Mahmoud Ismail Dr. Ismail is the Global Application Director of Automotive Energy Management, Infineon Technologies

Accelerating Decarbonization with Infineon’s Automotive Grade Battery Management Systems

In partnership with Infineon Technologies

Webinar Overview

This webinar will introduce what is BMS and why every vehicle needs one. It will also go through every subfunction of the BMS highlighting the key challenges and which product can overcome them. Additionally, we will show how to enable new features such as electro impedance spectroscopy and edge machine learning by leveraging the interoperability features of Infineon BMS products and with limited to no need to introduce additional dedicated hardware.

Key Takeaways:

  • Automotive Battery Management Systems market is fast growth
  • Automotive BMS are complex safety critical systems and essential for maximizing the battery utilization and minimizing its cost of ownership
  • Infineon’s one stop shop BMS portfolio and advanced product interoperability features unlocks advanced BMS features with limited to no changes to the hardware

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