Make Your ADAS High-Resolution Remote Camera Design Smaller and Flexible



White Paper Overview

High-resolution remote cameras in a modern automobile require increasingly higher power while confined within a small space. The camera power management electronics in turn must be small and highly efficient to minimize generation of heat that would quickly raise the temperature inside the small camera enclosure, potentially compromising its reliability. Power management integrated circuits (PMICs) can effectively help size reduction but often at a cost of reduced flexibility.

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Kit Details

The MAX20049 evaluation kit is a fully assembled and tested application circuit designed for use in the MAX20049 mini dual step-down converters with dual LDOs. It provides four output voltages from a single input-voltage source. The IC features a high-PSRR and low-noise LD03. Each step-down converter can deliver up to 500mA load current while the LD03 delivers 100mA and the LD04 400mA.  

Kit Features

- MAX20049ATEA/VY+ Installed (with other IC options available): 

  • - VOUT1 - 3.8V
  • - VOUT2 = 1.8V
  • - VOUT3 = 3.3V
  • - VOUT4 = 1.2V

- PGOOD PCB Pad Provided for Voltage Monitoring

- Configurable SUP1 and SUP2 Using Resistors R4 and R5

- Selectable LDOIN3 Input Using Jumper JU1

- Fully Assembled and Tested


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