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ST25DV Dynamic NFC/RFID Tag

ST’s ST25DV is a dynamic NFC and RFID tag that provides fast data transfer between the tag’s host MCU and an NFC phone or reader. The devices can connect to a host MCU over an I2C interface and have a 256 byte buffer that enables the fast transfer mode. The tags have a low power mode and built-in RF energy harvesting that can reduce or eliminate the tag’s use of the power supply and power external components. The devices have an RF range up to 7 cm with NFC and 1 m with RFID, and are ideal for data logging, device programming in production, wireless network commissioning, and service and maintenance applications.

  • Contactless Interface: ISO/IEC 15693 and NFC Forum Type 5 tag
  • Data rate: Custom Fast read access up to 53 Kbit/s
  • MCU Interface: 1-MHz I2C (1.8 V to 5.5 V)
  • Security: Supports multiple 64-bit passwords
  • EEPROM: Up to 64 kbits
  • GPO Interrupt: Configurable on multiple RF events

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