Martin Kilian System Architect, Infineon Technologies Martin is a passionate system architect who specializes in automotive pump and fan applications at Infineon Technologies AG. With a master's degree in power and microelectronics, Martin's journey at Infineon started in 2015 when he joined as an application engineer focusing on system-on-chip microcontroller development. His expertise in motor control applications and direct contact with customers contributed significantly to the development of Infineon's comprehensive hardware, software and tool offering.

Maximizing Electric Vehicle Efficiency Through Advanced Thermal Management

In partnership with Infineon Technologies

Webinar Overview

Join us for this webinar to discover the secrets of effective thermal management systems in electric vehicles (EVs). As a leading semiconductor manufacturer, we provide insights into the challenges faced by top tiers and OEMs worldwide. Based on collected data, we have developed a specific best-fit product portfolio to successfully address thermal challenges.

Key findings:

  • Explore the growing market for smart actuators
  • Reduce integration efforts in electrical/electronic architectures
  • Learn about Infineon's best thermal management solutions

Unlock the potential of thermal management systems and learn about the innovative application portfolio for high and low voltage motor control applications presented by our system architect for automotive pump and fan applications at Infineon Technologies AG.

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