Maurizio Gavardoni, Product Definer and Business Manager Maurizio Gavardoni has many years of experience as a product definer and business manager. He has defined and brought to market several successful products in signal chain, sensors and timing. Prior to Maxim Integrated, now part of Analog Devices, he has worked in similar positions at Texas Instruments and Microchip. He has a MSEE from the University of Milano, Italy.

See the Future: Emerging LiDAR Technology for Automotive and Industrial Applications

In partnership with Maxim Integrated, now part of Analog Devices

On-Demand Webinar Overview

LiDAR has been a proven technology for several industrial applications and has recently been adopted by the automotive industry as a key pillar of the sensor fusion for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and autonomous driving.

LiDAR implementation within ADAS presents some challenges such as being able to measure a distant object with sufficient precision to sustain the autonomous vehicle speed, as well as other requirements like size, power dissipation and safety regulations.

The semiconductor industry has stepped in to help solve these challenges and Maxim Integrated, now part of Analog Devices, has developed a technology that can increase autonomous vehicle speed without compromising the other key requirements.

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