Industry White Paper

Addressing Thermal Management Challenges With Silicon-Based Solutions

April 28, 2021 by Fujipoly

White Paper Overview

When designing electronic systems, it is very easy to forget about real-world limitations and effects that would not otherwise affect a circuit. For example, a circuit that works in theory (i.e., mathematically) may not work in reality due to inherent resistance in components, capacitance from PCB traces, and interference from the environment.

Engineers must carefully consider the function of their design and the environment in which that design will operate. Generally speaking, thermal management in electronic products is disregarded, while other concerns such as ability, price, power usage, and weight take priority. However, a design that does not consider thermal management can quickly fall into problems if left unchecked, as many electronic products of the past have faced.

This paper from Fujipoly America outlines the advantages of silicone-based thermal materials, including compressibility, dryness, sealing properties and applicability to automated systems, and provides specific product solutions for multiple applications.