Jerry Liu Applications Engineer at Infineon Technologies
Victor Zhodzishsky Distinguished Engineer at Infineon Technologies

Periodic Advertising with Responses Deep Dive & Demo

In partnership with Infineon Technologies

Webinar Overview

Periodic Advertising with Responses, or PAwR, is an extension to Bluetooth v5.0’s Periodic Advertising Broadcast feature. It allows synchronized observers (or scanners) to send responses back to a broadcaster (or advertiser), and to organize the former into groups using specific subevents in a PAwR interval. The claim to fame of PAwR is that it is the only Bluetooth LE protocol so far that allows bidirectional connectionless data communication, where "connectionless" means that transmissions do not require a unicast connection between two devices.

This webinar from Infineon Technologies takes a deep dive into PAwR and present a short demo of PAwR in use.

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