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Teardown of Schneider Electric’s Altivar Process ATV630U15M3

August 29, 2017 by Miller Henley

Take a look at the inner workings of the Altivar Process ATV630U15M3.

In this teardown, take a look inside Schneider Electric's Altival Process ATV630U15M3.

The Schneider Electric Altivar Process ATV600 class of variable speed drives (VSDs) offers sector-specific options for commercial equipment, HVAC, high-performance machinery, utility and processing environments. Compatible with 3-phase synchronous, asynchronous and special motors, the Altivar line delivers a high level of efficiency by capturing and processing data in real-time. These robust units are earmarked by their user-friendly interfaces and frugal energy consumption.

Altivar models are available with power ranges from 0.37 to 315KW and Drive Systems capable of delivering up to 1.5MW. Input voltage range starts at 200VAC and caps at 690VAC, for the line. PI21 to IP55 casings offer protection for the most extreme of operating conditions.



Model: ATV630U15M3 1.5kW/2HP Variable Speed Drive (Standard Version)


External and Enclosure


  • Size 144mm x 320mm x 203mm and weight 4.3kg.
  • IP21 protection with Modus Serial, Ethernet and Modbus TCP communication port.

Main Controller Board


  • Precise PWM motor control, communication & on chip over-current/voltage protection : TI F28M36x ConcertoTM Microcontrollers. Industry standard 32-bit ARM Cortec-M3 CPU features a wide variety of communication peripherals, including
  • Ethernet 1588, USB OTG with PHY, Controller Area Network (CAN), UART, SSI, I2C, and an external interface.
  • Logic-based signal filtering: Lattice MachX02 4000HC. Bridging & Expansion FPGAs.


Power Electronics Board


  • Rectifier & Inverter: Infineon FP50R06W2E3. 600V/50A Easy PIMTM module with Trench/Fieldstop IGBT3. PIM 3 phase input rectifier configuration.



  • Isolation: Broadcom (Avago Technologies)
    • ACPL-332J (6pcs). 2.5 An IGBT gate drive optocoupler with integrated (VCE) desaturation detection, fault status feedback, and active Miller clamping.
    • ACPL-798J (5pcs). Optically Isolated Sigma-Delta modulator with LVDS Interface, external clock.
    • ACPL-W611 (2pcs). High Speed, 10MBd, High CMR TTL compatible optocoupler
  • Shunt Current Sensing: TT Electronics R305F (6pcs). 35mΩ Shunt Resistors.
  • Isolated switching power supply:
    • Customized Transformer.
    • STMicroelectronics ST6N95K5. 950V/9A N-channel Power MOSFET
  • Inrush-current Limiter:
    • Panasonic AJQ8341F. 12V/10A small power relays
    • Micron (2pcs). 39Ω/7W power resistors


Ethernet Communication Board


  • Ethernet interface controller: TI AM3352, Sitara Microprocessor. ARM Cortex-A8 processor with industrial interface options, including EtherCAT and PROFIBUS.
  • Ethernet magnetic transformer: Halo Electronics TG110 SMD single port 10/100Base TX transformer.



With its durable case design, minuscule energy demands, real-time processing and straightforward operation, the ATV600s are a savvy solution for most any VSD deployment. Just as importantly, users can count on a very long service cycle, owing to robust construction externally and quality components internally.

You can learn more about this Schneider Product here.

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