Bring Your High-Current Sensors to the IO-Link Revolution



White Paper Overview

IO-Link® technology is at the vanguard of the current industrial revolution and is facilitating smarter, more adaptable, and increasingly efficient industrial sensors on the factory floor. For industrial system designers, the relentless challenge is to ensure that this increased performance does not come at the expense of increased power or heat dissipation and consequently increased sensor size.

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Kit Details

The MAX22513EVKIT is a fully assembled and tested circuit board that features Windows-compatible software and a graphical user interface (GUI). The kit is designed to evaluate the MAX22513 IO-Link device transceiver for use in sensor and actuator devices.


Kit Features 

- IO-Link-Compliant Device Transceiver 

- I/O, I2C, and SPI Interface Terminals

- Arduino Compatible Connector

- Windows 10-Compatible Software

- USB-PC Connection

- Proven PCB Layout

- Fully Assembled and Tested

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