Matthew Amato Global Marketing & PR Manager, IBS Electronics Matthew Amato is an influential leader in marketing and public relations at IBS Electronics Group, where he has spearheaded innovative marketing strategies for over eight years. With a focus on enhancing customer engagement throughout the design and manufacturing stages, Matthew plays a pivotal role in the introduction of cutting-edge products tailored for diverse industry applications. His efforts aim to deepen the value delivered to clients, cementing IBS Electronics' position as a leader in electronic component distribution.
Aldo Vasquez Global Product Manager, IBS Electronics Aldo Vasquez, an accomplished electrical engineer and Global Product Manager at IBS Electronics, is renowned for his profound technical knowledge and forward-thinking approach to product management. By integrating AI-driven market insights with advanced product information systems, Aldo leads the evolution of product management strategies. His leadership is crucial in bridging the technical and procurement aspects of product development, thereby driving innovation and efficiency in electronic component solutions.
Patrick Kwok Technical Response for Business Development, Diotec Semiconductor At Diotec Semiconductor, Patrick Kwok excels in his role leading the Technical Response for Business Development. His expertise ensures that customers receive tailored guidance in selecting semiconductor products that not only meet but exceed industry standards for innovation and quality. Patrick's deep understanding of SiC technology's role in revolutionizing power electronics is instrumental in demonstrating its superior efficiency and performance across a broad range of applications.
Andrew Dixon Sales & Marketing Manager, Diotec Semiconductor Andrew Dixon serves as the Sales & Marketing Manager at Diotec Semiconductor, where he is pivotal in driving sales growth and building robust customer relationships. His extensive knowledge of advanced semiconductor technologies enables him to effectively communicate their value, fostering significant business opportunities. Andrew's strategic focus on promoting the adoption of SiC technology underscores its transformative impact on various sectors within the semiconductor industry.

SiC and Si-Based Semiconductors: The Future of Power with Diotec and IBS Electronics

In partnership with IBS Electronics


Join Diotec and IBS Electronics for an enlightening webinar exploring the revolutionary potential of Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology in power electronics. This event will delve into the substantial benefits SiC offers over traditional Silicon (Si), including enhanced efficiency, superior performance, and significant size reductions across various applications such as EV chargers and solar inverters.

Discover the distinctive properties and advantages of SiC, such as higher efficiency, greater thermal conductivity, and advanced thermal management capabilities, which contribute to its uniqueness in the marketplace. Experts from Diotec will provide in-depth guidance on selecting the optimal semiconductor solutions tailored to your specific needs, highlighting the practical applications and transformative impacts of SiC technology in modern power solutions.

Additionally, the webinar will feature an interactive Q&A session, offering attendees the opportunity to engage directly with industry specialists, ask pertinent questions, and gain further insights into leveraging these semiconductor advancements. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your understanding and explore how SiC is reshaping the landscape of power electronics.

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