Dirk Geiger Senior Director Automotive Application Marketing & Management, Infineon Technologies
Christoph Bauer System Architect Traction Inverters and eMobility, Infineon Technologies

eMobility: Driving 100 km on 10 kWh? It’s All About Efficiency!

In partnership with Infineon Technologies

Webinar Overview

How to meet the challenges of electric vehicle designs and manufacturing:

  • shorter charging times
  • long-distance travel
  • energy storage
  • reliability
  • volume manufacturing
  • energy efficiency

Developers need to optimize the power conversion! Watch this On-Demand Webinar and:

  • discover how to improve efficiency by ~60% (!) and achieve 100 km on less than 10 kWh
  • learn why efficient electromobility is key to broader market acceptance
  • understand how semiconductors function as key contributors to efficient electric drivetrain solutions
  • explore how electrical efficiency, optimization of weight, size, and thermal management improve driving range
  • review how "smart & connected" applications and infrastructure are bringing further efficiency gains to mobility

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