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4 Tips for 5G New Radio Signal Creation: Accelerate Design Validation for 5G NR

March 19, 2020 by Keysight Technologies

White Paper Overview

The promise of 5G technology is faster and more reliable communications. To enable mobile broadband communications, 5G uses existing and new technologies to achieve extreme data throughputs. However, these technologies introduce new test demands, including testing at millimeter-wave frequencies, wider channel bandwidths, and complex multi-antenna configurations.

Testing base-stations and mobile terminal transmitters and receivers begins with simulating 5G New Radio (NR) standard-compliant signals. To accurately simulate signals, test equipment must support channel coding and multi-antenna support and must allow you to manipulate a variety of signal parameters in multiple combinations to support complex test setups. Plus, you need metrologygrade reference signals to see true device under test characteristics. A robust test system supports generating test signals for a variety of test scenarios, from component characterization, design verification, and pre-conformance, to volume production testing. New technologies that include 5G NR will require you to think differently about how you design and test devices.

In this white paper by Keysight Technologies, explore 4 tips to help you successfully generate 5G NR test signals and get your designs to market faster.

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