Reduce Time-to-Market with Calibre nmLVS-Recon Early Circuit Verification

In partnership with Mentor, a Siemens Business


Boosting productivity is the key to success when creating any design, and any way to save time during the process is ideal. In an effort to dramatically speed up early design analysis while reducing overall design closure time, Mentor, a Siemens Business, created the Calibre nmLVS-Recon tool. 


In this on-demand webinar from Mentor, a Siemens Business, learn how the Calibre nmLVS-Recon tool provides focused verification technologies that enable design teams to rapidly examine incomplete designs to find and fix selective high-impact circuit errors earlier and faster. 


This webinar will introduce the first Calibre nmLVS-Recon use model, short isolation analysis, and explain how you can use it to methodically find and quickly fix selected shorts errors during early design integration stages.

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