RL78 Quick Solutions Speed Prototyping for Popular Applications





Speed up prototype design processes for consumer and industrial applications with the help of Renesas RL78 microcontroller units (MCUs). Discover the benefits of RL78 MCUs in a whitepaper by Renesas, detailing their offerings in regards to quickly and confidently building compact and energy-efficient systems.

Get a comprehensive look at the RL78 MCU family of devices and their impact on a wide variety of applications. Most notably, target markets such as white goods, small appliances, industrial and building automation, medical home diagnostic equipment, personal healthcare devices, and consumer electronics. 

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White Paper Overview

  1. An introduction to the Renesas 16-bit RL78 family of embedded microcontrollers and their standout features; a sophisticated power management system that facilitates efficient use of power supply and optimizes the battery life of portable applications.

  2. Highlights of the impact microcontroller units (MCUs) have on a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications which require efficient CPU performance with low power consumption.

  3. Presents solutions to addressing speed-related prototype design issues.


YRPBRL78L12 Board Features

  1. Pre-programmed to work with provided GUI to demonstrate key low power capabilities.
  2. Direct drive LCD functionality.
  3. No separate power supply needed, powered via USB interface.
  4. On-board debug function.


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