Two R/C servo connectors
    • One I2C connector

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