Nataliia Knets Product Manager, Power & Sensor Solutions Division at Infineon Technologies

Boost Antenna Efficiency with Infineon Antenna Tuners

In partnership with Infineon Technologies

Webinar Overview

Join Nataliia Knets, Product Manager, Power & Sensor Solutions Division, for this on-demand webinar and learn more about the benefits of antenna tuning technologies within a wide range of applications.

Antenna tuning is an essential technique to ensure the best antenna performance, excellent reception quality, and fast, stable connections everywhere.

Infineon provides a broad selection of small, 5G-ready antenna tuning switches to maximize antenna efficiency. In addition, Infineon antenna tuners enable engineers to reduce the number of antennas, which increases design flexibility and accelerates time-to-market.
From this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why antenna tuning improves antenna efficiency and addresses design constraints.
  • How to apply antenna tuning for various applications, such as 5G smartphones, notebooks, wearables, and beyond.
  • About Infineon's broad portfolio of antenna tuners for specific tuning requirements.

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