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DIP-26 Series: New Transfer Molded Power Integrated Module (TMPIM) for Industrial Drives

May 08, 2020 by ON Semiconductor Download PDF


This instruction applies to ON Semiconductor transfer molded power integrated module (TMPIM) in the category of DIP−26 series. TMPIM adopts transfer molding process to encapsulate the power devices and peripheral components with epoxy molding compound.

The power devices and passive components like thermistor are solder attached to Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) substrates and connected through thick aluminum bond wires and leadframe. DIP−26 series offer two platforms in substrate selection, Standard TMPIM and Enhanced TMPIM. Though both platforms look identical from outside look sharing the same pinout and size, they have different substrate internally.

Standard TMPIM adopts standard nickel-plated Al2O3 DBC substrate. Enhanced TMPIM uses thick copper advanced substrate for high reliability and lower thermal resistance.

TMPIM series packaging has concise and robust manufacturing process. The transfer molding process eliminates the plastic housing, glue and the associated connection & curing procedure. The epoxy molding compound selected for encapsulation has demonstrated ability to extend the module lifetime by times compared to gel-filled module.

Platform options with variable substrates offer high power density and wide output power range, and customer design flexibility.

In this white paper by ON Semiconductor, learn more about how DIP−26 series provide module products in different topologies such as converter−inverter−brake (CIB), converter−inverter (CI), six−pack, and other multi−level converters. 

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