Industry White Paper

Aerospace, Defense and Satellite eBook: Innovative and Reliable Power Solutions for Mission Critical Applications

January 19, 2024 by Vicor
Topics Covered
  • Case Study: Adding air-to-surface (ASM) missile capability to an existing UAV platform
  • Case Study: Vehicle-powered, portable digital radio
  • Case Study: Electronic countermeasure
  • Case Study: Tethered, aerial and underwater vehicles (UAV/UUV/ROV)
  • Tech Article: The future of MOSA, SOSA, and VPX open architectures
  • Tech Article: How to design with radiation-tolerant power modules in space

eBook Overview

Vicor has a long and successful heritage of serving customers in the aerospace/defense market and now the burgeoning commercial space market. Vicor has long supported key engagements in air, ground, and shipboard power applications with high-performance MIL-COTS power modules that offer the highest power density, efficiency, scalability, and reliability using innovative designs backed by 40 years of dedicated design and manufacturing excellence. Vicor US-made power modules are making it possible for our armed forces to deploy new defense systems faster to help guard against new and evolving threats.