Kyle Alberti Kyle Alberti attended Northern Illinois University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering; he also holds a Bachelor of Arts from Carthage College. Kyle is currently an Application Development Manager for Omron, serving as the America’s technical contact for Omron’s diverse sensor and component product offerings in several focus applications. Kyle has expertise in Autonomous Mobile Robots, Automated Test Equipment, and Wireless Power Transfer applications.

OMRON B5L Time-of-Flight Sensor Module for Real-Time 3D Vision in AMR Applications

In partnership with Omron


Discover how OMRON’s B5L Time-of-Flight sensor can fit into your AMR application. Join Kyle Alberti, Application Development Manager as he shares the latest in OMRON’s 3D vision technology. 

Topics will include:

  • What is a Time-of-Flight sensor?
  • ToF Sensor Applications – AMR
  • Key features and advantages of OMRON’s B5L ToF Sensor:
    • Ambient light immunity
    • High precision
    • Long life
    • Interference prevention
    • ENR Functionality
    • HDR Functionality
  • SDK & Sample Evaluation Software

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