Amer Kumar Maheshwari Senior System Application Engineer, Infineon Technologies
Minh-Duc Dang Product Definition Engineer for Motor Control, Infineon Technologies

Opening Doors for the Future: Advancements in Automotive Closure Systems

In partnership with Infineon Technologies

Webinar Overview

Discover how smart closure systems enhance safety, convenience, and luxury in your ride. Learn about the latest semiconductor solutions that solve specific application challenges while decreasing the system costs. This webinar from Infineon Technologies gives an overview of these applications with a focus on sunroofs and power liftgates showing several levels of module integration.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get an overview on the smart closure systems and optimal solutions for the different level architectures
  • Learn how Infineon’s MOTIX™ devices solve specific application challenges while decreasing the system costs
  • Take a closer look on how to regulate the MOSFETs’ switching times while reducing the required external components or protect the electric control unit (ECU) against a manual activation without external devices

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